Deep Rock Galactic Update 1.04

deep rock galactic update 1.04

A new patch (Deep Rock Galactic Update 1.04) has arrived for Deep Rock Galactic, the popular shooter game from Ghost Ship Games. The patch addresses connection issues and adds a quick swap option for players. The update is free for PlayStation 4 and PS5 users. For more information on the patch, read the patch notes below. This article also contains a list of changes to the game’s settings. We hope that you will enjoy this new patch as much as we do!

Deep Rock Galactic Update 1.04

The new update to Deep Rock Galactic has now been released for PC, PS4, and PS5. It is also available on the Xbox One and PlayStation Series S. You can follow the game on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest news. You can learn more about the game at its official website and Twitter. After downloading the patch, check out the following video for a quick guide on how to play Deep Rock Galactic! Once you’ve played it, you’ll know which changes you should make.

As you’d expect, the game’s multiplayer mode has also received an update. This means that you can now compete with other players in online matchmaking modes. Unlike the PC version, the PlayStation version of the game has more bells and whistles. For example, you can use the DualSense touchpad to control the Terrain Scanner tool. The game also includes built-in speakers that bark orders from Mission Control. The game has seen numerous updates and is currently on patch 1.04. In the meantime, the game has added a new game mode and weapons. As well as a new game mode called Ghost Ship, the new version of Deep Rock has introduced a battle pass system.

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