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Deepwoken Races New Rarity Possibilities Wiki Information 2022

Deepwoken Races – Rarity Possibilities in Demon Slayer RPG 2

There are many ways to customize your character in Deepwoken, and one of those is the race you choose. If you are not satisfied with your race, you can perform a race reroll, but it is not as simple as it is in Demon Slayer RPG 2. Luckily, there are some ways to customize your character without having to resort to changing your race completely. Read on to learn about them.

Roblox’s roguelike experience

Roblox has been active in the development of new games, and the roguelike experience in Deepwoken is no exception. The game offers a roguelike experience with a new set of features. Players are given a choice of races, and each one has its own unique abilities. In addition to the game’s permadeath system, players will find new weapons and skills, along with different rarities and charms.

The Deepwoken RPG features 11 different races. The first is the Canor, an animal-based race. Another is the Lightborn, which is unobtainable right now. It gives players +5 points on any stat. To choose your Race, go to the character customization menu and click the “Choose Race” option. You’ll need 150 Robux to do this.

Deepwoken Races have unique attributes and skills. Each one has its own talent cards and attribute bonuses. A race’s hair color is reflected in its character’s hairstyle, which reflects its race’s aesthetic. Players can choose to play as a different race, or they can switch races at any time.

Its 11 races

The Deepwoken Races List includes three of the most frequently drawn races in the game. Each race offers its own rarity possibilities. For example, the Vesperian is said to have flat 5% damage reduction, which can be a life or death issue in close combat. Other races are known to offer garbage combat related racials.

The third listed Deepwoken race is the Celtor. Unlike the other two races, there is not much information about the Celtor, aside from the fact that the developer was playing as it in the early 2020 Q&A video. On the other hand, the Etrean is another race that has a bit more exposition than the other Deepwoken races. These cyan humans have yellow or green eyes and red war paint, and they have a higher default reputation.

While Capras are the most common race, there is also a race called Canor. It’s rarer, but provides two Strength and two Charisma. Both these stats will help your team take less damage, and each Canor gives a character +1 health.

Its racial skill

Deepwoken Races

The Deepwoken Races’ ratial skill gives you a 17.4% chance of drawing. It also provides 2 Willpower and Charisma. Additionally, it gives you more reputation than any other race. In addition, the Deepwokens’ Ships have a 10% Extra Health bonus. This makes them a better option than other races.

There are 11 races to choose from in the Deepwoken game. Each race has its own set of abilities. It is possible to choose a new race if you want. But remember that if you want to switch your race later on, you have to spend Robux.

To roll a Deepwoken race, you must have 150 Robux. Each Deepwoken race has a different racial skill. Each race provides a different bonus to a particular statistic. For example, the Lightborn has two Intelligence stats and two Agility. In addition, this race is less vulnerable to Acid Rain. While this might not seem like much, it can help you out in a variety of ways.

Deepwoken Race Rarity Possibilities Wiki Information

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Listed below are all of the Deepwoken races with their rarity probabilities wiki:

  • Adret – 20.50%
  • Celtor – 20.50%
  • Etrean – 20.50%
  • Canor – 15.90%
  • Gremor – 13.60%
  • Felinor – 9.10%
  • Khan – 9.10%
  • Vesperian – 6.80%
  • Ganymede – 2.30%
  • Capra – 2.30%
  • Lightborn – 0%

Deepwoken presently has 11 totally different races. However Lightborn is unobtainable proper now. Contemplating all the additional +5 factors any stat of your selection makes this among the finest races within the recreation proper now. Additionally, remember the fact that you will want to spend 150 Robux to reroll your race. For those who choose to purchase a brand new race slot, it will price you a similar 150 Robux.

Deepwoken Race Passive Skills

Listed below are all the additional stats you get with every race in Deepwoken:

RacesPassive Skills
AgilityCharismaFortitudeWell beingIntelligenceEnergyWillpower
Vesperian+2+2 +2
Capra +2+2


They’re cyan-colored humanoids with yellow or inexperienced eyes and purple conflict paints that resemble scars throughout their face. With this race, studying issues is way simpler than different races. Adret additionally comes with the next default popularity.


Pale skinned humanoids with eye paint that appear like raccoon eyes. They’ve increased well being whereas in ships. Plus all ships price considerably lower than different races.


Humanoids with eyes that resemble a snake. Any standing impact injury you’re taking has a lowered impact on you.


Canor is the closest race that appears just like the real-world human race. They get a further pace increase whereas vaulting over objects. Other than this, the one different passive they supply is by dealing much less injury to teammates. This isn’t a lot centered on an aggressive playstyle.


Inexperienced humanoids with deer horns. However is get this race in to reroll, then you’ll routinely get a free compass within the recreation. In addition they are inclined to maintain their starvation for for much longer than different races.


Felinor has extra stealth and the power to simply climb any picket objects within the recreation.


Khan race has the power of Versatile. They’ve jewellery on their head, that’s gold in youthful members and gray in older members. That is affected by their age. Their better part is to equip gadgets at 3 factors decrease at in-game requirement for every merchandise.


They all the time put on a masks. As they get older, their masks present markings, designs, they usually even develop horns. They get the next quantity of armor in comparison with different races.


Ganymede is a humanoid of the darkish. You might have glowing eyes to see the secrets and techniques of the darkness, and you might be immune to madness whereas exploring the darkish components of the world.


Capra wears a masks that resembles a ram cranium. They get extra meals whereas consuming, and in addition get further relaxation for higher sanity.


They’ve White Gold halos round their wrist, neck, or typically on heads. Honest skinned humanoids, contemplate as angels with +5 factors to any stat of your selection, together with +2 factors for all stats excluding charisma.

Its race reroll

The Deepwoken races are fair-skinned humanoids that sport White Gold halos. When you use these creatures, they can add 2 or 5 points to any stat. However, some people are skeptical of whether these creatures will be added to the game. The Deepwoken races may simply remain legends and never make it into the game.

The Deepwoken race gives you a +5 boost to all attributes, including Intelligence, Agility, and Resistance. Additionally, you are less likely to be affected by Acid Rain. If you’re worried about finding these rare creatures, you can look into the Rarity Chances Wiki to learn more about the game.

There are 11 races in Deepwoken. The Lightborn is currently unattainable, despite its five plus points. However, you can re-register the race by spending 150 Robux. You can also buy a new race slot and re-register it with a higher default reputation. Another interesting race is the Etrean, which is described as “prideful.” In contrast to the other Deepwoken races, the Etrean has received more exposition. Unlike the other races, they are characterized by a thin skin and thin eyes.

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