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Deliver The Picture To The Customer Genshin Impact 2023? Helpful Guide

Deliver the Picture to the Customer in Genshin Impact?

Deliver The Picture To The Customer Genshin Impact 2022? There are many things to do in Genshin Impact? Taking screenshots is one of them. You can take screenshots while you are playing the game by using the Camera gadget. It is possible to save your screenshots in a file and use them later. Taking screenshots will be useful in the later levels of the game, particularly when you are stuck at a stage that you cannot complete.


Deliver The Picture To The Customer Genshin Impact 2022?

Deliver the picture to the customer in Genshin Impact? is a side quest that is available in the game. Players receive the quest after interacting with Xu, a shopkeeper in Feiyun. He asks players to deliver pictures to two local customers. When they finish this quest, they receive new items and can use them to purchase more pictures.

The first image is of Tea Master Liu Su. He is located on the second floor next to the stairs to the Northland Bank. He speaks with the player for a moment, then thanks the player. The next image shows Granny Shan, another customer. After you complete this quest, you will receive two Hero’s Wit and 20,000 Mora.

There are several world quests in Genshin Impact. One of them rewards you with the Kamera gadget, which makes taking pictures much easier. But the way to get it is not very obvious. First, you must go to the Feiyun Commerce Guild in Liyue Harbor. There, you will meet Xu, who will ask you to deliver the picture to his customers.

Camera gadget

The Genshin Impact camera gadget allows players to capture and deliver a picture to the customer. Players must deliver the picture to the customer in order to receive rewards. This gadget enables players to take quick snapshots in high resolution. This gadget allows players to take pictures of different scenes, such as the beautiful landscape of a beach.

The Genshin Impact camera gadget has two modes: photo mode and combat photo mode. To use the camera in a photo mode, players must complete the Snapshots World Quest in the Liyue Harbor. After completing the Snapshots World Quest, players can use the camera gadget to take pictures of various subjects. Once they have taken a picture, players can then deliver the picture to the customer by speaking with Xu on the Feiyun Slope.

The camera gadget is a new item in the game. Players can use it to take pictures of customers in various scenarios. Besides taking pictures, this gadget also allows the player to use it while swimming, gliding, and in combat. It is also compatible with mobile devices.

World quest

In Genshin Impact, players must deliver a picture to two customers. The quest will require players to find the customers and talk to them. In addition to delivering the picture, the player will also be able to unlock new items by completing the quest. To get started, talk to Xu and Xingxi. They are two toy sellers in the village of Feiyun.

The first quest in the game is “Deliver the picture to the customer.” This is the first world quest in the game, and you must visit Liyue Harbor to do it. To complete the quest, you will need to have the Camera gadget, which allows you to take screenshots. You can also hotkey this gadget’s button to take screenshots.

This game is available for PC and PS4 and iOS/Android devices. It is also slated to come to Nintendo Switch.

Snapshots are a quick and easy way to send the image to the buyer

image 770 deliver the picture to the customer genshin

To complete the Snapshots quest you must send the image 2 times to Tea Grasp Liu Su (or Granny Shan). These are the exact areas that you need to find and send the image to complete the Snapshots quest.

Tea Grasp Liu Su in Genshin Impression

To the left of Jewellery, you will find Tea Grasp Liu Su. This is where you meet Xu. You can find Tea Grasp by simply going up the steps to Changshun, the service provider. 

Granny Shan Location in Genshin Impression

Granny Shan’s location is within the southern remoted a part of the Liyue Harbor in the direction of the water. There is a Toy Store that she owns. However, if you want to meet her or provide the image, please go to the location by morning or afternoon.

Once you have delivered all of the photographs, you will be able to go back to Xu and get your reward. That’s the way you get the Kamera gadget in Genshin Impression. After you receive the Kamera Gadget from Genshin Impression, equip it with the stock and take photos of the beautiful panorama.

Taking screenshots in game

Taking screenshots in game Genshin is an easy way to preserve your gaming experience. The game allows you to take screenshots of various in-game content, such as newly acquired weapons, characters, or completed quests. Taking screenshots will allow you to look back on your gaming journey and add to the overall experience. To do this, open the menu in the game and select ‘Take Photo’. This will open a new window where you can customize the settings for the camera.

To make your screenshots more appealing, consider joining the Genshin Impact community and sharing them. You can join the screenshot community to exchange screenshots with other players, and you can even organize screenshot contests to win cool prizes. You can even use your screenshots as wallpapers.

Taking screenshots in game Genshin impact is easy and convenient. You can take screenshots of any screen in the game. Using the screenshot system, you can take a screenshot of any screen with the game paused. You can also view your screenshots by pressing the Alt + Z keys at the same time. When you’re finished, you can access the screenshot gallery by selecting the “Gallery” option in your game.

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