Destiny 2 Archon’s Thunder Guide (2022)

Destiny 2 Archon’s Thunder – The Archon’s Thunder is an all-in-one Iron Banner weapon for Saladin, which is perfect for PvE and PvP. This slow-firing, high-damage weapon gets accuracy bonuses while stationary and when aiming down sights. To increase its handling and stability, you should equip perks such as Arrowhead Brake, Chambered Compensator, and Accurized Rounds.

Destiny 2 Archon’s Thunder Guide

Destiny 2 Archon’s Thunder

The Destiny 2 Archon’s Thunder is an all-around decent machine gun with a unique perk pool. It’s a non-Rapid-Fire Frame machine gun with decent damage. However, because of its frame, it’s not great in PvP. Thankfully, this gun is still pretty decent in other areas. In the Iron Banner, you can find Archon’s Lightning, which is a slicing weapon.destiny 2 archons thunder

The Archon’s Thunder is one of the Legendary Machine Guns in Destiny 2. You can get it for free by completing the Iron Banner Crucible. This quest only occurs a few times per season, and lasts until the Weekly Reset. To complete the Iron Banner, you need to collect a lot of Iron Banner tokens to complete the quest. Once you’ve collected enough tokens, you can convert them into packages and Saladin. You can only use these tokens once, so keep them in your inventory. If you’ve completed the quest, your progress will be carried over to the next one.

Unlike some other weapons, the Archon’s Thunder is not available in engrams. You can only get it from the Iron Banner vendor. The Riiswalker shotgun is not available in Iron Banner engrams and cannot be bought through the iron banner bounty system. You can only get the Archon’s Thunder through the Iron-Handed Diplomacy quest. If you already have it, go ahead and buy it.

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Archon’s Thunder in Destiny 2

The Archon’s Thunder is a legendary power solar machine gun in Destiny 2. Released during the Season of the Splicer, this gun deals high damage. While slow-firing, it is remarkably accurate when stationary. Players can choose to enhance its accuracy with various stats. The best ones are the arrowhead brake, chambered compensater, Accurized Rounds, and PVP God Roll.

The Solar Titan build shows off the archons thunder, which is a powerful machine gun with a lot of reloading power. It can be equipped by Hunters and Warlocks. To enhance its performance, the Hunter must select an Exotic armour piece. To increase its resilience, he should equip an Auto-Loading Link. This mod can reload auto rifles and machine guns.

archons thunder destiny 2

The Archon’s Thunder has an incredible damage output. With its 105 mm, it is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. The weapon feels great and is great for kill-based combos. However, it isn’t as powerful as the Adaptive machine guns in Destiny 2. The best way to get it is to play Iron Banners and get the tokens. The crucible ghost mod also increases your chances of obtaining this weapon.

The Iron Banner appears once a month and offers a new Control gametype. To earn Iron Banner tokens, you must complete a certain amount of matches and then turn them in to Lord Saladin to obtain the weapons and armor. The other two year one weapons, the Archon’s Thunder and the Riiswalker, are only available through the Iron-Handed Diplomacy quest. The latter requires you to obtain the necessary engrams in the Iron Banner.

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Destiny 2 Archon’s Thunder Guide

The Archon’s Thunder is a new Iron Banner weapon that is a great choice for PvE. It deals a high amount of damage and has very slow firing speed. It gets accuracy bonuses when aiming down sights and while stationary. The stats that can increase the performance of the Archon’s Thunder are Stability and Handling. For additional magazine perks, we recommend getting Chambered Compensator and Accurized Rounds.

destiny 2 archons thunder

If you haven’t already, you can obtain the Archon’s Thunder Machine Gun from the High-Impact Frame archetype. Its rate of fire is 360 and it can be combined with Thresh to add more damage. The Archon’s Thunder Machine Gun may be overlooked in the list of best weapons in Destiny 2, but it’s worth mentioning because it can be equipped with the same buff as the others.

The Archon’s Thunder Machine Gun is a powerful weapon that can be used on enemies. It’s a High Impact Solar Machine Gun and is part of the High-Impact Frame archetype. This weapon is a great option, especially when combined with Thresh. However, it’s important to note that it’s not the best weapon in Destiny 2. While this weapon isn’t the best, it’s a powerful option to help you kill opponents in tight situations.




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