Destiny 2 Concept Art

Destiny 2 Concept Art

As Destiny 2 servers went live, we were able to view the concept art. This gallery will give you a glimpse of the game’s worlds, characters and settings. The game will be available for PS4 on September 6, and for PC on October 24. We can’t wait to get started! It’s worth it, especially if this is your first attempt.

Destiny 2 Concept Art

View a range of Destiny concept artworks, including those that represent different classes, weapons or areas. The Hunter character is shown holding a spear, javelin and a shield, while the Titan holds a large shield. The Traveler is surrounded by crimson and appears to have wings. Aziz Dosmetov, who also created the concept art for Destiny’s third expansion, created this art.

The artwork for the game’s release is now available. There are many more to follow. These are our top picks. These artworks are of locations and events that we haven’t yet revealed. We don’t know how they will look in the final game. We love planetoid Nessus. It was also where The Inverted Spire strike occurred during beta testing. It is home to bizarre red jungles and flat-like structures that are reminiscent South America’s Tepui. Artifacts that include a crashed colony vessel and a red-planetoid are also available.

Destiny 2 offers you the chance to explore Io, a sulfur-filled Jupiter moon and Titan, the largest Saturn moon. These moons hold sacred significance for both the Warlocks and the Guardians. The European Dead Zone is the location where you’ll find the Hawthorne camps, which are featured on the Destiny 2 Pre-Order. This planet is unknown, but it is most likely where the story campaign will begin.

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Destiny 2 Concept Art features a character design. They resemble moths, similar to the moth-like characters in the first game. Due to their armor, they were called “Moth People” in the design notes. Their hair was first moth-like. Their bodies later develop armor. Although older Moths might have thicker armor, which resembles a giant Wolf and may have more dead wings, their armor is stronger.

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