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Digimon Rearise Tier List 2022 – Best Characters

Digimon Rearise Tier List 2022

The Digimon Rearise Tier List is created by community voting. The list is an average of eight user-submitted tier lists. The tiers with the most votes are listed at the top of the list, and those with the lowest rankings are at the bottom. To submit a tier list, users must be registered and have published their tier list image. If you are wondering how to submit a tier list, read on to discover how.

Ankylomon is a Dinasour Digimon

As a partner of Hida Iori, Ankylomon is the second opponent in the Extra Arena. This Digimon is extremely hard, with a massive horn-like scutes and green eyes. Its body is purple with an iron spiked ball mace on its tail. It has an unusually large stature, with only two attack and four defense, but its ability to smash things with its massive hammer-like tail is very destructive.

Dorumon is a bird-like Digimon

A tier list is a good way to plan your training. The Digimon Rearise Tier List has 392 different Digimon in it. Some are more popular than others, and you may not be able to get them all. The most common Digimon in the tier list are Creepymon and Piedmon, which are both popular among players. If you can’t get them all, then you should try playing Dorumon, Bolton, and Gankoomon, as they are the most efficient fighters and have the highest number of skills.

Solarmon is a gold-colored Digimon

The game has introduced a new breed of Digimon – Solarmon! This gold-colored digimon has four memory, is a Machine species, and is resistant to both the Water and Metal elements. Its stats are 60 Spirit, 57 Speed, and 25 Aptitude. It is a versatile Digimon and can digivolve into the Clockmon or BomberNanimon.

Gummymon is a green-colored Digimon

The Gummymon is a green-colored MP-class Digimon from the Chip Forest. It has a resistance to Light and a weakness to Dark. This Digimon has 61 HP and 73 MP and has 35 Attack, 33 Defense, 27 Spirit, and 35 Speed. Gummymon digivolves from Zerimon. If you want to digivolve your Gummymon into a different species, you can do so.

image 97 digimon rearise tier list

Impmon is a Dinasour Digimon

The Impmon is a fictional character in the Digimon franchise. It is the partner of Ai and Mako, and becomes Jeri Katou’s Digimon when the other two go missing in 2021. In the English dub, the Impmon speaks with a New York accent. The Impmon also hates humans and Tamers, and tries to force the Digimon lifestyle on them.

Ogremon is a beast of a Digimon

Ogremon is a beast of d-mon with a green ogre-like appearance. It has long white hair, pointed ears, and two horns on its head and shoulders. It is also infamous for keeping its mouth open all the time. Its tusks resemble fangs and it wears a black loincloth. As its weapon, it carries a large spiked femur bone.

Digimon Rearise Tier List 2022 Characters⇩

Bandai Namco Entertainment has released Digimon REARISE, a role playing video game that is available for all mobile phone users. The game features the original Digimon characters, while some new characters will be introduced. There are many playable Digimon and Herissmon is the main Digimon of Digimon Rearise. The game’s story is built around the friendship between Digimons and Tamers.

To fight an opponent, you can choose Digimon to form a team up to five characters. This will be a five-vs-five fight. Digimon Rearise can be downloaded from the Play Store or Ios App Store at no cost. You will enjoy an engaging Digimon mobile gaming experience.

Below are the categories for Digimon Rearise characters. Check them out now.

Digimon Rearise Tier List Character Details Best⇩

Below are some Digimon Rearise Character Details that can be used to help players get more information about Digimon Rearise.

Digimon Rearise Tier List – About Creepymon

Creepymon, a Dark Demon Lord from Digimon Rearise, can immunize his allies using poison and burns. His primary ability is his burning. He can burn all his enemies. Additionally, he can heal up to 500 HP. Creepymon can deal up to 320% damage simultaneously to two enemies. Creepymon’s passive ability means that he can protect his friends from poisons or burns as well as increase his power stats from 15 up to 75%. Creepymon will be an asset to your purple team due to its incredible abilities. Creepymon’s ability to absorb huge amounts of damage makes him a great choice for any team.

Digimon Rearise Tier List – About Piedmon

Piedmon, a Techno-type Digimon character, has the ability to increase his self determination rate by 40%. His main ability allows him to deal 370% damage simultaneously to two enemies and also makes enemies shine. Piedmon’s secondary ability gives him the ability to do 210% damage to three enemies, and has a 50% chance to blind them. His passive ability allows him to increase his own speed. Piedmon’s defensive abilities are also excellent. Players can choose to equip Piedmon with Purple Gear or Tac Gear to make him look their best.

Digimon Rearise Tier List – About Machinedramon

Machinedramon can increase counter attack by all allies by 205% through its passive ability. Machinedramon’s main attack ability allows her 180% damage to enemies. Machinedramon’s secondary ability allows her to deal 260% damage simultaneously to two enemies and has a 55% chance at paralyzing them. Machinedramon can be a valuable character and play an important role in any team.


We hope that you enjoy our Digimon Rearise Tier List article. We have covered all the details about Digimon Rearise Tier List top characters. You can download Digimon Rearise game via the play storeAnd app store. You can also read our top rankings for heroes in other popular games while you’re here.

Plesiomon is a powerful Digimon

A very powerful Digimon, Plesiomon is tied to Gomamon and the Ultimate Level. It was originally a Vikemon and is the ultimate form of this creature. Plesiomon digivolves into Aegisdramon when summoned, which makes it one of the most powerful Digimon around. Plesiomon is a very good Digimon that is very powerful, but it doesn’t fit in the rest of the line.

Minervamon is a powerful Digimon

The Minervamon is an Attacker-class Beast species Digimon from the game Digimon World: Dawn and Dusk. It is number 395 in the game. It has 319 HP and 349 MP. Its stats are 173 Attack, 148 Defense, 160 Spirit, 147 Speed, and 77 Aptitude. It can also have Heroic Powers, such as Gaia Brave.

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