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A Guide to Diona Cat’s Tail’s Cryo Vision Support

Diona is a girl with cat ears who you’ll meet in the Genshin Impact gamegame. Diona, a four-star catalyst heroine, has the unique ability of cryovision. This ability allows Diona to freeze enemies in battle. Cat’s Tail is her workplace. She is allergic to alcohol and can easily ruin a drink.

Guide to Diona, Cat’s Tail’s Vision Assistance

Diona is like many others who follow her, preferring a certain diet. She loves fish. It’s a good idea to bring seafood to the party, as she can see well at night and climb trees. Diona will allow the Traveler to hang out with her friends, if she is just looking for fun. If you play as the Traveler, you can bring your favorite seafood dish.

Icypaws, her Elemental Skill will grant her target a strong shield. The shield’s size will be determined by your max HP. However, it will deal more DMG than usual. This spell will give Diona a shield that absorbs 75% of the DMG Absorption Bonus. This will allow her to absorb significant amounts of DMG for her target. Diona is a powerful healer. Her special Cryo shield can continue to regenerate characters.

Cryo DPS players can use Diona as a support character. Diona can heal and shield her enemies with an elemental mastery ability. This ability allows Diona avoid enemy attacks and to consume less stamina than other heroes. This makes Diona a great choice to be an Electro DPS/Cryo team member. So why is Diona so beloved?

Diona’s HP level is so low, she can grind Artifacts to increase her HP percent. Her bonus grinding skills make her a great choice. Her Superconduct can do additional damage to her foes. Fischl and her can be easily paired together for a powerful combination. Go forth and conquer your enemies! Diona will remain your best friend for life.

Diona has a powerful tool: her Elemental Burst and Cryo Bow. It provides Diona with cryo damage, strong shields, and increases her HP. Your build will increase the effectiveness of your heals and shields. The CD’s end time for Elemental Skill is 40% within 30 seconds. You must ensure you have enough money to make it happen. You can find out more about Diona in the following article.

Diona was also a participant in the Energy Amplifier Initiation 1.5 Event. You could claim 1,000 Fractured Fruit Data. This event is over. Sometimes characters are able to be released again. Keep an eye on future events to find Diona. Playing with your best friend can help you get her. No matter what, you’ll be rewarded!

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