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How To Play Discord 404 Snake Sport: Secret Easter Egg

How to Play Discord 404 Snake Sport

If you’re wondering how to play Discord 404 Snake Sport, this guide will help you figure out how to get to the 404 error page and interrogate EVA near the end of the game. After you’ve reached the 404 error page, you can then use CQC to interrogate EVA.

Discord 404 Snake Sport

You might have noticed that the “Raging Demon” attack from Street Fighter is a Discord Easter Egg. Pressing the “Raging Demon” key will start a short animation. After you have found this secret Easter Egg, you can disable it by pressing the Discord logo 15 times. This Easter Egg also appears in the Shortcut menu.

You might also want to try the Discord snake game. The game is available after the welcome screen and instructions are given on how to access it. Discord is packed with hidden Easter eggs. In fact, you can even get a secret Discord ringtone and even a Discordo sound effect.

The Discord developer portal also has a secret Easter Egg, which can be found by using the “Control” key and pressing “/.” Once the egg is activated, you’ll hear a sound and see a light blue outline. The game controls are pretty simple. To move, use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move, or press ESC to skip Snek. Regardless of which game you play, you’ll find that the rules of the game are similar to those in the original Snake game, including avoiding borders and eating food more often.

Getting to 404 error page

Discord 404

When you try to visit a website, you may get a 404 error page. These pages look like they’re tilted and are made up of bubble-like circles. You can click on one of these circles to send it flying, but you should know that the circles will appear again a few moments later. Some of these pages also have dancing stick figures and jibbly-yup music.

Regardless of the cause, getting to a 404 error page is frustrating and often times strange. There are other errors you might get, like 400 Bad Request, 401 Unauthorized, 403 Forbidden, 408 Request Timeout, or 500 Internal Server Error. The best way to get past this error is to explore the options available to you on your browser.

For instance, if you want to sell a product or service, your 404 error page should offer a discount. Offering a discount is a good way to encourage visitors to sign up for your newsletter or visit your website.

How one can Play Discord 404 Snake Sport?

  • Go to Discord’s 404 Web page Not Discovered web page in your PC.
  • You will notice a robotic hamster arduous at work. On his proper, there’s a secret button that has a lightweight blue define, a lot totally different from the opposite traces.
  • Click on on the button.
  • This may activate the Discord Snek sport.
  • Click on on Push Snek.
  • The following display screen will present you tips on how to play the Snek Sport.
  • The controls are easy – press Enter to start out, WASD or arrow keys to maneuver and ESC to give up Snek.
  • And that’s just about it. As quickly as you begin transferring the snake and acquire gadgets, your rating will improve. The foundations are precisely the identical as the unique snake sport.
  • Keep away from hitting the borders and maintain consuming extra meals to make your snake develop longer within the sport.
  • The sport is kind of appreciative too – I imply, who doesn’t wish to see the “YOU HECKIN WON!” message regardless of getting just a few factors. This sport is a winner in my eyes.
  • By urgent ENTER you’ll be able to reset your snake and play once more.

Interrogating EVA near the end of the game

Snake meets the EVA near the military base. The EVA is pretending to be Tatyana, Sokolov’s lover. EVA is a human. During Volgin’s ‘interrogation’, Snake witnesses the death of Granin. Snake then fights against The Fury and surprises Sokolov by giving EVA the Shagohod experimental data. Volgin then captures Snake.

Interrogating EVA near the end of the game has four possible outcomes. The player can choose either option. The first option is to kill the Ocelot. Snake is in a compromising position. Snake must shoot the Ocelot with a pistol from the left and wait for the Ocelot to finish shooting. The second option is to destroy the Ocelot with a bomb.

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