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Best Discord Games Bots To Play Fun Games On Your Server 2023

Discord Games Bots:

You can use a variety of bots to enhance your discord gaming experience, regardless of whether you are new to Discord Games Bots. These bots will allow you to track your stats, send and receive messages, as well as play any game of your choosing. We’ve compiled a list with the top discord game bots you can use right now.

Community Hubs

Discord Games Bots

Community Hubs on Discord, available to students and businesses alike, can help you share knowledge via multiple channels. It’s a simple way to connect with classmates and clients and add value to your server.

A beta version of the Hubs Discord Bot is being used on the Hubs Community Discord server. The bot uses webhooks for status updates and new messages to the Hubs room. You can program the bot with any functionality.

Hubs Discord bot offers many features that will help you get the most from your Hubs. These include web content integration and the ability to draw and pull 3D objects directly from Sketchfab. You can also set up custom rules such as muting members, renaming rooms and managing channels.


GameStats, whether you are a streamer or a gamer, is a must-have bot on your Discord server. It allows you to share and view your game stats with other gamers. It also tracks your progress. It can help you achieve new heights and improve your game.

GameStats lets you customize your profile cards to reflect the games you play. You can also set up automatic profile updates whenever a new title is released.

GameStats is simple to use thanks to its user-friendly interface. It is only compatible with Discord servers. It does not support any other VoIP applications.


IdleRPG Bots for Discord Games are a great way of engaging with other players and creating an environment that allows interaction with the wider world. You can customize your character, join guilds and take part in quests using the bot’s many commands.

The bot has many other features including a shop system and dungeons. You can also create a party and your own world. You can use these commands to play as a ranger, mage, thief or raider.

Tatsumaki Bot

To keep your users engaged while they chat, a TatsumakiBot in Discord games can be a great idea. Tatsumaki offers a variety of commands and features that can be both useful and entertaining.

Tatsumaki comes with a built in music player. This allows you to play songs from SoundCloud, YouTube or YouTube. The bot allows you to search the internet. You can also set reminders for yourself that last up to one week.

The bot has a leveling system to help users remain active. Tatsumaki has a list commands that will help you to configure your server.

Dank Memer

Dank Memer is something that everyone has heard of, regardless of whether you are an expert or novice Discord user. Dank Memer is a fun bot that allows you to create memes and play video games. You can also earn currency or buy cool stuff in the bot’s store. Do you really know what it does?

Dank Memer is capable of creating and executing many memes. You can also generate information about a topic or use the depth moderation system.

Lofi Radio Bot

Discord bots are a great way for music lovers to listen on the move. Finding the right bot can be difficult. Here’s a list with the top Discord music bots.

Lofi Radio on Discord allows you to listen to high-quality, Lo-Fi music from your server. This bot is simple to set up and allows you to choose the best song. The bot is free to use and offers an exceptional user experience.

Enjoyable Discord Recreation bots to add to your server and play video games (2022).

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Here are some of our favorite places to visit. Discord bots at their bestYou may add the ability to play videogames to your servers.


Do you enjoy drawing or guessing in video games such as pictionary? This bot will be a blessing. Add whenever you like GarticBOTYour server will publish photos created by others. It is important to know what the photo is. Each drawing can be redrawn, which makes it more fun. You can compete with your friends to guess the picture quickly! Start the sport on your channel using the g.gartic command. Or use g.trace for a quick reply. You can change the theme and add classes such as pets, foods, or even Pokemon.

TriviaBot – Good Quiz Video games Bot for Discord

The quiz bot is for you if you want to look at all the information in your server. You can also use the quiz bot to see all of your server members’ information. TriviaBotYou will receive a lot of questions (100,000.+) from many classes. It is recommended that you use instructions such as!quickfire and!hardcore. Your questions may be submitted to the bot, which will then use them sooner or later. You can also request hints if you so desire. This one is highly recommended to add fun and rivals to your server.


The Gamesrob Discord game bot doesn’t have only one sport – it has plenty of video games that you’ve got beloved and performed rising up. You can find minesweeper and hangman on the list. It’s a reasonably well-made bot which you can begin with the g*tictactoe, g*hangman and extra such instructions. For any assist, kind g*assist.

Rock Pet

Similar to the one mentioned above Rock PuppyYou can play many video games with your family. There’s reality or dare, would you quite, join 4 and so on. This bot can be a great way to improve the engagement on your server, and to encourage people to return again and again.

Karuta – Anime Discord Recreation Bot

Do you and your friends Anime fans? This collectible card sport bot may very well be one thing that you just’d be fascinated by. KarutaIt has hundreds of anime characters. This is a great place to meet people who share your interests. You can customize, improve, market, and customise these collectibles. This bot also allows you to carry your gadgets, playing cards, and stats with you on every Discord server.


Poketwo allows you to easily catch Pokemon on Discord. You can trade with other users or compete against other players for the best Pokemon. You can also trade them on the Discord marketplace.

Discord users have traded more than 6 million pokemons to other users. Nearly 800,000 servers use Poketwo. It is a great way for users to engage.

Poketwo is open-source and free to use. It’s a simple bot which spawns Pokemon in Discord server. It can be used to trade with Discord users and complete quests, as well as battle for rewards. You can adjust its settings and functions with many commands.

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