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Discord Line Through Text – How To Cross Out Textual content In Discord in 2022?

How To Discord Line Through Text

You can Discord Line Through Text messages by hitting the tilde key on your keyboard. Press the tilde key in front of the text you want to strike through. Repeat this action two more times. In the PC version of Discord, a line will appear through the text. In the mobile version, however, you will not see this line before you send the message. When you send it, the message will automatically be crossed out.

Discord Line Through Text

Discord Line Through Text is a useful feature in Discord that allows you to cross out textual content on a message. You may sometimes want to cross out a word or phrase as you type to correct a mistake. The easiest way to strikethrough text in Discord is to use Markdown. This is a popular text format for writing in Discord.

The strikethrough function is available on the Discord client and mobile apps. Using this feature, you can cross out text even while on the move. To strikethrough text, simply press the tilde key (located on the top left corner of your keyboard). Once you press the tilde key, the strikethrough symbol will appear above the highlighted text.


When you want to cross out text in Discord, you can use the Markdown Text formatting system. Markdown is a lightweight markup language that you can write in a plain text editor. It is used by many developers and designers for documentation, readme files, and many popular websites. Discord also uses Markdown for formatting text in the background. Markdown is also a good way to use punctuation marks in your messages.

When using Markdown, you need to ensure that you use spaces before and after code blocks. You can also use the “grave accent” character to create one-line code blocks. This character is found to the left of 1 on most keyboards. Use a space between arrows to make the code block look clean.


Discord Line Through Text

Discord’s text editor offers several ways to highlight textual content. One way is to type three backticks on your keyboard. This will box your text, but will not box other text on the line. It’s important to use the right keyboard key combination when using this feature.

Discord Line Through Text and stars to highlight text. You can also use an asterisk to bold the text in a message. Italics, blockquotes, and code blocks also allow you to highlight text in different ways.


You can bold text in Discord messages in a number of ways. First, you need to add two asterisks to the text you want to bold. Secondly, you need to add the word bold in the server settings. Adding bold text will help the reader to pay attention to the text you are trying to convey.

There is no built-in formatting tool for Discord, but there are a few simple ways to make your text look nicer. To bold text, you need to type two asterisks (**) without spaces. If you are using Discord to compose a message, you can also use code blocks to create text in a way that stands out.


If you want to underline textual content in Discord, you need to know how to use the markdown syntax. Markdown is a text-editing software that defines symbols in relation to textual content. With markdown, you can underline text, bold certain words, or even strikethrough a message. In order to do so, you need to place two underscores (__) before and after the text you want to underline.

First, launch the Discord app. Then, navigate to the personal message section. In this section, type a message that you want to underline, such as “How to underline textual content in Discord.” When you’re finished, press the enter button. Your message will then be underlined.

Discord Line Through Textual content

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To cross out textual content or phrases in Discord you want put double “~” tilde keys on either side of the textual content you want to strikethrough or strikeout. You can even use the Context Menu within the browser & desktop model of Discord to cross out phrases. This can put a line via textual content in your Discord chat. If you’re utilizing a US English keyboard, your Tilde shall be Shift + `.

These key mixtures shall be completely different relying in your keyboard language however the common thought is that you just put two ~ on the start and finish of the phrase to cross out the textual content. For instance, if you wish to strikethrough a phrase like “glad“, then you definately put ~ as “~~glad~~“, to cross out the actual phrase and get “g̶l̶a̶d̶“. This works the identical for all of the texts in Discord.

Totally different Keyboard Shortcuts for ~

Tilde is primarily out there via holding down the Alt Gr key or the Shift key together with a useless key. The useless key shall be completely different relying in your pc’s language settings. In Apple Mac units, Alt/Choice keys act just like the Alt Gr key or the Shift key in Home windows. So right here’s methods to insert tilde and cross out textual content in Discord on completely different keyboards:

KeyboardTilde (~)
English (US)⇧ Shift + `
English (UK)⇧ Shift + #
English (Canada/Australia)⇧ Shift + `
Spanish (Latin America)Alt Gr + +
Portuguese~ adopted by House
German (Germany)Alt Gr + +
French (Canada)Alt Gr + ç adopted by House, or
Alt Gr + çç
French (France)Alt Gr + é adopted by House, or
Alt Gr + éé
⌥ Choice + n (on Mac OS X)
TurkishAlt Gr + ü adopted by House, or
Alt Gr + üü
Arabic⇧ Shift + `ذّ
Hebrew⇧ Shift + ~

Separate sections of text

Separated sections of textual content in Discord are easy to read. The platform uses markdown, a lightweight text language that uses simple symbols to convey meaning. It was created by the Discord team and is similar to HTML’s b> tag. It is also easy to use to emphasize text. Unlike HTML, markdown doesn’t require a code editor to format text. You can use Shift + 8 to format text in bold.

Since the start, Discord has been used for many purposes beyond gaming. In fact, as of last year, 30% of its servers were non-gaming. Last year, the Discord team conducted a series of focus groups and user studies to find out what the biggest misconceptions were about the platform. They found that the biggest misconception about Discord is that it is only for gamers.

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