Best Discord Meme Servers 2022

Best Discord Meme Servers 2022

Best Discord Meme Servers 2022

Those who have spent their time on Discord will agree that Meme Servers are some of the best features to have in your Discord account. If you are not familiar with the term, Discord is a platform that lets you chat with other users and also play games online. These servers also allow you to join other communities that allow you to interact with other people. You can even create a profile on a Discord Server and upload your own photos and videos. This is a great way to connect with other users and have a great time on the platform.


Best Discord Meme Servers
discord meme servers

Whether you are a gamer or simply a meme lover, there are several Discord Meme Servers that you can join. These servers allow you to participate in games, win giveaways and hang out with other gamers. You can even chat with other meme lovers and make new friends.

Supreme Dankers is a great Discord Meme Server to join. It has a fun community and cool bots. The server also allows you to trade bot currency and server trophies. You can even promote your content.

Friends Cord Discord Server

Whether you are looking for a new friend or a great place to hang out, the Friends cord Discord server has something for you. The server is very active and you can have a great time chatting with people who share your interests. You can also find new entertainment materials on the server and play games together.

Getting started with the Friends cord Discord server is pretty easy. You just need a user name and four-digit ID number. Then, you can go to the server menu and you can see a list of the servers that are available.

Chill Zone Discord Server

Among other things, Chill Zone Discord Server offers you a chance to meet new friends while chilling. In fact, there are hundreds of active members of the server, making it a popular place to chat and meet new friends. And it’s not only about the chat – the server also features many other fun features.

Standard Discord Meme Servers

The server even includes a few cool e-teams and the ability to make custom ones. Plus, it has a cool tag system to find other servers. That means you won’t have to type in every single server name to find one that matches your interests.

Omegle Community Discord Server

Using an Omegle Community Discord Server is a great way to interact with random people. You can chat with people and have fun. You can even use it to play games. It is also a great way to find a new group of friends.

Omegle is a web-based chat service. It is similar to Slack. You can talk to people anonymously. However, there are also creeps and predators who use Omegle to meet strangers. The service also offers a video chat option.

Double Counter

Using Double Counter, you can easily spot the bad guys. The bot’s holistic scoring system compares advanced fingerprinting techniques and cookies to help you detect malicious actors. It even detects and blocks alt accounts.

Double Counter also has a built-in economy system that allows users to sell badges, special roles, and credits. Using these rewards, users can purchase items and level up. You can even set up your own reward store and use your credit points to purchase items.

Aside from the economy, the bot has a few other cool features. It’s got a cool moderation system that protects users from phishing attempts, as well as a three-second link-based verification process. Using this, you can also block users on your server.


Whether you are new to the world of Discord or you are a seasoned member, there are some bots that you can add to your server. These bots will help you manage your server and get more active members. Most of these bots are free to use. You can also buy them for $2 a month, but this will give you additional features.

GAwesome is an open source Discord bot that can help you increase activity on your server. The bot also has a robust extension system that will help you organize your custom RSS feeds. It can also help you moderate chats. It can also generate memes and show you results from Reddit and YouTube.

Discord Servers with the Best Discord Memes

Image 458 Discord Meme Servers
discord meme servers

These are the top Discord Meme Servers that you can join.

Memeology – Best Discord Meme Server

Memeology This is a Discord Server partnered. This means that they are an official Discord Server and can be joined. You’ll be able chat with others, enjoy Memes and participate in Nitro Giveaways. You don’t have to worry about fraud cheating or even toxic behavior as the admins & Mods will deal with these malice-filled actions.


Supreme Discord Meme Server. There are over 25K members so you will find someone to share your Memes. Supreme runs Heists, Daily Giveaways and has a Trading Centre. The main Meme Bots here are Mudae & Dank Memer so you know the Server is going to be amazing.

Premium Dankers

Premium DankersDiscord Meme Server 2 with more than 36K members. There is a friendly community and lots of activities. They also offer Daily Giveaways, Heists, and Daily Pepetrophies. Mudae & Dank Memer are the main Bots but Premium Dankers has other Bots like Karuta, Poketwo, OWO, Virtual Fisher, Idle Miner, and more. It’s an active and growing server, worthwhile to check out.

Dial M for Memes

Are you sad? Then just Dial M for MemesEnjoy a fun-filled experience with this Discord Meme Server. Discord is built to facilitate social interaction. With numerous Text & Voice Channels, you will always be chatting with someone. There are also minigames such as the Pokemon Channel, where you can train and catch your Pokemon. Get your Daily Dose of Memes immediately.

Meme Asylum

You want to be crazy about Memes? You should try the Meme AsylumDiscord Server is the right choice for you. Each 40K member loves Memes and participates in different activities. Send Pet Photos, share memes, chat about anime, and Shitpost to other members. This Server offers it all. Don’t miss out on the fun and Join this Discord Server now.


Whether you’re a server admin or just want to chat with others on your server, Tatsumaki Discord Meme Servers is the right bot for you. It’s packed with features, fun commands, and moderation tools to help increase engagement on Discord. You can even give Tatsumaki treats to ghosts and ghouls.

Tatsumaki has a leveling system that helps members gain experience for the server. It also lets you ban people and share content in different channels. The bot also provides an incentive system that will encourage you to become more active.

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