image 133 discord music bots that still work

Top 13+ Best Discord Music bots that still work in 2022

There are many music bots available on Discord that can be used to allow music to still be played in the chat. Jockie Music is the most well-known. These bots can be found playing music on Discord.

Discord Music Bots Still Working


A music bot can be a great alternative for relying on your smartphone to play Discord. This task can be done by many bots. Some bots are available for free, others cost a fee. There are Discord bots for everyone regardless of their budget. These bots can be trusted and are secure as long as they have been developed by trusted developers. It is crucial that bots are properly configured for moderation. This could allow malicious users to abuse the bots to disregard rules.

Vexera allows you to listen and play YouTube music. You can adjust the volume and select what music to hear. You can also use it to moderate channels due to its powerful moderating abilities.

discord music bots that still work

Jockie Music

Jockie Music lets you listen to and play music in Discord, without having to leave your channel. This bot can be used to create up to four musicbots and they all share the same channel. You can also manage and play music from other websites. Jockie Music Premium offers an exceptional experience.

After the bot has been installed, you are ready to start listening. Next, you will need to grant the bot Discord access. This can be done by clicking “Authorize” after clearing the captcha verification. After that, click “Authorize” and clear the captcha verification. The bot will appear under “Online.”

Good Discord Music Bots Still Work (2022).

image 132 discord music bots that still work

Hydra Bot – Best Discord Bot to Play High-Quality Music After Groovy & Rythm

Two of Discord’s most favored music bots are, you may have guessed. Rythm were shut down. It was unfortunate, but the reason why this happened is that Google sent them a cease and desist letter to take down their services because they violated Youtube’s Terms of Service. So, if you are now on a hunt for Discord music bots that still work and can be good alternatives to replace Groovy or Rythm, we’ve got you covered.

Hydra bot All available options include multilingual language translation, customization options, command lists, and multilingual language assistance. The Premium includes global volume control, audio effects and autoplay, 24/7 playback, unlimited saved list and many other features. The Premium includes Chinese, French, Spanish, Russian, and POlish. The best thing about the bot is the ability to create a song request channel right from your Discord account. It is simple to use, highly-rated on Discord and high-quality. It can be used immediately as a Groovy substitute. This bot is one the best!


If you are looking to find a discord server that still works, then the MEE6 bot could be for you. There are two versions of the MEE6 bot: one free and one premium with more advanced functions. It includes a music and visual player. You can navigate through your playlists by using visual commands. It even provides a unique music quiz game.


FredboatThis Discord musicbot is available for download. It can also play music from Youtube Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Bandcamp as well as Twitch. This bot can also be used to shuffle your playlist.



This bot is good for various things – you can use it for welcoming users, use commands, for auto-moderation and of course, music. It is multilingual and provides anti-raid protection, which can prove very useful.

Chip Bot

With Chip botThis device can play high-quality music. You will have a great user experience with the many controls on this device. It has a 24/7 uptime. You can subscribe to the Premium package and enjoy many perks, such as nightcore mode, 8D filter, and bassboost.


Are you a fan of Lofi music? Discord Chillbot is available to assist you. You can use different commands to play lofibeats. The bot is 99 percent reliable, so you can chill out with your friends.


Octave is a popular discord music bot that can play music on your channel. Send an invitation link to add the bot to your discord server. You must ensure that the bot has the correct permissions before you can use it. If you encounter problems, you can clone Octave in git repositories.

Octave is one of the Discord Bots that still works and has advanced features. It is compatible with streaming services and offers an intuitive interface. It allows users to adjust the volume, play, pause, playlists and speed of music. Other features include reminders and the ability to search YouTube videos or search for them.

These bots can still be very useful and used as an alternative for your favorite music. These bots may not be available to you. Youtube videos are no more supportedTo avoid Google notifying. This guide will be updated if any bots are shut down. You can find out more about their support for Spotify, Youtube and other streaming services on their official websites or Discord servers.

BMO – Best Bot to Replace Groovy or Rythm

With BMO botYou can also create music, games, reminders, image manipulations and chatbots. Don’t forget to try it out and explore everything this bot has to offer in your server!


This bot is timeless and can be used to get music or dank memes. This bot is an excellent alternative to Groovy or Rythm.


VexeraIt’s a free, multipurpose bot that can be used across more than 300,000+ servers. It can be used for welcoming, wishing farewell, and moderating members. To control the tracks you listen to, you can use different commands.


24/7 – Discord Radio Bot

Discord provides non-stop music. This 24/7 bot It is possible to do this. You can play any radio station, livestream or other media and get many premium features. Check out the supported sources list to find music you can listen to without interruptions.


The name of the item will show you. BotifySpotify and other platforms can be streamed to Discord channels. Additionally, you can listen to tracks via Soundcloud links or Twitch streams. It is free and open-source. It also supports player commands. This bot can be customized to suit your needs.

Lofi Radio

Lofi RadioYou can also use the service to listen to wonderful lo-fi tracks. It will stay active on your server throughout the day, and it will stop when you tell him. This is the best option for lo-fi music lovers.

image 133 discord music bots that still work


JMusicBot offers many useful features that will simplify your life. It is simple to set up and maintain, making it unique. More information is available at the website. Github Page.


Mee6 Discord users have many options, including custom commands, moderation, and response roles. Over 14,000,000 Discord servers use Mee6, along with many other popular bots. It’s one of the most popular moderation/music bots. This simple, reliable bot allows you to listen to music on Discord. This bot will notify you whenever a content creator uploads new content to Youtube or Twitch. There’s more – you can use the leveling system and level up fast to get special rewards. It is something I’ve used myself, and I highly recommend it.

Since YouTube removed Groovy, Discord users have been looking for a replacement music application. There are many options. Mee6 can be controlled using commands. It’s also available in many other languages. It can play music from YouTube, Twitch, and SoundCloud. It can also moderate Discord server.

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