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Discord Profile Customization Helpful Guide 2023

Discord Profile Customization Guide

If you’ve ever been tempted to Discord Profile Customization but weren’t sure how to do it, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll walk you through the process step by step. To begin, open Discord and tap on the circle icon in the bottom right-hand corner. Next, tap on the My Account option and follow the steps that are listed there.

Animated GIFs

In Discord, you can easily add Animated GIFs to your profile. You can also use a GIF as your PFP. First, you need to download Nitro. Next, find a GIF you like and save it. Finally, change your profile picture to the GIF. Make sure it’s a small file, otherwise it may not be playable.

You’ll need a video editing software program to create a GIF for your profile. Many of the free video editors for discord come with advanced features that make it easy to edit a GIF. The Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is an excellent option for this. It provides multiple editing features, including noise removal and scene detection. It also lets you edit text in your video. Once you’ve finished editing, you’ll be able to upload your GIF to your Discord profile.

Animated GIFs can be a great way to grab attention on Discord. They can be used to create dynamic icons and help expand the avatar concept beyond a static image. With the help of a video editor, you can create animated GIFs or download them from reliable websites.

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Animated GIFs can be set up as your profile picture in Discord. They make your profile picture stand out. But not many people know how to do this. Animated GIFs on Discord can be tricky if you are using them on a server with only a small number of members. If you’d like to use animated GIFs on Discord, you must first install Nitro. You can also use a GIF search engine to look for a GIF. After adding your GIF, you can click on your profile picture and make it larger.

Animated PNGs

Discord Profile Customization

Animated PNGs are one of the best ways to customize your Discord profile and give your profile more personality. The animations add a sense of fun and youthfulness to your profile and are a great way to attract younger members. To add animated PNGs to your profile, you can use the following steps:

First, make sure your profile picture has a clear background. A photo that has a cluttered background will make it difficult for viewers to see the content. Using a background remover will help you to keep the focus on the subject of your photo. If you have a blurred photo, you can use Fotor’s photo enhancer to make it look sharp.

If you want to set a GIF as your profile picture, you must have Nitro installed on your computer. Once you have Nitro, navigate to the directory where you downloaded the GIF and change your profile picture to it. To confirm your profile picture is now animated, you can expand it by going to a small Discord server.

Animated PNGs are available only on small Discord servers (under 100 members) but if you are willing to install Nitro, you can set animated PNGs on your profile. You must make sure that your profile picture is at least 600 x 240 pixels. The file size should not exceed 10MB. If your profile picture is square, Discord will automatically crop it for you. To prevent this, make sure you edit your image before adding it.

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How you can Add a Profile Banner in Discord?

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  • If you’re a Non-Nitro person, you’re going to get restricted banner customization choices within the beta model. You may choose from a pre-made listing of strong colours and primary designs. There are round 10-15 choices you may select from.
  • If you’re a Nitro Traditional person you’ll have extra flexibility. You need to use and add a totally customized banner.
  • In Regular Nitro, you too can select to make an animated banner. That is just like how the animated profile footage work in Discord.
  • A Profile banner is to discord what a canopy photograph is to Fb. With Nitro clearly, you get a good greater customization suite.


Discord Profile Customization

You may customise your account on Discord in these methods:

How you can change your Avatar

  • Go into person settings by clicking on the settings choice on the underside left of the display screen.
  • Now, go to My Account.
  • When you open this you will note an edit choice subsequent to your profile. Click on on it and edit your avatar. 

How you can Change your Username

  • Go into person settings by clicking on the settings choice on the underside left of the display screen.
  • Now, go to My Account.
  • When you open this you will note an edit choice subsequent to your profile. Click on on it and edit your avatar.
  • Now, click on on the username and alter it to one in all your selecting.
  • Click on on save as soon as executed.

Animated JPEGs

One of the best ways to change your profile picture on Discord is by using an animated GIF. These animated GIFs are available in the Discord Nitro section. They are easy to use and provide a more professional look. When you upload an animated GIF to Discord, you can choose to use a full-screen image or a small version. To use an animated GIF as your profile picture, make sure you make it less than eight megabytes.

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The best way to upload an animated image to Discord is to crop the image to fit in the desired space. There is a special tool available to crop the image. This tool automatically adjusts image sizes. To save time, you can use the “Autofit” feature of Adobe Express to make your image adaptable to different screen sizes.

To download an animated GIF to use as your profile picture, go to a GIF website such as Tenor. Once you’ve found a GIF you like, right-click on the image and save it to your PC. After saving the image, go to Discord settings, click on “User Profile” and click on “Change Avatar.” Once you’ve uploaded your new animated profile picture, you can now use it as your new avatar.

You can also use stock images from Snappa. Then, you can use the image as your custom graphic. The shape of your avatar will be circular, so you may have to reposition the image to fit it. You can also download PNG or vector graphics.

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