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Discord Reactive Images Helpful Guide For VTuber 2023

Discord Reactive Images Guide For VTuber

Discord Reactive Images are a great way to enhance your streaming videos and collabs via Discord calls. These images are created using custom CSS code and can be used for both your own content and other people’s videos. To use these images, you first need to sign up for Discord. Then, go to the StreamKit Overlay section in the Discord settings, and add the CSS code and upload two images.

Discord Reactive Images

If you want to use Discord Reactive Images in your streaming videos, here’s a guide to how to integrate them into your video. You can also use them for collabs in Discord calls. To add reactive images to your streams, you should first sign in to your account on Discord. Next, you should choose a custom CSS code and upload two images.

Using Discord Reactive Images can help you hide your user name. They are available in Discord, OBS, and XSplit. You must enable microphone settings in these apps in order to use Reactive Images in VTubes.

Creating a virtual avatar

image 226 discord reactive images

Before you can use Reactive Images, you must first create a character. You can either create a new character from scratch or use an existing image. For this purpose, you can use a photo editing software such as Gimp or Photoshop. You can also commission a 2D avatar from an artist. You can find several options online, including Fiverr, Upwork, and Etsy.

You can use this tool to integrate reactive images into your streaming. It allows you to integrate your own images into your OBS video, as well as collabs in Discord. To do this, you must sign in to your Discord account.

Using them with VTuber

Using Discord Reactive Images with a VTuber stream requires a little bit of configuration. You can use your favorite streaming software, such as OBS, to incorporate Discord Reactive Images in your streams. First, open the OBS player, select the input menu at the bottom left, and choose Browser Input. Then, paste the link to your reactive image in the Browser Input Properties window. After you have added your reactive image, you can move it around your streaming window and adjust its size to fit your needs.

Discord Reactive Images allow you to customize your avatar to respond to your voice and reaction. This is a great way to keep things lively for your audience. The best part is that you won’t need expensive lighting or cameras to do this. You can also use a microphone and PNG image files.

Getting them

One of the best ways to interact with live streamers on Discord is by using reactive images. This makes the live stream more interesting and fun. You can use a photo or artwork created by you or by a friend, or you can use an avatar maker to create one. If you don’t want to use an avatar maker, you can still get reactive images on Discord.

First, you’ll need a Discord account. Once you’ve created one, you can go to the Fugiman website and upload your Discord Reactive Images. Then, make sure that you’re in the voice channel and that your Discord app is running. Otherwise, the Reactive Images will not work.

Using them in OBS

There are a number of ways to use reactive images in OBS. The first is to set them up to be visible only in voice channels on Discord. However, if you don’t want interruptions, you can also set up a private channel or server for this purpose. Next, open the OBS program and select “Brower.” In the Sources menu, select “Reactive images.” You’ll then need to copy the URL of the reactive image tool. Once the link is copied, you can change the size and select “OK”. Once the image is added to the display, you can move it around as desired.

Another method is to use Discord’s browser to integrate your reactive images into your stream. OBS is one of the most popular streaming software available today. In OBS, select “Inputs” from the menu in the lower left corner, then paste the reactive image URL into the Browser Input Properties box. Then, move the image around and resize it as needed.

Getting them in XSplit

XSplit has a feature called Reactive Images. This feature allows you to change or add your own image to your video. You can also use PNG images as avatars. The first step to adding your own image to your video is to set up a source in your browser.

Reactive images are a great way to make your videos more engaging and exciting. Adding images to your video is a quick and easy process. First, you’ll need two PNG images. Alternatively, you can use unique artwork, photos, or avatar maker images.

How to Use Discord VTuber Reactive Images for OBS & XSplit?

image 362 discord reactive images

Discord Reactive Images are much simpler to set up and install than you might imagine. So let’s look at the below simple steps:

  1. First, it is important to keep. 2 PNGAlways available for you.
  2. These PNGs will become your Discord VTuber avatar.
  3. One for the animation of talking and one for idle.
  4. To take it up a notch you can make GIFs with your avatar to add idle animations like blinking, breathing, and more.
  5. Now go to the homepage. Discord Settings
  6. Click here AppearanceYou will find the option under the App Settings Tab.
  7. Scroll down AdvancedEnable Developer Mode.
  8. Now we will get our Discord VTuber overlay up & running.
  9. Download now Discord StreamKitDepending on which software you use, OBS or XSplit can be used.
  10. As many users, OBS is what we use, so for now, we will only show OBS.
  11. Discord StreamKit is also available for YouTube Integration & Twitch Integration.
  12. Click here Install for OBS
  13. StreamKit will now ask for your permission to access discord.
  14. AuthorizeYou must have the appropriate permissions
  15. You will now see the settings for StreamKit overlay in your browser.
  16. Click here Voice Widget
  17. Select your desired ServerAnd Voice ChannelFrom here.
  18. Copy the linkCreated under the image on right-hand side.
  19. Open OBS, and save this link as yours Search Source.
  20. To do this, click here +Click on the Sources tab in the OBS dashboard to sign up. Then, select BrowserSource.
  21. Copy the link and create a new Source name. URLIn Setting the Browser Source.
  22. Set your desired resolution. You may need to adjust the resolution depending on how your Reactive Images is displayed at the end of this guide.
  23. You will find the resolution settings under the heading Use custom CSS
  24. For Discord Reactive Images, we will need to enter custom code.
  25. We can still use the code of talented VTubers. Junh.
  26. You can visit his website. websiteFollow the steps he outlined to quickly generate the code.
  27. He also included a “Not Speaking Brightness”This will darken your Reactive Image when you’re not speaking.
  28. If you don’t want this and always want to keep your Avatar fully visible, then just adjust the slider to 100 brightness.
  29. Once you are done click on Generate to generate your code.
  30. Copy and paste this code in the Browser Source Settings section of your Streamlabs OSB.
  31. The steps are almost identical for XSplit. However, instead of OBS, you will set up everything in XSplit.
  32. Once you have done, you have successfully completed the setup of your Discord VTuber Reactive Images for OBS & XSplit.

How to set up Discord VTuber server with reactive images?

These are the steps you need to follow in order to stream Discord VTuber Reactive images:

  • After you’ve completed the above steps, log in to your Discord.
  • Navigate to the Server channel and Voice channel that you have previously selected in StreamKit overlay settings.
  • Go to Setting up User Accounts
  • Click here Voice & VideoUnder the App Settings.
  • Check the Voice Settings to make sure your microphone is selected as your input device.
  • Your Reactive Images will now start to work, and you can call yourself a Discord VTuber.

Using them in Discord

If you’re looking for a great way to add custom reactive images to your Discord channels, you’ve come to the right place. First, you’ll need to join the voice channel. From there, you can use OBS to add new sources and individual images to your channel. Once you’ve added a link, you can change its size and position.

Reactive images can be placed anywhere within a channel, and you can move and resize them whenever you speak. You can even give them a name or URL. Reactive images are a great way to make a chat room more interesting, and they’re an easy way to communicate with other Discord users.

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