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Disgaea RPG Tier List September 2022 Best Characters

Disgaea RPG Tier List

If you’re a fan of the Japanese version of the Disgaea RPG, you might be looking for a Character tier list. This article will discuss characters that fill the top tier. If you’re curious about who will be in the top tier by May 2022, read on. But first, a little background. The Japanese version of Disgaea RPG has a very different character tier list than the English version.

Characters in Disgaea RPG

If you haven’t already heard of the Disgaea RPG, you’ve probably wondered which characters should you start out with. This role-playing game was released for PCs and mobile phones, and was praised for its complex gameplay and humorous characters. While there are many great characters to choose from, you can get the best results by choosing characters from the A or B tiers. Below, you’ll find a character tier list to help you decide which ones to level up.

Each character on the list is rated based on various criteria, including win rate, movement range, damage dealt per second, and overall usefulness in battle. The list is updated every time a new patch is released, so the characters listed may not be exactly what you’re looking for. As such, make sure to check the latest patch before using a particular character. This way, you can ensure that you’ll be using the best character for the job.

Characters that fill the top tier

A Disgaea RPG character’s tier is a guide that can help a player determine which character is the best for their team. These lists are based on player feedback and the interpretation of a character’s kit and setting. However, the list of characters filling the top tier should not be considered comprehensive. Below are some tips to help you decide which characters to choose for your team.

The Disgaea RPG has an immense list of heroes. The game includes both free-to-play and premium versions of many of its heroes. Premium and limited edition variants of characters cost real money, but the free-to-play versions of many characters fill the top tier. As with any game, the tier lists are not complete without the premium and limited edition characters.

Characters that will fill the top tier in September 2022

With so many characters in the Disgaea RPG, finding the right one to play can be a tough task. The following list breaks down the different characters by tier, from the best to the worst. Professional players of the game created this list based on their own experiences and recommendations. These lists provide a solid guideline for playing different characters and are an important part of any Disgaea RPG strategy.

The list is based on the in-game viability of characters, so if you’re not sure who to choose, you can use the Disgaea RPG character tier list to help you decide which characters to use. It’s a useful guide for balancing parties, especially for multiplayer co-op. The list is based on data collected from over 400 hours of gameplay and analyzes which characters have the best win rates and the most creative ways to use them.

image 170 disgaea rpg tier list

Disgaea RPG Tier List 2022 >>

The Disgaea RPG rank list lists all characters in the game. The list ranks them from tier A (the best) up to tier D (“the worst”) Pro players created this Disgaea Tier List based on their experiences with each character.

You can find out which Disgaea RPG character is worth leveling up by checking the Tier List below.

S Tier – Disgaea RPG Tier List >>

The Disgaea RPG Tier List characters at tier S are extremely powerful. These characters will be your best for most in-game battles because they have an advantage over all other tier characters.

A Tier – Disgaea RPG Tier List >>

Although they have a high win percentage, the Disgaea tier A characters are not as powerful than tier S characters. You need to level up these characters in order to host an ultimate party.

B Tier – Disgaea RPG Tier List >>

While the Disgaea Tier B characters are good performers, there are a lot more in-game characters that can be countered quickly. These tier-B characters are able to use their basic skills and abilities well but don’t have many unique tricks.

C Tier – Disgaea RPG Tier List >>

The weakest characters on the Disgaea Tier C tier list are those at tier C. These characters may not possess any skills or abilities, but they are able to use the basic moves in the game.

D Tier – Disgaea RPG Tier List >>

These characters of tier D are the ones who have little chance against characters of higher-tier levels. If you don’t have one of these tier-D characters, you will need to level it up or reroll them.

Best Character in Disgaea RPG 2022 >>

Fuka is the Disgaea RPG Tier list’s best character. No matter which variant—base, XENO, or Gym she comes out with the powerful attack stats in the whole game.

Fuka XENO, a truly excellent option, is your best choice. She is an all-rounder character with 149 HP and 49 ATK as well as 34 DEF. She excels at all types of combat in the game.

Fuka base is close behind with 116 HP and 47 ATK. 31 DEF comes in third. Although there is a drop in Fuka’s health, skill enhancements and upgrades can fix it quickly.

Get More Characters in Disgaea RPG >>

Gacha gamers have the ability to select the best characters from the game. Summon mechanics, which are common in this genre of games, are available. They cost Quartz “in-game currency”, so you can not always roll for free.

To get Disgaea RPG’s latest characters, you just need to go to the Summon menu to choose the Summon that you want to buy.

There is a range of characters available. These are the highest tiers, so make sure you grab them if your goal is to have a solid roster.

Summon banners premium is always in rotation so that you always have the option to obtain the characters. Although drop rates for 4-star characters are quite low at 0.13 percent, the overall range of these general pulls will always bring you something amazing. However, their standing on Disgaea’s mobile tier list may not always be ideal.

Free to play players should be on the lookout for Disgaea characters during the campaign mode. These characters are usually the lowest-level characters but can often get you through core game upgrades.

Benefits of using Disgaea RPG Tier List >>

Disgaea RPG Tier List

Here are some of the benefits of Disgaea RPG Tier List

  • It is the best way to determine which types of characters are more successful in Disgaea.
  • This tool helps you to plan effective parties by assessing your characters’ overall power.
  • This guide will help you determine which characters are best suited for each in-game battle.
  • Helps players to determine which type of opponent they should be more complicated about facing

Disgaea RPG Wiki >>

Disgaea RPG is a unique tactical role-playing game that’s available on both mobile and PC.

The Disgaea Role Playing Game is a spin-off from the original game. It focuses on providing a cooler gaming experience. The game’s characters and humor have been well-received, although many gamers have expressed concern about the difficulty. Overall, Disgaea is quite interesting.

Reroll Disgaea RPG >>

If you’re having some trouble with your gacha spins, and want to restart Disgaea RPG at the beginning, it’s possible to use the Disgaea RPG guide.

You can reset your game data manually by going to this section. It is also quite simple, with only a few steps in the main menu. Here’s how you do it quickly.

  • Start Disgaea RPG first. Next, click on the Menu button at the top-right.
  • Click on User Center for GDPR, then click on Delete Account.
  • Simply follow these steps to delete all Boltrend RPG progress.

Note – This will also delete saved data from other games. Make sure you are certain before proceeding.

Follow these above steps to delete your game account, create a new one then log in, and play the game again up to a point where you have enough in-game resources to perform a few free pulls “typically no more than 30 minutes”.

You can continue the process until at least one Disgaea RPG high-tier character is obtained. Finally, tie the game account to the social media or e mail platform of your choosing.

FAQ >>

These are some frequently asked questions about the Disgaea RPG Tier List

What is the Disgaea RPG JP Tier List?”

Disgaea RPG Japan Tier List is the list of characters that make up the Disgaea Role-Playing Game.

What is the Disgaea mobile Tier List for?

Disgaea’s mobile tier list was created to give gamers the most-referenced list of tiers that rank all in-game characters. Disgaea pc and mobile game characters are exactly the same.

Why is Disgaea Tier S at the top of the list?

This is because the Disgaea Rpg tier list was made based on the characters’ respective in-game viability.

Which Character is the Best in Disgaea RPG’s Disgaea RPG Game?

Tier S characters are the best in Disgaea RPG, Meliodas and Attired Killia being the best.

Which Disgaea RPG character is the most hated?

Tier D characters are the most dangerous characters in Disgaea RPG, specifically Ayame and Prinny.

Conclusion >>

We hope this is a great idea for guys Disgaea RPG Tier List. This post covers all Disgaea characters, tier-wise, from the best to the worst. We also discuss how to reroll.

Characters that are not in the top tier in May 2022

There are a number of reasons why a character in Disgaea RPG in Japan isn’t among the top tiers. These reasons include the fact that the game has a massive roster of heroes. In addition, the game’s characters may be more favorable than previous ones, and this could affect the selection of the main team. Future updates may also change the skill effects and stats of some units.

In the Disgaea RPG, characters are ranked according to how well they perform in combat. The criteria for ranking characters are their win rate, character build versatility, movement range, damage dealt per second, and overall usefulness in battle. While characters can vary significantly in strength and utilization, they are generally considered equals, and aren’t ranked from worst to best. The tier lists are updated regularly with the latest patch, but are subject to change.

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