Dota 2 Tier List 2022 – Best Heroes

Dota 2 Tier List 2022 – Best Heroes

Dota 2 Tier List 2022

Dota 2 is a popular MMORPG that’s still relatively new, so the Dota2 Tier List 2022 is a fairly recent publication. It’s a great way to gauge the current state of the game, as well as predict how it will evolve over time. Here are the current top heroes in each tier, along with the top five bans for each. While this list is by no means exhaustive, it is a great starting point.

Dota 2 heroes

Dota 2 is a game where you can play different roles with a hero from the same tier. The game is constantly changing and evolving, but there are some favorites that have remained the same since their release. This list of the top heroes in Dota 2 will keep you up to date with the latest changes to the game. So, who should you be playing next? Here’s what to look for in a hero in the Dota 2 tier list.

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The International 10 Edition is the biggest Dota 2 tournament, and the most popular heroes were Io, Monkey King, and Tiny. These heroes remain prominent in all stages, with a winning ratio of over 55%. Some of the names mentioned above were prominent in the ninth edition and continue to dominate this event. The last names on the list have a win rate over 45% and have played an active role in at least five players’ time.

Heroes from the B tier aren’t immediately banned in drafts, but they’re solid choices that won’t give away your game plan. In addition to Morphling, Lycan is a strong enemy that can be very difficult to counter. The Helm of the Overlord buffs have increased the value of Lycan in recent months, but the character’s fit hasn’t changed. Most teams now play him in off lane.

Dota 2 tier list

Dota 2 tier list is an essential tool for comparing heroes. It helps you understand which heroes are currently the strongest and which ones have weaker weaknesses in the game. The list is updated regularly, and you can use it to see which heroes have the strongest potential for a particular team composition. The tier list is broken down into three tiers: S, M, and B. Heroes in S tier are extremely strong, and they are almost guaranteed to win the game.

This Dota 2 tier list includes all the popular heroes. It also highlights heroes with unique skill sets, flexibility, and versatility. This list is a stable pick in the meta and can be effective for a specific amount of games. It’s updated frequently, so you can rely on it for years to come. There are also PC and Android tips included in the guide. You can also comment below to let us know your favorites.

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The Dota 2 tier list has changed a few heroes, but not a lot. Axe’s Battle Hunger ability has been revamped to allow for more aggressive play. Berserker’s Call and Counter Helix remain unchanged, making them great tools for ganking enemy heroes. Necrophos pushed through the ranks after a buff to his ultimate ability, Reaper’s Scythe, and now has a chance to compete against the top players.

Dota 2 Tier List Best Heroes►

R 10 Dota 2 Tier List
dota 2 tier list

Dota 2 Tier List – Tier One+

  • Monkey King
  • Io
  • Tiny

The biggest Dota 2 event will lack spectators but it will have Tiny, Monkey King and Io. Monkey King, Io, and Tyne were selected or banned 141, 138, and 137 times respectively. These three heroes represent the best of the crop. Expect to see huge nerfs following the conclusion of TI10.

Monkey King – Dota 2 Tier List

Dota 2 Tier List – Few heroes in Dota 2 represent as much flexibility in their current form as the Monkey King, whether in roles or item builds. It is ubiquitous and unavoidable. While many Dota players seek protection from trees, Sun Wukong rejects that protection and reigns supreme.

Standard Dota 2 Tier List

Tiny93 is also banned 110 times, which is well deserved. They have a 62 percent win rate at Ti10 when they are allowed to play before the sanctions phase. Although he is able to play in any position, he prefers four. His strengths in carrying and mid positions are well-documented. He can sometimes intimidate other alleys by himself if there is a good matchup.

It is his support role that is most interesting. Tree Dance is a permanent companion that he can use to create danger in the trees. Because he uses unconventional routes, it is more difficult for him to follow the standard observer and sentry lookout points. Players are choosing to skip the boots altogether because they are useless if you never move, opting instead to use the Orb of Corruption to buff your starting gank and allow Wukong’s command to slow down a bit and reduce armor. This will take effect. Create objects that can easily be thrown long distances. The Rod of Atos and the Orchid Melvolens allow him to contribute, while still securing himself on the branches.

Io – Dota 2 Tier List

Although the nightmares (or dreams, depending on which side you are on), of bringing Io to Dota 2 continue to scare many Dota 2 players, thanks to OG @ TI9, the protagonist has reverted to his traditional role of supporting and buffering the core. Paying attention to the game. In both support positions.

The protagonist hasn’t changed much in concept. Tether and Overcharge are among the most powerful buffing tools in the game. Relocate can be used to defend allies and to lower the defense of your opponents. This allows you to reduce the waves through investment. Spirits can be used as a scouting tool due to its flying sight, which protects you from the Monkey King. It also provides bonus magic damage.

But it was OG again who would have ingeniously used the protagonist. Ceb tried out Io against Evil Geniuses in two different games. Ozzy and Tusk fight hard to keep Ozzy at bay and gives Seb a sacred locket that makes him and his friends almost unmistakable.

Tiny – Dota 2 Tier List

The Tiny is another flexible choice, and historically has been known as a reliable 4 in the center of the outfit. Carrie Tiny has managed to keep the tournament alive thanks to a reliable item build that makes opposing builds tremble with fear.

If you can’t get away from it, stop by to grab the Black King bar or complete your build with the devilish one. With Tiny’s Shard update, the tree grab becomes permanent, allowing the hero to take down towers in a matter of seconds. Enemies can’t move freely around the map or risk an invisible Tiny taking out half of their team in a matter of seconds.

The Stone Giant will terrorize the tournament even though he is less banal because of his direct goal.

Dota 2 Tier List – Tier One

  • Weaver
  • Snapfire
  • Tidehunter
  • Elder Titan
  • Earthshaker

Dota 2 Tier List – Tier One heroes who appear at almost every stage of the draft, whether it is because of the flexibility of their role, the versatility to adapt to any given draft, or a unique skill set that no other hero can easily replicate.

Weaver – Dota 2 Tier List

Multiple buffs in 7.30 many of Weaver’s buffs made the hero even more in one lane dominance. Although he plays in his goalkeeper role, Weaver often takes on a supporting role due to his high mobility.

Support Weavers in Lane use their high base damages and Shukuchi to win trade war. Swam’s reduction in armor and the hits required to take down is annoying and retains its usefulness as a scouting tool and illuminating taker later in the game.

Most weavers forgo the shoes in favor of a shade urn, or an advanced spirit vessel, before they can complete any utilities that require special equipment like a Solar Crest or Lotus Orb. However, it is his agnim buff’s scepter that really unlocks his supportability, allowing time lapses to be cast on allies.

Snapfire – Dota 2 Tier List

Beatrix Snapfire performed well in the big patch 7.30, with minor buffs. She also received another buff in the 7.30c. Surprisingly she is now a tournament pick as an adaptable support who can purchase almost any item a team requires because of her item independence.

Players focus on Scatterblast or Lil’ Shredder. Scatterblast is the best wave clearing nook, while Lil’ Shredder can be devastating against weak lanes and is one of the few examples of armor reduction abilities working on towers. Firesnap Cookie can be used for both retreat and rattling aggression. Mortimer’s Kiss has high damage and low cooldown, which allows Snapfire to supplement any single target gank or spray damage in team combat.

Tidehunter – Dota 2 Tier List

If there’s a Tidehunter, then there’s a Tidehunter. A combination of massive team fights and hero tank heroes often works out well. The Kraken Shell means he can usually pull out of his destruction, except when he’s facing counters like the disruptive Static Storm or the popular heroes in Doom’s Ultimate, Meta.

Typically played as a three, Leviathan rarely completely loses its alley due to Kraken Shell’s damage block and anchor smash damage reduction and some kill for high damage, armor reduction and slow speed. provides danger. Shower. There’s always a backup plan to retreat into the woods with Anchor Smash. The protagonist, however, is in the support position with a rather slender body and a greater emphasis on raves before death.

Elder Titan – Dota 2 Tier List

While the Elder Titan is primarily a support role, he can sometimes move into a more advanced role. To take effect astral spirits, the Elder Titan depends on several units. This makes it an efficient side lane. He can often be seen smashing enemy lanes in one-on-2 combat, leaving his partner free to blast or clearing up simple fights.

The Worldsmith’s scouting and buildability are strong too, with the Astral Spirit and Echo Stomp always a good AoE deterrent, whether on high ground or in a lit pit. Natural Order is still one of the best auras in the game, generally forcing areas with higher agility like Morphling and Terrorblade to break differently against it, while Earth Spitter’s lag buff made it a bit more believable. Give. ,

Even without the items, the Titan is a formidable threat, but Aghanim’s scepter and sharps change the way the hero plays. His scepter buff grants him magic immunity depending on how many heroes they hit, and the Shard allows his soul to instantly switch places with him. He is now shining gold and killing enemies, rather than standing on the baseline.

Earthshaker – Dota 2 Tier List

Earthshaker is like TideHunter and is an hero who does not seem to shy away IT platforms. The core is more popular than the protagonist this time.

The popularity of pure spinners is not the same as their weaknesses in the lane, which can lead to bigger problems such as an overloaded opponent. He is often paired up with a self-described romper if he is being played as a romper. However, he is still often the chief. Vertus Pro also tried Earthshaker, with moderate to high success against EG.

The Enchant Totem is often used to ward off innards, and its low cost makes it easy to maintain even for Ragor’s small mana pool. A sharp blink dagger can secure teamfights, while Aghanim’s scepter is also a viable option, especially since it was buffered to provide a piece on the Enchant Totem’s hit.

A meta Earthshaker has inspired the popularity and use of morphling to find double mates. This strategy is very popular and will most likely be used on the main stage.

Dota 2 Tier List – Tier Two

  • Void Spirit
  • Lion
  • Doom
  • Medusa
  • Lina
  • Lycan
  • Disruptor
  • Faceless Void
  • Spectre
  • Storm Spirit
  • Ember Spirit
  • Morphling
  • Invoker

Dota 2 Tier List – Tier Two to meta represents stable picks that don’t deserve an immediate ban or anything extreme. You can only choose from a few heroes at this level without divulging too much about your game.

Lycan – Dota 2 Tier List

The Lycan is a beneficiary of the Overlord’s rudder but unfortunately runs into a bit of a tuning issue. The majority of teams have stopped playing the Lycan in his traditional role as a safe lane and moved him to the outside lane.

Howl is a solid and low-rated debuff that deals opponents’ attack damage over a wide range. While it does a lot of damage once ShapeShift activates, it can be frustrating to use during its downtime. Summon wolves to be used during the laning phases as reinforcements and stealth scouts.

The hero’s scepter of Aghanim, Wolf Bite, has become a priority upgrade for Lycans after completing Helm of the Overlord. Any fielder can now have the characteristics of a shapeshifter. This gives them an array of benefits, including maximum speed, lifestyle and critical opportunities. They are able to execute their game plan easily by using melee help against enemy kitesurfing.

Ember Spirit – Dota 2 Tier List

The new Aghanim’s Shard of the Ember Spirit, which gives him an extra fire relic when he kills enemy heroes, has given the hero new life.

Ember Spirit is rarely played as a physical damage dealer, instead of focusing on magic with the Maelstrom Process, before moving on to Aghanim’s scepter and refresher orb. Shin uses the Shard to focus on team fights at high speed. This allows him to leap headfirst into enemies and gain invulnerability during Sleight of Fist. Shin can also use quick relics as magic damage to do massive amounts of damage. After that, he can refresh for at least five residues.

Dota 2 Tier List – Tier Three

  • Beastmaster
  • Legion Commander
  • Luna
  • Magnus
  • Leshrac
  • Puck
  • Nature’s Prophet
  • Ursa
  • Sven
  • Silencer
  • Terrorblade
  • Night Stalker
  • Mars

Dota 2 Tier List – Tier three heroes have proven effective in a limited number of games. These heroes can be used to diversify teams’ drafts or to provide specific options to counter popular heroes.

Legion Commander – Dota 2 Tier List

Tresdin’s stock as an off laner appears to be on the rise, although some teams, OG and PSG.LGD, have experimented with him as a hard save support.

Some armies out of lane are building a curious, iron will rudder to permanently stay in lane with five health regens and six element armor, then building into Mordigan’s armlet, which has received several incremental buffs . In latest patch. This allows you farm and fight better, rather than using a high-risk blinkdagger to avoid the large fall that can occur mid-game.

Shard of the Legion is a great support and offline player. In addition to strong dispersion, Press the Attack provides two seconds of spell immunity, which is useful for laying sieges on dangerously high ground, as well as ignoring strange spells like Static Storm and Disruptor’s Kinetic Field.


This is by no means a complete list. Dota 2Tier List of heroes available to choose from.

Dota 2 heroes 7.31

Dota 2 has a massive plethora of heroes to choose from in the upcoming patch 7.31d. This list is based on analysis done by the livestreamer Janne “Gorgc” Stefanovski. In his list, he names the best heroes in the game by pick and win rate. So what are the best heroes for safelane? The answer to this question lies in the micro of each hero.

Many hero-hero tiers are based on skill level and popularity. The Tier S heros include Death Prophet, Tiny, and Ember Spirit. These heroes tend to be more consistent and have a larger pool of supplementary abilities than others. The hero-hero tier A heroes have more stable abilities than their Tier S counterparts. There are a few tiers higher than the tier S heroes, but you can expect a large difference in MMR.

This Dota 2 Heroes 7.31 Tier List was compiled by the community and is based on 21 submitted tier lists. The highest tiers will be at the top and the lowest tiers will be at the bottom. The list is updated every six months, so the list may not be completely accurate. It is not recommended that you play a hero without first checking their tier list!

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