Dragon Ball Legends Tier List : Update! September 2022

Dragon Ball Legends Tier List : Update! September 2022

Dragon Ball Legends Tier List

If you’ve played Dragon Ball Legends, you’ve probably come across the DBL Tier List. This is a helpful guide to determining which characters are the strongest. Keep in mind that the list is not always accurate or reflective of the opinion of many players, so it’s not the only thing to consider when building a team. It can also be useful for building your character’s team. So how do you find out which characters are the strongest?

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dragon ball legends tier list

Dragon Ball Legends Tier List September 2022

We would like to make a disclaimer before we begin the Dragon Ball Legends Tier List. We might not have the DBL tiers that you perceive after playing Dragon Ball Legends.

The character ranked may differ from your ideal list and this is totally based on our experiences and gameplay so now let’s start.

Dragon Ball Legends Tier List
dragon ball legends tier list

Z Tier – DB Legends Tier List

The Dragon Ball Legends tier list – Z Tier consists of unmatchable characters in the game, and sometimes they have actually unfair advantages.

They are a true legendary character and allow for a lot of freedom.

S Tier – DB Legends Tier List

The Dragon Ball Legends Tier List Sparking – S Tier contains the most powerful in-game characters that are rare in nature; they are also known as the LF characters. To unlock tier -s characters, you really need to be very passionate about the game, understand the game patterns of the characters, and be part of the game’s community.

If you’re a casual gamer it may be difficult to keep up with these characters. It takes time and effort to obtain these characters in-game, but it is well worth it.

These characters are considered to be the most powerful in the game. They are also part of the tier S on our DB Legends Tier List.

A Tier – DB Legends Tier List

This is the Dragon Ball Legends tier list – A tier where players will find ultra characters that are not rare like the tier S characters, and you can get them easily, of course not that often but still very simple. Bandai Namco provided the Chrono crystals in generous amounts every month thanks to their generosity.

These are powerful characters that can assist you in battle and with in-game special moves. you can transform them and make a losing cause game turn into a victory for you in no time that’s amazing.

B Tier – DB Legends Tier List

These Dragon Ball Legends tier list – B tier characters are 2nd choice characters after the A tier list. Although they are lower than characters in the A Tier, that doesn’t mean they aren’t useful and up to the task.

They are statistically strong characters that can give trouble to characters from the top tier due to their already low health.

C Tier – DB Legends Tier List

These Dragon Ball Legends tier list – C tier characters are weak and not something you will be enough confident in while competing in a competitive in-game environment. Here’s the DBL tier C character list.

D Tier – DB Legends Tier List

These Dragon Ball Legends Tier List Reddit – D tier characters are actually skilled less and are not the best bet in the DBL games. These tier – D characters are not to be used competitively at any cost in the game but are suitable for a casual gamer for enjoying purposes.

E Tier – DB Legends Tier List

The worst characters in the Dragon Ball Legends Tier List Team are in this tier – D. They usually support cards with small to no resistance and minimal offense. They are in a symbiotic relation with other in-game characters and can be used as standalone characters.

How to Perform Dragon Ball Legends Characters Reroll

There are many ways to perform a Dragon Ball Legends character roll, but we have provided a step-by–step guide below.

  • First Close Dragon Ball Legends Game
  • Next, delete all game data on your mobile
  • You can do this by going to Settings to Apps for Dragon Ball Legends to Clear Data
  • Open Dragon Ball Legends again
  • Next, go through the tutorial again and try to summon it once more
  • Finally, your Dragon Ball Legends Character has successfully been rerolled


These are questions and answers regarding Dragon Ball Legends Tier List Maker, and Dragon Ball Legends Tier List Maker.

Q. Q.

SP SS2 Youth Gohan (Red), the powerful character in Dragon Ball Legends, is SP SS 2.

Q. Q.

ULSuper Gogeta is Dragon Ball Legends’ balanced character.

Q. Q.

SP LL SUPER Gohan is a great play character in Dragon Ball Legends.

Q. Q.

The best characters in the game are Shallot, Fusion Zamasu SP (PUR), Vegito SP (YEL), and Shallot.


We hope that you like our Dragon Ball Legends Tier List. We have listed all the characters and their elements in this post. You can use the Dragon Ball Legends Tier List to help you choose the best character and improve your gameplay.

Questions about Dragon Ball LegendsPlease comment below to get the Tier List guide. We will respond promptly.

Characters in Dragon Ball Legends

The following is a character tier list for Dragon Ball Legends. This tier list is based on the popularity of each character. The top character in the game is Majin Vegeta. The bottom-ranked characters are Goku Black, Bu ‘Kid,’ and Chilled. Group B is dominated by Ribrianne, Hyper Meta Rilldo, and Buu: Super. Group C is topped by Majin Vegeta. Group F has the least-popular characters, Bulma, Chilled, and Piccolo.

This tier list is updated as of the year 2021. Each character is listed by the element they are strongest in, best stats, and weaknesses. The tier list is a guide to help players decide which characters to use for fights and which ones to avoid. It is important to note that the top-ranked characters have relatively few weaknesses and work well in a variety of situations. In order to make the most out of your character, you must know which stats are most powerful.

In the S Tier List, the best characters in Dragon Ball Legends are UL super saiyan god Goku, sp perfect cell, sp ll final form frieza, angel golden frieza, gamma 1, and sp gamma 1. The D Tier list contains the weakest characters and is not recommended for competitive play. It is the most difficult tier to unlock, so the difficulty level is high.

The tier list is a guide that ranks characters from weakest to strongest. Using a character tier list will allow you to prioritize which characters to focus on mastering, which will make it easier to compete against opponents lower in the game. You can also use this guide to determine which champions to use when playing competitively. It’s also helpful to compare characters to see how they stack up against others.

The lowest tier includes LF and Ultra characters. Ultra characters are comparatively easy to obtain and are very useful to use with other characters. Their special moves are helpful and can turn a losing cause into a victory. There are other characters that fall just below the tier, but still rank among the best characters. If you’re serious about ranking high, a Tier S character is your best bet.

While most fighters in the A tier aren’t very good, they can still prove to be useful for competitive play. The A tier is populated by characters that fall somewhere between the S and A tiers. Using them properly, A tier characters can be a real problem for enemies. B tier characters are great for beginners and intermediate players. A tier character should be your best option.

As a leading character in Dragon Ball Legends, Shallot is one of the most powerful characters. Shallot’s fighting style is aggressive and he is capable of taking down multiple enemies at once. He is equipped with multiple fighting styles, including a special ape form, and his ability to transform into another animal is an incredible bonus. So, you should consider buying Shallot’s legendary card if you’re looking for an aggressive fighter.

SSJ3 Goku has one of the most powerful Main Ability in the game. When mid-game, this character can unleash his full power. He can one-shot nearly any opponent, and even when his Ki is depleted, he can still use powerful moves. This makes him a key piece of Fusion Warrior tag teams. He can also use a special skill called Erasing Strike that increases his Ki by fifty and increases his Inflicted damage by 20% for 10 timer counts.

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