How To Solve All 3 Dragonspine Puzzles In Genshin Impact Latest

How To Solve All 3 Dragonspine Puzzles In Genshin Impact Latest

How To Solve All 3 Dragonspine Puzzles In Genshin Impact

The Dragonspine puzzle is a critical part of the game that must be solved to progress to the next level. It can be found in the Sal Terrae region, on the northern way-point of the game. It is a wall that features pressure pads that you must press in the correct order. Pressing the wrong ones will turn the signs off instantly, so you need to get the sequence right.

Activate a cryo totem

The game’s third region, Dragonspine, is a snow-covered wonderland where you must solve puzzles using Cryo totems. This region contains a variety of dangerous enemies and a subzero climate, which can be extremely frustrating when you are in an awkward situation. The region also contains the Frostbearing Tree and Crimson Agate collectibles. They are scattered throughout the map, and some are behind secret chests.

To activate a cryo totem and solve all three dragonspine puzzles in Genshan Impact, you must solve three different puzzles. Two of the puzzles are time-based, while the third one requires you to complete a story mission. This Genshin Impact guide will show you how to solve each puzzle and how to time your actions correctly.

Activating a cryo totem to solve all three dragonspine puzzles in Genshan Impact is a challenging yet rewarding quest. If you’ve completed all three puzzles, you’ll be rewarded with a great collection of items, including primogems and character ascension materials. Genshin Impact is available for PS4, PC, Switch, and mobile platforms.

Locate shards

Dragonspine Puzzle
dragonspine puzzle

The Dragonspine puzzles in Genshin impact require a certain strategy to complete. Once you have completed them, you will unlock a new chamber and an artefact domain. But first, you need to destroy the shard that is inside of it. There are two ways to do this. The first path leads upward, where you can find chests, a challenge, and a Ruin Grader fight. The second path takes you to the bottom level, where you’ll find the final shard.

The Dragonspine puzzle is found in the Sal Terrae region, which is found on the northern way-point. In this region, you will find a wall with pressure pads. You must press these in the correct sequence to activate the signs on the wall. If you press them the wrong way, you’ll be unable to solve the puzzle and the game will crash.

The Dragonspine mountains add a new danger element to Genshin Impact, and players may be eager to conquer them, but beware! This game’s Sheer Cold mechanic will destroy many brave explorers, so you must use extra caution to complete this quest successfully. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to brag to your friends that you have mastered the ice shard puzzles in Genshin Impact.

Solve ice shard puzzles

One of the most challenging puzzles in the game is the one requiring you to solve ice shard puzzles. This challenge can prove challenging and requires some strategy. Before you can start solving this puzzle, you should know the right order of the shards. The first shard is located in the Entombed City Outskirts. This area also contains heavy combat and a mini-puzzle.

To solve the puzzle, you must first find a specific ice shard. The shards can be found at various locations. In Genshin Impact, you will find them in the Entombed City Outskirts and the Starglow Cavern. Once you have them, you can then use them to make items or complete quests.

Standard Dragonspine Puzzle

The second shard is located on the top of a mountain. To get this, you must first collect three pieces of Scarlet Quartz. The first piece is found nearby the Frostarm Lawachurl, while the second piece is on the shard next to the tree trunk. The third one is located behind a tree. The fourth one is on a nearby rock.

How To Resolve Dragonspine Seelie Puzzles In Genshin Impression

Image 33 Dragonspine Puzzle
dragonspine puzzle

Dragonspine Puzzle 1

To unravel the primary Dragonspine Seelie puzzle, you’ll have to head to the West of Starglow Cavern. While you get there, you’ll discover a pool of water, which has two Seelies on either side. After activating one, you will have to go over to the opposite facet to activate the second.


After getting activated each the Seelie’s, await some time till the pool of water disappears. Now, you will note three Seelie’s subsequent to one another, which you’ll have to activate them in a row.

As soon as you’re executed activating the entire three Seelies, you’ll discover a brand new damage guard, which you will have to defeat to unravel the primary puzzle.

Dragonspine Puzzle 2

To unravel the second Dragonspine puzzle in Genshin Impression, you’ll head to the above location (Starglow Cavern). While you get there, you’ll discover a Seelie on the wall.

As soon as activated, go down and activate the second situated on the bottom. For the second a part of the puzzle, you’ll have to clear up the close by Mechanism.

Dragonspine Puzzle 3

To unravel the final and third puzzle in Dragonspine in Genshin Impression, you will have to get to the South of Wyrmrest Valley. This puzzle requires to convey a cryo person to get solved. After getting introduced the cryo person, activate the pillar within the appropriate order by throwing arrows.

As soon as you’re executed activating the entire 5 pillars, don’t loot the chest. It is possible for you to to vary the social gathering member for the upcoming battle. Notably, when you open the chest, you wouldn’t have the ability to change members.

When you find yourself all set, go forward and open the chest and kill the 2 damage guards as you probably did within the first puzzle. After getting taken down the 2 damage guards, the ruined larger will seem. Earlier than you begin attacking the ruined larger, you must know his weak factors —  Shin and Head. You’ll have to hit him twice to defeat the ruined larger.

Complete quests in Dragonspine

The new Dragonspine expansion in Genshin Impact is now live, meaning you can travel across a massive new mountainous region. While the towns of Mondstadt and Liyue are fairly easy to travel through, the Dragonspine region is much more difficult to explore. This area is filled with puzzles and incredibly difficult quests. Complete them to receive some great rewards and unlock new areas.

The Dragonspine region contains a number of secrets and puzzles that you can solve. Some of these involve traveling across Dragonspine to melt the magical ice crystals that have gathered. Others involve dispelling magical wind and scaling the Dragonspine mountains. To complete these quests, you will have to brave the wind, cold, and icy terrain to reach the highest points. Fortunately, the game offers detailed guides to help you find the best way to complete each quest.

Another quest that you can complete in the Dragonspine region is “Investigate the Strange Ice”. This quest requires you to solve a series of puzzles in two locations: the Entombed City and Starglow Cavern. Once you’ve completed the quest, you’ll be awarded a hidden achievement.

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