DST Character Tier List 2022 :Update!Best Characters

DST Character Tier List 2022 :Update!Best Characters

Don’t Starve Together Characters – DST Character Tier List 2022

You might have noticed that some characters on the DST Character Tier List 2022 are below average. That’s because they’re below average in game items, such as food. Fortunately, these items are essential for survival in the game. Here are the top items on DST’s Character Tier List 2022. You can purchase all of them from the in-game store for more than $1. Read on for more details.


If you want to rank the characters of Don’t Starve Together, you should be able to find a list of the most popular ones in DST on the Character Tier List. The DST Character Tier List is compiled by the community and is based on a cumulative average of 53 character tier lists. Top character rankings are at the top of the list, while bottom character rankings are at the bottom. To publish a character tier list, you must log in and submit it. Once you have finished creating your list, you can publish it for the community to see.

As a gatherer supreme, Woodie is half-way between Maxwell and the new Werebeaver character tier. This character is much stronger than Maxwell, and is able to take more hits than the latter. Unlike Maxwell, he also has active sanity abilities, compared to passive regen. Another notable feature is that he spawns with the Lucy axe instead of the normal axe. Woodie can chop trees twice as fast with the axe, but will return to his normal state when the beaverness/log meter reaches zero.


If you’re looking for a character that can outsmart your opponents, Wormwood is a great option. As an A tier, Wormwood has a fast movement speed, exclusive drop, and a unique attack. His Scattertooth weapon shoots 3 darts at once and deals 12 damage per bullet. However, this weapon has a low range, hitting one target at max range. While Wormwood’s damage is not as high as his main weapon, his attack speed is excellent and he can outpace most opponents.

Wormwood can also be useful to the Wickerbottom, which can help her craft the Applied Horticulture book. The two have tons of Seeds and Manure. They work great together, and they complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. As an A-Team, Wormwood can pair well with Wickerbottom or Wurt. If you’re looking for a tier-one team, Wormwood will fit in nicely. However, he’s not as useful as other tiers, so you should consider other characters before choosing Wormwood.


The Todoroki is one of the most versatile characters in the Don’t Starve: The Dark Submerged world. With his initial ability, he can strike enemies in a wide area, freezing them for a single round. If Chained successfully, he gains 30% power. He also has a great Plus Ultra skill that causes enemies to burn in the process. It’s especially effective against bosses.

The DST Character Tier List is broken down into four groups, each of which focuses on a different aspect of the game. The game’s character tiers are divided into four categories, tier A through tier D. In terms of the characters’ abilities and stats, the tier S group includes the strongest characters and the weakest. For more information, see the full list of characters.

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As an A tier character, Kirishima is a solid choice if you want to switch the battle to your advantage. He can counter enemy attacks, and his evasion and ranged abilities make him a powerful choice. However, if you’re looking for a character with great utility, you should consider the Green Hawk instead. Her kit focuses on speed and evasion, and her skills buff a single ally to perform normal attacks twice as often as a normal unit. Though she has great utility, the downside of the Green Hawk is her annoying nature in the Arena.

The game features four character tier lists. Listed below are the current tier lists for Kirishima, Wilson, Woodie, and Wes. These are the strongest characters in the game, while the others are average. Below is a breakdown of the four categories, along with the tiers of each character. The list also lists the characters that are average and below average. It is best to know which characters are in each group in order to have an idea of where you stand.

DST Character Tier List 2022 >>

Dst Character Tier List
dst character tier list

The Don’t Starve together game characters are categorized into 4 categories that are from tier S to tier C.

WX78 and Wolfgang are the two most powerful characters in group S DST Tier list. They are the most powerful characters, easy to control and the ultimate team players. Maxwell, Webber are the DST Tier A’s leading heroes. These characters will give your in-game team a huge boost.

Wilson and Woodie are the most prominent characters on DST Tier List Group B. You can choose to be among them. Willow and Wes are the top DST heroes of group F. These are the average characters in DST, so players around the world hesitate to choose them.

S Tier – DST Character Tier List >>

Here are the don’t starve character tier list group s these tier characters are the most powerful characters in the game.

A Tier – DST Character Tier List >>

These are the DST Tier List Group A characters. They are some of the most valuable characters in the game.

B Tier – DST Character Tier List >>

These are the don’t starve character group B these tier characters represent average characters in the game.

C Tier – DST Character Tier List >>

Here are the don’t starve character tier list group C these tier characters are below average characters in the game.

DST Game Wiki Gameplay>>

This DST game will require you to fight for survival and explore the dark world. You can collect the in-game materials that you find during exploration to make new weapons and equipment.

This is crucial for survival in the game. You must also search for food and drink to survive in the game.

There are many dangerous monsters and animals out there that you have to deal. These creatures can be dangerous and you must avoid them.

You can play the Don’t Starve together game with your friends online or with other players all over the real world. Don’t Starve together game is available to play on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo switch.

FAQs >>

Here are some FAQs of the don’t starve together character tier list

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Tier S characters are the most powerful characters in the game, and WX78 and Wolfgang are the best.

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This DST Character Tier list will help you to pick the best character. You want to win every game that requires a strong character.

Q. Q.

Avoid Willow and Wes.

Conclusion >>

We hope you enjoy the DST Character Tier List post. In this post, we tier-wise ranked all the don’t starve game characters that help players to choose the best one.

Please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions. DSTComment on the Character Tiers List, then.


If you’re looking for the most powerful character in Diablo III, Warly is the class for you. This full-time carnivore character can boost his stats with foods. He spawns with a Portable Crock Pot and is capable of building a Portable Grinding Mill and Seasoning Station. He also has access to exclusive recipes. While a full-time carnivore, Warly will need to supplement his diet with food to maximize his stats.

Another important characteristic of the Warly is his ability to keep his team alive. Unlike other characters, Warly’s food isn’t eaten until it’s cooked, but it can replenish the damage stats of his allies. Another important characteristic is that he can summon Merms if needed. His stats are better than Webber, but he’s also a vegetarian, so meat doesn’t heal him. The WX-78 is another useful character in DST, as it can upgrade its stats with the gears that it eats. He is impervious to cold, but can take damage in water.

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