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Duel Links Tier List : September 2023 Best Decks!

Duel Links Tier List

In this Duel Links tier list, we’ll take a look at the Characters and Decks of this tier and talk about how they match up with each other. You’ll also get an idea of the level of Power for each of these characters. Then, we’ll go over which buffs and rebalances will affect them, and how to make the best use of their specific Power level.

Decks in this tier

The Duel Links Tier List includes a selection of Decks that are not particularly good at any specific matchup, but do perform well in a few tournaments. Because they lack a specific strategy or mechanic, they are often considered underrated. However, these Decks can still prove to be a real nuisance in Duels. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the different Duel Links Tier List Decks, and provide tips for building the most effective Duel Links deck.

The first archetype of the Duel Links Tier List is Code Talkers, which specializes in bringing out higher-rank Xyz monsters with high Link Ratings. They can also spiral out of control with their signature boss monsters. Lastly, the tier also includes Yang Zings, which are engine cards for other Decks. Their floating effects and powerful Boss monsters can help them spiral untouchable.

Characters in this tier

The first part of the Duel Links Tier List is the Rooflemonger, who has a unique ranking system. This is based on five different tier groups, with Swift Master at the top. While the tier list is not perfect, it does help players decide what character to get. Characters in the B tier lack any significant abilities but can work well together with stronger characters. This section of the list is not a recommended character list.

The deck is also very flexible, as it has the ability to adapt to the meta and the situation. Although it has a low power ceiling, the deck is versatile and adaptable, and it can win many tournaments if used correctly. Unfortunately, the deck isn’t a slam dunk, and rebalances will likely make it harder to maintain a competitive edge. For now, though, the Duel Links Tier List is a solid deck to use if you are looking for a competitive Duel mode experience.

Matchups with other decks

The Duel Links Tier List contains several cards that have favorable matchups with other Duel Links decks. These cards have favorable results in some tournaments but are not currently a dominant force in the meta. However, they are still good at generating a large number of cards in your hand and handling interactions with the Super Star. Ultimately, they are a great choice for Duel Links players.

The Duel Links Tier List consists of the best decks, with the best ones ranked by their numerical presence and game play. The top decks are also the most consistent, with high win and play rates. However, the game is not as easy as it appears, and the most consistent decks may not have the best overall performance. However, if you are looking for a deck to beat, you should check out the Duel Links Tier List.

Power level of decks in this tier

There are many variations in the Duel Links Tier List, so it’s possible to find a deck that suits your own playstyle. However, you’ll need to understand the specifics of the various decks before you try to play them. This article will take a look at the different types of decks and their power levels in Duel Links. This information is very important for building your deck.

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There are two main types of decks in Duel Links, and these have a high power level. The first one is a Free To Play deck called Cyber Angels, which is easy to build. The second type is a Ritual Deck, and it has powerful floating, searching, and effects thanks to Cyber Angels Benten and Idaten. It also features a powerful removal spell known as Dakini, which can bring back Cyber Angels to your deck.

image 92 duel links tier list

Ranking of decks in this tier

The Duel Links Tier List is comprised of the most powerful decks in the game. In addition to these decks, this tier includes new environment decks that are TOP or high-class in quality. These decks are owned by 1996 KAZUKI TAKAHASHI, 2017 NASTV TOKYO, and Konami Digital Entertainment. However, if you’re looking to learn more about the Duel Links tier, you should consider reading the Deck Advice thread on the game’s forums.

Duel Links is available on PCs and mobile devices. It is available for the operating systems iOS, Android, Windows, and Steam. Players can download the game through the App Store or Steam. The game has an extensive metagame and is constantly changing, which means that the top decks will change every month. Listed below are some of the most popular decks in the Duel Links Tier List. These decks tend to perform well in tournaments and have the highest numerical presence.

Duel Links Tier List (Best Decks)⇩

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is a Konami-developed game that’s available for Mobile and Computer on iOS, Android and Windows platforms. It can be downloaded with App/Play Store & Steam.

Tier 1 – Duel Links Tier List >>

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Tier List – The best decks in the format and which dictate the behavior of the meta game. They have the highest numerical presence and the best performance in tournaments.

Duel Links Tier List – Magnets⇩

The Magnet Warrior deck has been showing great promise over the past weeks. It has had good match-ups with most decks, and reached tier 1 due to its consistency in most games and good field control.

Deck traps can be used to revive magnets by reviving them in matches. This is due to the effect of monsters running away from targets and tributing themselves.

In addition of “Revive Monster “, which is a card that gets victories for the deck depending on when the game is going.

Magnet Warriors offers great starter cards, including: Beta (seeker for the archetype cards), Gamma (“monster that lets you summon a warrior magnetic from your hand”), Alpha (seeker to the boss of deck), and Delta (which sends an warrior magnet from the deck into the graveyard).

A common effect they have is to Tribute during the opponent’s turn to summon a lv 4 magnet warrior from the deck except Delta which does not have this effect, however, it is the monster summoned by the lv 3 magnet warriors effect ( Gamma, Beta and Alpha).

A card that cannot be forgotten is the field spell “Joint Magnets Field”, giving more plays to the deck making it possible to summon monsters from the Graveyard and returning opponent’s monsters to the hand without targeting, and thus helping a lot against cards that don’t are targeted or not destroyed by card effects such as “Blooming Diva, the Melodious Coral” and “Lunalight Blade Dancer”.

As the deck spends a lot of resources searching for and sending cards to the graveyard, the deck starts using graveyard summoning cards like “Super Team Comrade Force United” and “Powerful Rebirth”, making a lot of game volume and also making it difficult for the opponent to end with an otk.

Tier 2 – Duel Links Tier List⇩

Duel Links Tier List These decks transit the metagame. They perform well in tournaments but are less targeted than Tier 1 decks.

Duel Links Tier List – Gaia⇩

It was the deck that benefited the most with the arrival of the game’s anniversary, with the addition of the “Monster Revival” cards and the Selection Box, with “Black Luster Soldier – The Envoy of the Beginning”, in which both these additions give a very large return to the deck and allowing several OTKs and also a good removal of some problematic card from the field, in addition to the “Black Luster Soldier” is searchable by “Gaia Soldier, the Fiery Knight”.

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But in general the moves remain the same, which is focused on making the fusion “Gaia, the Magic Knight of the Dragon” and having an interaction on the opponent’s turn and being the main move: invoking “Gaia, the Magic Knight”, giving special invocation of “Dragon Fire’s Curse”, and for its effect to invoke fusion using the two materials, where to have good field control thanks to the archetype field, which in addition to being searchable by the skill, also seeks the cards it needs to having the combos to do the fusion summon and, finally, not letting opponent’s cards be activated in the battle phase.

Tier 3 – Duel Links Tier List⇩

Duel Links Tier These Decks have few favorable matchups but still manage to win in certain tournaments. Because they don’t dominate the meta, they tend to be less targeted by players.

Duel Links Tier List – Abyss Actor⇩

Abyss Actor, also known as Abyss Actor, is a deck that gained significant relevance thanks to the cards from the last mini-box. It was the first Duel Link pendulum deck with the ability generate lots of resources and summon its pendulums. Apart from the above mentioned, there are many strengths that helped the deck earn a spot in our Tier 3. These are:

Madonna triggering skills for a more aggressive turn 3/turn 4, or even inhibiting the opponent’s moves with Closed Tombs. You can also use zombie purchase to gain access to the plague-spreading zombie or Cosmic Illumination through the psychic wheel.

This deck is able to produce a lot of cards in both hand and with Sky Iris due to its consistency with Madonna.

All this combination makes you able to play against interactions while generating an advantage, and keeping in mind that in a scenario where you only had two monsters, it is extremely unlikely that you will be finished that turn due to the effect of the Sassy Rookie (Insolent Newbie) that brings a level 4 or lower abyss actor monster, plus Madonna herself is a “handtrap” and can enter by special summon when an Abyss Actor monster is destroyed.

Most Competitive And Recent Version –

Currently, the best version, even though it doesn’t differ much from the others, is more focused on generating resources via sky iris + madonna and taking advantage of Draw Destiny to access limited cards like Storm, whose activation and resolution generate both less back row from the opponent and bodies new ones on the table and more cards in hand, as these pendulums will return to the table when you swing again.

It is worth mentioning the odd eyes of the last big box that besides being a target for Íris to look for, it has 2700 attacks and is great for finishing games, while the unicorn can’t. It won’t be that much of a difference from one to the other in practice, but there will be games where a bigger attack monster can make a difference, and that’s when it will prove more efficient.

Duel Links Tier List – Harpias⇩

Although Harpias Hunting Ground can still be used, the skill nerf means that it is not always the most consistent. It must return a card from its hand to the deck and place the field directly on it, just like the skill of Gaia. The Deck has adapted using new abilities and the most used with the deck is the “Mind Check”, due to the fact of being able to see the cards that are set on the opponent’s field and still having a great control of the field.

Other skills are still used like “Testament of the Harpies”, which gives you the “Harpies’ Feather Duster” in your hand when you have 4 harpies with different names in the graveyard and “Bond That Binds”, which can be good in certain matchups, can be used well from the side.

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But the Harpias deck has declined a lot in the meta, due to the fact that we are in a very slow meta and Harpias was a very explosive deck and a great field control with its skill before the nerf and now without it, stopping the Harpias’s moves was fine more viable but it’s still a good deck even with its problems because it’s a consistent deck and I believe that’s the biggest reason the deck is still in the meta, in addition to Slash being an excellent control card because it returns the opponent’s monster to hand after a spell or trap interaction. The deck is now tier 3.

Duel Links Tier List – Phantom Knight’s⇩

With the arrival of the last box and the Yuto Character, the Phantom Knight’s deck (Phantom Knight’s, or PK) got its space in the meta and reaching tier 3. Due to the fact that it is a very aggressive deck and the meta today is very slow, then the deck gets quick wins and in addition to the “Phantom Strategy” Skill.

Where it sends a Phantom Knights monster to the Graveyard and places the “Phantom Knights – Blade of Mist” Trap Card, which is a card that negates the monster on the field.

In addition, to doesn’t let it attack and you can’t attack it either and it has an effect in the Graveyard, like almost all PK traps, banishing it from the Graveyard summons a PK monster from the Graveyard onto the field.

PK monsters have an effect when banished to the Graveyard: “The Ancient Cloak” adds 1 PK monster from the Deck to the hand, minus itself; “The Worn Gloves” sends a PK card from the Deck to the Graveyard, in addition to giving 1000 ATK to the XYZ DARK monster that used it as Material, and finally “The Silent Boots”, which special enters when it has a PK monster. In addition to adding a PK Spell/Trap Cards from the Deck, you can also place them on the field.

In addition to being a very aggressive deck, it takes advantage of Staples cards to be able to play, such as “Book of the Moon”, “Mystical Space Typhoon, “Treacherous Trap Hole”, in addition to the other PK trap, “Phantom Knights – Sword”, that gives 800 ATK to a monster on the field, in addition to a monster being destroyed by battle or effect, it destroys itself in place of the monster.

Duel Links Tier List – Water XYZ⇩

Water xyz is an intriguing deck. It divides players and has the strongest combo card in each game. However, it is not always accessible. This makes the user depend on buying Diva for its moves. The deck’s luck is often a deciding factor.

The downfall of this Duel Links Tier List deck is currently due to the buff of some decks making them more viable in competitions, leaving Water down for being an “unreliable” deck depending on buying its few starters and having a lower power ceiling.

This Duel Links Tier List deck has the best feature of all. It allows you to manipulate support cards that are specific to your tournament or meta. The deck’s power ceiling is very low so it can surprise and even win tournaments. mounted, it remains to be seen how it behaves in players’ hands after the skills rebalance.


We hope you enjoy our Duel Links Tier List post. Based on our experience against Gishki so far, we chose Opponent Summons Abyss and then I chain Chalice. Then Opponent surrenders.

Meta of Duel Links

The Duel Links Tier List is one of the best decks in the game. The deck has potential to surprise opponents and win tournaments. It also has the space to use support cards to its advantage. It can adapt to changes in the meta easily, making it a good choice for tournaments. However, this deck isn’t as reliable as other tier 1 decks. To win a tournament with it, you need to draw early and manipulate your support cards.

The Duel Links Tier List includes the best Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel decks in the game. These decks are ranked according to their numerical strength and game play. Players can submit their own tier lists or vote for others. However, they need to be registered members of the community to be considered. You can publish your own tier list by signing up on the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links website.

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