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Basic Dungeon and Zone Level Requirements in WoW 2023

World of Warcraft Zone and Dungeon Level Requirements

Whether you are a new gamer or a seasoned veteran, it can help to know the Dungeon and Zone Level Requirements before starting. This will allow you to know when to start playing the dungeons you’re interested in. It is also beneficial to know the time required to complete the dungeons you want to explore.

World of Warcraft

Dungeon and Zone Level Requirements

In World of Warcraft, you need to know what zone and dungeon level requirements you have to meet in order to enter them. These requirements can help you determine when to visit a specific area. These dungeons are typically more difficult than normal dungeons. There are usually attunements and quests associated with them.

World of Warcraft has 19 dungeons, each with a different level requirement. They are located throughout the game world and are divided into Alliance and Horde zones. It is possible to enter a dungeon of the other faction, but you will have to go through the enemy’s territory to do so. The minimum level requirement for entering a dungeon is Level 10.

Dungeons usually require a team of five players to complete. This means that you will need to bring at least one healer and one tank, and you will also need three DPS classes. Dungeons are also more difficult than quests, and you will need more players in order to get through them.

For those who want to start a World of Warcraft adventure, it helps to know what level you should be. There are specific zones for each zone, and you should know which ones to tackle first to get the most experience for your money. By knowing which zones to tackle first, you will be able to level faster.

Chaos Dungeons

To play Chaos Dungeons, you need to be level 50 or higher. This can be done by completing the Ealyn’s Request quest in North Vern. After you have reached level 50, you can begin a quest chain and unlock a new dungeon. If you are not level 50 yet, you can grind late game dungeons and complete side quests to get to that level.

Before you can start doing the dungeons, you must have the following items. Chaos Dungeons are divided into Tiers. Each tier offers different rewards. In general, the higher the Tier, the better your rewards are. The higher the Tier, the more items you can obtain, such as weapons, armor, and upgrades. You can also sell certain items in the dungeons with the currency you earn during a run.

A good Sorceress has access to a huge number of AoE skills, which can deal incredible damage without moving much. In addition, she can also stack Crit and Swiftness on her accessories. It’s best to have a set of Accessories that is identical to your Class. A set of accessories with the same engraving will make it easier to clear the dungeons faster.

When entering a Chaos Dungeon, make sure to have enough Aura of Resonance to be able to get maximum loot. This will ensure that you receive the maximum amount of rewards from your first two runs.

WoW Basic Dungeon Ranges Listing

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Now, we have compiled a list of all WoW Basic Dungeons Ranges along with their minimum necessities. A Dungeon labeled both Horde and Alliance simply means that it is accessible to all factions.

You continue to have an choice to enter the Dungeon as an opposing faction, however it will be quite a bit tough and also you gained’t have quests related to the dungeon.

  • 13-18: Ragefire Chasm (Horde)
    • Minimum Degree: 8
  • 17-24: The Deadmines Alliance
    • Minimum Degree: 10
  • 17-24: Wailing Caverns
    • Minimum Degree: 10
  • 22-30: Shadowfang Preserve
    • Minimum Degree:
  • 24-31: The Stockade, Alliance
    • Minimum Degree: 15
  • 24-32: Blackfathom Deeps
    • Minimal Degree:
  • 29-38 Gnomeregan
    • Minimal Degree: 19
  • 29-38: Razorfen Kraul
    • Minimal Degree: 19
  • 29-36: The Scarlet Monastery – Graveyard
    • Minimum Degree: 21
  • 32-39: The Scarlet Monastery – Library
    • Minimum Degree: 21
  • 36-43: The Scarlet Monastery – Armory
    • Minimum Degree: 21
  • 38-45: The Scarlet Monastery – Cathedral
    • Minimum Degree: 21
  • 37-46: Razorfen Downs
    • Minimum Degree: 25
  • 41-51: Uldaman
    • Minimal degree: 30
  • 44-54: Zul’Farrak
    • Minimum Degree: 35
  • 46-55: Maraudon
    • Minimal degree: 35
  • 50-60: Temple of Atal’hakkar (The Sunken Temple)
    • Minimal degree: 35
  • 52-60: Blackrock Depths
    • Minimum Degree: 40
  • 55-60: Blackrock Spire
    • Minimum Degree: 45
      • 55-60: Reduce Blackrock Spire
      • 58-60: Higher Blackrock Spire (10 man Raid)
  • 56-60: Dire Maul
    • Minimum Degree: 45
  • 58-60 – Stratholme
    • Minimum Degree: 45
  • 58-60 – Scholomance
    • Minimum Degree: 45


You will need to be at least 60 in order to do all of these, but you also need to be well-equipped. If you happen to don’t have the precise gear for them, you may be getting stomped left and proper! The next WoW Basic ranges won’t be available in the first section.

  • 60: Onyxia’s Lair (40-man Raid)
    • Minimum Degree: 50
  • 60: Zul’Gurub (20-man Raid)
    • Minimum Degree: 60
  • 60: Molten Core (40-man Raid)
    • Minimal Degree:
  • 60: Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj (20-man Raid)
    • Minimum Degree: 60
  • 60: Blackwing Lair 40 man Raid
    • Minimum Degree: 60
  • 60: Temple of Ahn’Qiraj 40-man Raid
    • Minimum Degree: 60
  • 60: Naxxramas 40-man Raid
    • Minimum Degree: 60

Time required to complete a dungeon

Dungeons require five players to complete, with at least one tank and healer. You’ll also need at least three DPS to complete each dungeon. Dungeons are generally more difficult than quests, so you’ll need a team of five players if you want to succeed.

Dungeons are a great way to spice up your leveling. They can help break up the monotony of zone leveling and provide a big XP boost, as well as preparing you for raiding faster. Dungeons are also a great way to get gear.

Dungeons can be a great way to speed up your leveling, with nearly instant queue times for healers and tanks. Even if you’re not leveling as fast as you’d like, you can still reach level 50 in a short period of time, with the right strategy. In World of Warcraft, a good place to get a quick level 50 boost is the Shadowlands.

Chromie Time features a level range, with the same range for new dungeons as old dungeons. You’ll need to complete a set level in this alternate timeline before you can transfer back to the main timeline. The same is true for zones, but older dungeons are generally similar in structure. For example, you’ll find that the Burning Crusade and Warlords of Draenor zones feature monsters at levels 30 and 40.

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