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All Dying Light 2 Church Safe Codes & Locations

Dying Light 2 Church Safe Codes

The Dying Light 2 church safe codes are three digits long and are located near the safe. It is also located in the opposite corner of the room. Using the right Dying Light 2 church safe codes will help you open your safe and access your valuables. However, you must use the correct safe code, as incorrect codes may make you lose your valuables.

Dying Light 2 Church Safe Codes – 510

Dying Light 2 Church Safe Codes

If you’ve been unable to open the Dying Light 2 church safe, you can use this guide to open it. You’ll need to open the safe by entering the right code. You can find the safe in the church tower. The key to open it is 510. There are several places to find the safe in Dying Light 2, including the church, bar, and rooftop. Inside the safe, you’ll find wooden planks and archways.

Once you know the safe code, you can unlock the safe. You’ll need to use this combination to open it. This combination is found on the safe and on the note. It contains two C4 explosives. The code is also available in the bandit camp and downtown zone. Once you’ve entered this code, you can open the safe and proceed to the Biomarker. There are other safe codes you can use in Dying Light 2 and they are all similar.

The Dying Light 2 safe code is 510. It’s located in the Old Villedor Bazaar. It’s a hidden location that’s part of the quest The Only Way Out. It’s also linked to the order of operations. There’s a tape inside to unlock it. Using it is essential if you want to complete the quest The Only Way Out.

In the Bazaar, there’s a safe code behind the poster. It’s very easy to miss this because there are so many things to look at. But once you’ve found it, you’ll be rewarded with a collectible note that holds the key to the safe. Then, enter the code 510 and open the safe.

Aside from being useful for collecting rare items, the safe also holds special codes that can be useful in the game. Once you have obtained the code, you’ll be able to open the safe and get the inhibitor. This is essential for the next mission and can help you finish the game.

Dying Gentle 2 Protected Codes – All Places & Lock Mixtures

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How you can Open Safes in DL2? Listed here are all Dying Gentle 2 secure codes & areas:

  • Bazar Church Protected – 510 (Meet the individuals of the Bazaar quest)
  • The First Biomarker Aspect Quest – 973 (Saint Joseph Hospital)
  • Nightrunner’s Hideout Protected – 101 
  • Broadcast Quest – 314 (Garrison Electrical Station)
  • Downtown Bandit Camp – 313
  • Moonshine Quest  – 1492 (Horseshoe Water Tower)
  • Treasure Hunt Quest – 032167 (maintain map after Deserter quest)
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Dying Gentle 2 Bazaar Church Protected Code

This secure is positioned in a Church tower in Previous Villedor Bazaar. You’ll be able to stand up there through the use of one of many stall rooftops. Be sure to have excessive stamina to achieve the highest. The clue to the secure shall be “5×100+15-5”. So the reply to this Dying Gentle 2 Protected Codes Bazaar Church Protected is “510”.

First Biomarker Aspect Quest Protected Code

The clue to this secure contained in the Saint Joseph Hospital shall be a set of three riddles (a observe from DR. Katsumi), which corresponds to every digit within the secure code. Listed here are the riddles:

  1. What turns into smaller if you flip it the wrong way up?
  2. An odd quantity – take away a letter and it turns into even
  3. Somewhat woman goes to the shop and buys one dozen eggs. As she goes house, all however three eggs break. What number of eggs are left unbroken?

The reply to every of those riddles are:

  1. 9
  2. 7
  3. 3

So the reply to the Saint Joseph Hospital secure in Dying Gentle 2 which could be accessed throughout the “The First Biomarker Aspect Quest” is 973.

Nightrunner’s Hideout Protected Code

Nightrunner’s Hideout is positioned in Houndfield. You’ll be able to find it simply above Cherry Windmill in your recreation map. Nightrunner’s Hideout is positioned in Houndfield. You’ll be able to find it simply above Cherry Windmill in your recreation map. When you enter by way of the entrance door, discover the room with the secure in it. Transfer the cupboard on the left aspect of the secure.

You will discover a brand new room with a generator in it. Begin the generator to get this home as your SafeZone. This may be the primary Protected Zone you unlock within the recreation relying in your gameplay. There’s a container additionally inside this room. Open the container to seek out the Nightrunner handwritten observe. So the code mixture to this secure is 101.  Open it to gather an Inhibitor.

Garrison Electrical Station Protected Code (Broadcast Quest)

The secure is contained in the Garrison Electrical Station, which you’ll go to throughout the Broadcast quest. There is part of the constructing referred to as part C. To achieve right here, when you enter the constructing, first use the facility cable AB to open terminal A. Work together with the button to unlock the door. Use the facility cable AB to open terminal B now. Go contained in the constructing, discover cable 1C and join it to terminal C. This unlocks gate C.

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You will discover a observe with the secure clue. The observe says “Approximate variety of pi…”. The approximate worth of Pi is 3.14. So Dying Gentle 2 Garrison Electrical Station secure code is 314. You’ll be able to gather an inhibitor from this secure.

Downtown Bandit Camp

When you full nearly 35% of the marketing campaign or get entry to the Central Loop, you’ll find and clear the bandit camp within the Downtown zone. Now you possibly can discover the world to discover a secure. You will discover one other inhibitor from this secure. The secure code is 313. The room is straightforward to identify within the constructing with open home windows and a yellow pole inside (from the place you look). Protected shall be inside this room.

Horseshoe Water Tower Protected Code (Moonshine Quest)

You’ll be able to go to this location as a part of exploring the map, or you possibly can go to it as a part of the “Moonshine” quest. This quest shall be solely out there after speaking to Jack within the “Welcome On Board” quest. Additionally, you’ll want to spare each Jack and Joe within the “Water Tower” quest.

You’ll study that Jack and Joe are locked within the Foremost Terminal Station jail cell. Discuss to them the place they let you know alcohol deprivation was turning into insufferable for them in that place”. So that you’s targets are “Get Cillian’s Moonshine From the Water Tower” & “Convey Cillian’s Moonshine to Jack & Joe”.

So you’ll want to go to the marked location in your map and gather their Moonshine from a secure. It could have been cool if we already acquired the codes, however anyway we at all times have the assistance of secure clue notes and riddles to information us. So go to the situation, unlock the door and discover the secure. And as mission data states “The code of the secure the place the moonshine is hidden within the yr of discovering America”. Christopher Columbus sailed on his ship Santa Maria and landed on American soil in 1492. So the reply & mixture to Dying Gentle 2 Horseshoe Water Tower Protected Code in Moonshine quest is 14-9-2.

Dying Gentle 2 Treasure Hunt Quest Protected Code

In the event you determine to carry on to the map throughout the “The Deserter” quest, the hunt “Treasure Hunt” will begin instantly. Bert believes the clue decoding the message shall be hidden within the ship’s library, because the mission data states. So go to the library and discuss to Bart. There shall be an open e-book on the spherical desk. Learn it, then a observe will seem close to it with the encrypted message.

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Treasure Hunt Cipher

Utilizing the hooked up observe now you possibly can unlock the clue. Right here’s the clue:


Treasure Hunt Cipher Protected Clue Reply

Utilizing the cipher decoding clue for every letter as proven within the observe, the ultimate outcome shall be:


So now you’ll want to go to the “Water Tower” positioned in “Muddy Grounds”. As soon as inside, to the flooded basement by leaping into the water. You will discover the secure right here. In order the clue states, the Treasure Hunt Quest Protected Code in Dying Gentle 2 is 032167. Use the secure mixture as 03-21-67. It is possible for you to to gather two C4 explosives from this secure.


If you want to open a Dying Light 2 church safe, you have to know the combination for the safe. It is located in the basement of the Muddy Grounds. To access this safe, you need to go into the flooded basement. When you arrive, you will find a note in which you have to put the combination of the safe. The combination is 973.

After you have entered the code, you will be prompted with a map and the note containing the code. Use this map to find the safe and decode the message. Once you have opened it, you can loot valuable items from the inside. In the meantime, you can also use Dying Light 2 safe codes to advance in the game.

In Dying Light 2 you will find many safes to open. Some of them contain valuable loot like Inhibitors or crafting gear. You’ll want to find the ones you’re after as fast as you can. These safes will be located throughout the game. The good news is that they don’t change after you save your game. The bad news is that it may take a while to find the code to open the safe, so you may want to get a head start on unlocking these places.

Luckily, Dying Light 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series XS. There’s a huge variety of safe codes you can use to unlock valuable items. Just make sure you use the right code to unlock your safe and keep your inventory safe!

Safe codes are essential to unlock new areas in Dying Light 2. In order to access the safes, you need to find different items with different numbers on them. You can get safe codes by exploring the game world and completing quests. Once you’ve discovered all the safe codes, you can use them to unlock special items.

There are different ways to open the church safe in Dying Light 2 and find all the treasures. One way is to find a hidden cargo container near the river. This safe contains a note inside that details what the code is for. The code is a reference to the ending of World War 2. In this case, the code represents Victory in Europe Day, which was August 5th, 1945.

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