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Dying Light 2 Quiz Answers

Dying Light 2 Quizzes

In Dying Light 2, you can get rewards for answering the game’s Dying Light 2 Quiz Answers. For instance, if you take the “Infected Intelligence Quiz”, you will receive the Gravedigger axe and “The Goon” King of Spades Infected playing card. There are many ways to complete the quizzes.

Infected Intelligence sidequest

Dying Light 2 Quiz Answers

Infected Intelligence is a side quest in Dying Light 2 that will give you a chance to earn rewards. This quest involves talking to Z and answering questions about the different types of Infected. If you answer incorrectly, your mission will be locked and you will have to come back later with more information. Luckily, there is a way to fix this by simply going to sleep.

Infected Intelligence is a side quest in Dying Light 2. If you complete it, you’ll receive a new weapon and an Infected Playing Card. This quest will require you to learn the different types of infected, including the ones who can survive without human contact.


In Dying Light 2, you can test your knowledge by taking a quiz. The game offers four questions in all. Some are trick questions, and some require precise answers. The right answers will earn you rewards. If you have completed a quiz, you can unlock new content for the game.

The first question in the quiz focuses on the types of infected you encounter in the game. The correct answers to this question are “of course” and “of course.” The second question asks you to identify the different kinds of infected. The first question asks about bolter infestations, which are the ones that emit a toxic mist around other monsters. Some players have even discovered that bolters can raise the dead.

Persons of Interest

The Persons of Interest Quiz is a side mission in Dying Light 2 which requires you to collect information on the people of Villedor. The mission is given to you by The Herald in north Garrison and requires you to answer four questions about Villedor residents. If you have the right answers, the quest will end. However, if you’ve answered incorrectly, it will end abruptly.

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If you’ve been unable to find this quest, don’t worry. It is possible to complete it in a few ways. If you’re a Peacekeeper, you can complete it in the Peacekeepers district. This way, you’ll be rewarded with an artifact from the Catacombs and 400 Old World Money.

Persons of Interest Quiz

The Persons of Interest Quiz is a side quest in Dying Light 2 that requires you to solve a series of questions to reveal more about the residents of Villedor. The quiz is an optional side quest that will unlock after you complete the game’s main missions. By answering the questions correctly, you can proceed to the next mission. However, if you make a mistake, the Persons of Interest Quiz will end abruptly.

This Persons of Interest Quiz is one of the more important ones in the game. In it, you will need to answer questions pertaining to the various types of infected. The first question asks you to identify the various infected. You must answer the question correctly or your mission will be locked and you will have to return with more knowledge. If you get the wrong answer, you can fix the mission by resting, which will allow you to continue playing.

All Quiz Solutions in Dying Gentle 2

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Let’s begin with the Contaminated Intelligence quiz. It’s a aspect quest that entails Mr. Z as he asks you about several types of Contaminated. He’ll ask you to assist him out in his analysis on the Contaminated. To start out with the quiz, reply Certain. Listed below are all the appropriate solutions to the next questions requested.

Contaminated Intelligence Quiz Proper Solutions

#Q1: Have you ever encountered the kind that may leap increased than others?
A: The proper reply is Banshee.

#Q2: Furthermore when retreating it leaves tracks behind, have you learnt which contaminated I’m referring to?
A: The proper reply is Bolter.

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#Q3: It creates a poisonous mist round different monsters and a few survivors imagine it resurrects the lifeless. Does that ring any bells?
A: Revenant.

#This autumn: And which sort of contaminated would you say has probably the most explosive mood?
A: Suicider.

Now that you’ve got answered all of them accurately, let’s get on to rewards. Mr. Z will reward you with a singular one-hand axe crafted by him, referred to as Gravedigger together with a enjoying card referred to as Goon. Scroll until the top to search out out the appropriate solutions to all quizzes in DL 2.

Goats Galore Quiz Proper Solutions in Dying Gentle 2

Goats Galore Quiz is a aspect quest that features Kano that may be discovered on the Pumpkin farm. He’ll ask and take a look at out your information of goats. Listed below are the appropriate solutions to the quiz in Goats Galore aspect quest:

#Q1: Which kind of Contaminated are goats most afraid of?
A: It is a tough query and you possibly can reply both of the three choices. The three choices are Revenant, Howler, Bolter, and selecting any of them will will let you proceed within the quiz.

#Q2: So, what does G.O.A.T imply?
A: Goats Personal All Territories.

#Q3: How lengthy does the typical home goat dwell?
A: 12-15 years.

#This autumn: What number of goats are there within the Villedor crest?
A: Two.

#Q5: I discussed {that a} goat has 4 stomachs. Are you aware what they assist to digest?
A: Grass and hay.

#Q6: Rectangular pupils are one of the vital attention-grabbing traits of goats. However what function do they serve?
A: Vast-angle imaginative and prescient.

#Q7: Why goats and never cows?
A: Goats are smaller.

When you reply all of those questions efficiently, you may be rewarded with 400 Outdated world cash.

Individuals of Curiosity Quiz Proper Solutions in DL 2

Earlier than you begin with the quiz, assign the Garrison Electrical stations to Survivors. Head over to Herald who will likely be out there on the pumpkin farm. He could have a small speak about his previous life and ask you to reply his 4 questions. Select Okay Advantageous to start the quiz. Listed below are the appropriate solutions:

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#Q1: Who’s the shadowy determine that pulls the strings in Bazaar?
A: Dodger.

#Q2: A reasonably comely lady works on the library. However I, Herald the knower of an amazing many issues, can’t recall her identify. Are you aware her?
A: Thalia.

#Q3: The point out of 1 particular person tends to set off her. Are you aware who it’s?
A: Her father.

#This autumn: Driscoll from the Carriers Guild has acquired an attention-grabbing nickname. Are you aware it?
A: Professor.

The Herald will reward you with a Villedor Newscast artifact that has a brief recording of the VNC. Together with the artifact, additionally, you will get a reward of 200 Outdated World Cash.

Historical past Quiz Proper Solutions

Historical past Quiz is a aspect quest that entails Jax. He’ll ask you questions in regards to the historical past of the Harran virus and the Villedor area. Listed below are the appropriate solutions to decide on:

#Q1: What occasion went down within the historical past as Black Monday?
A: The chemical bombings of 2025.

#Q2: Let’s focus on the March Bloodbath. You recall what occurred on that day?
A: The military killed 64 civilians protesting towards the weapons confiscation.

#Q3: Do you bear in mind when the Harran occasions occurred?
A: Spring 2014.

After you efficiently reply all of the questions accurately, Jax will reward you with an artifact of the Catacombs. Additionally, you will be rewarded with 400 Outdated World Cash.

Persons of Interest sidequest

The Persons of Interest Quiz is a side quest in Dying Light 2 where you’ll need to answer a number of questions about the residents of Villedor. The quiz can be completed once the player has completed the Garrison Electrical Station and the ‘Teak’ Windmill. It will also give you a chance to earn rewards by answering correctly.

There are several different Persons of Interest quiz questions that will have you wondering which characters in the game are involved in each one. For instance, which are the Peacekeepers? These are the people who live in the Peacekeepers district and are the most likely to be involved in the events of the game. You can also find Easter eggs in the game by answering some of these questions.

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