DZSA Launcher : Update! Download & Install Guide

DZSA Launcher : Update! Download & Install Guide

DZSA Launcher – How to Install Mods on DayZ Standalone Servers

DZSA Launcher is an unofficial tool designed to help you manage your mods. It will help you connect to modded servers and automatically download the addons you need. To install DZSA Launcher, you must be an administrator. Click on “Settings” and then click on “Install.” You will be asked to give the program admin permissions. You can also choose the location of your program shortcut, which will be on your desktop.


If you’ve used the DZSA Launcher on your computer, you’re probably wondering how to get rid of the program. The launcher is a third-party application that connects to modded servers and manages your mods. It automatically downloads add-ons from your favorite mods. Installing this app is simple. You can either download the desktop shortcut or download it from Steam. Once installed, it will be accessible from your desktop, but you’ll have to restart your computer for it to take effect.

There are a few reasons why this might happen, ranging from an installation problem to a virus infection. If you’re having trouble with the DZSA Launcher, here are a few steps you can take. First, make sure that you are running the game through Steam. This is safer than downloading the DZSA Launcher from a third-party website. To ensure the safety of your system, you’ll want to follow the directions carefully, and use the “repair” option if you find that the problem persists.

Another way to fix the DZSA Not Working issue is to uninstall DZSA. Although DZSA is not an official launcher for DayZ Standalone, it is widely used and can fix a range of DayZ standalone problems. The main benefit of this launcher is the ability to manage add-ons. DayZSA is not an official launcher, but it is a great alternative for modders.


Image 282 Dzsa Launcher
dzsa launcher

If you encounter problems with DZSA Launcher, you can try to reinstall it again. DZSA Launcher is a third-party unofficial mod that helps you connect to the game’s servers. Using it is easy. Just run it and enter the name of the game that isn’t working. You can also change the name of the game if you wish. It is important that you choose the correct name so that the program can connect to the right server.

If you are experiencing an error message when starting DayZ Standalone, reinstalling DZSA Launcher can fix the problem. To reinstall DZSA Launcher, first, you need to uninstall it. Click the ‘X’ button on the launcher and go to the Control Panel. Next, search for DZSA Launcher and click ‘Uninstall’. This should fix the error.

DayZSA Launcher is an unofficial third-party mod for the popular game DayZ. It helps players connect to modded servers and manage their mods. It also automatically downloads mods when players join modded servers. While this unofficial launcher is not the official version of the DayZ standalone server, it is highly recommended for modded players. However, you must have admin permissions to install DZSA Launcher. Moreover, you must have the shortcut to the DZSA Launcher program in your computer to install it on your PC.

DZSA Launcher Download 2022 >>

Dzsa Launcher
dzsa launcher

To get DZSA Launcher, please visit the official site to avoid any problems.

Official DZSA Launcher Page

DZSA Launcher Install Guide >>

Here’s the complete DZSA Launcher Installation process 

  • First, go to the DZSA Launcher site
  • Click on the Download button and locate the bottom of Dayzsalauncher screen
  • Next, open the file you have downloaded (Click yes if it asks).
  • Choose the folder that you wish to modify. If not, click Next.
Dzsa Launcher Install
dzsa launcher
  • Once you are at the next window, click on Next.
  • Next, we recommend that you create an icon for your desktop. Also, make sure the box is checked in the next window.
Dzsa Launcher Install
dzsa launcher
  • Finally, it’s done now you do wait for the installer to finish its work.

DZSA Launcher Set-Up & Use >>

It’s really simple to set up & use the Launcher. DZSA Launcher must be started. Next, enter the name of your game (you can modify it at any time from Settings). Finally, search for the modded server and join it.

The Launcher does its magic by downloading all mods from the selected modded server.

Here’s a Youtube tutorial that may also be helpful.

Launcher Command Line Parameters >>

  • password –Password to prevent unauthorized downloads (should match DayZ server password).
  • ignoremod –If you want mods that the mod server will ignore, make sure to use the exact path/name in the mod parameter. (ex. [email protected];@joinmod2)
  • dayzserver – Specify the DayZ server file (use if you’ve changed the name of the DayZ server file)
  • port –DayZ Game Server Port.
  • ip – Please enter the IP address where you want to listen
  • mod –Loaded mods available on the server. (ex. [email protected]; @modjoin2; @servermodjoin1; @servermodjoin2)
  • skipserver – DayZ server skip loading

DZSA Launcher Not Working Issue Fix >>

These steps will help you solve the DZSA launcher problem.

Re-install the DZSALauncher >>

DZSA, as we all know, is an unofficial launcher for DayZ. It is quite common for gamers to encounter bugs and glitches while using DZSA.

DZSA Not working Issue on PC? Then uninstall the launcher, and then download it again to continue using Dayz Standalone. Below are the steps you need to follow to remove the launcher from your laptop or PC.

  • To close the launcher, first hit the (X) button at the top-right corner.
  • Go to Settings, then click Add Or Remove Programs.
  • Click on the Search button and type DZSALauncher. Then click on the Uninstall Button below.
dzsa launcher

After you have uninstalled DZSALauncher, go back to your browser. Next, download DZSA Launcher from the official website. After the download is complete, install DayZ Standalone. Check if you get an error.

Launch DZSA Launcher From Steam >>

Dzsa Launcher From Steam
dzsa launcher

To avoid any bugs or issues, we recommend using the official mod version. Here are the steps to launch DayZ Standalone on Steam with no issues.

  • Open Steam on your PC or laptop first.
  • Search DayZ Standalone in Your Library.
  • Once you’ve found it, click on “Play” to play the game.
  • After clicking on the Play button, a new window will open. Click on the Servers left side menu and then click on Community tab.
  • Search for the server that you wish to join and click the Join button to begin the game.

Final Words >>

We hope you enjoy the DZSALauncher Guide. This post covers how to download and install DZSALauncher, and how to fix DZSALauncher not functioning issues.

Installing mods

If you’re wondering how to install mods on your DayZ Standalone server, there are a few steps you can take. First, you need to download the DZSA Launcher. You can do this by visiting the Steam page for DayZ, or you can use the desktop shortcut. In the “Download” section, you’ll see a link to download it. Then, click “Install Mods” and follow the instructions.

To install the DayZSA Launcher, you need to have admin rights. Once you have those, you can use it to connect to modded servers. You must run the software in administrator mode and create a shortcut to its folder on the desktop. Once installed, the Launcher will automatically download required mods whenever you join a modded server. You must also ensure that your Steam is running. This launcher is not an official launcher, but it is very useful for modders.

Another common issue reported by users is that they are not able to install mods with the DZSA Launcher on Windows. In such cases, the client will either be unresponsive or not receive any downloads. Luckily, this issue only affects a few people and can’t occur on every PC. While the issue isn’t widespread, it’s important to note that this problem is not a result of a specific Windows version. Users have experienced the issue on Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 7.

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