How to Improve Accuracy in Efaunt Idleon

Efaunt Idleon

If you want to level efaunt idleon to a high level, you will have to work with a lot of patience and grind out your stats to get the highest possible score. That’s okay because there are other ways to level up this class too. In this article, you’ll learn some methods to improve your accuracy. In addition to these methods, you’ll also learn about some statues and bosses that give you a boost in accuracy.

Class: efaunt idleon

The Efaunt is one of the best classes to play in Idleon. The character’s accuracy is greatly boosted by equipment. Almost every item in the game gives secondary stats, and the only item that directly provides accuracy is the Frisbee Ring. This item is obtained from the Frisbee Fanatic quest from Sprout in the Base of the Bark map. However, you will need to search for Wood Mushrooms, which drop in only one in a hundred thousand.

Methods to increase accuracy

There are several ways to improve the accuracy of your Efaunt Idleon. While accuracy numbers are not required until later in the World of Warcraft (W2), they are extremely helpful. There are two main ways to increase your accuracy with Efaunt Idleon: increasing AGI and increasing STR. These methods are effective, but will cost you more points.

Efaunt Idleon

Firstly, you can invest in equipment and stat boosts. Accuracy can be increased by equipping various items and consuming them. Accuracy increases the chance for your attacks to hit enemies. However, you must remember to balance the accuracy of your Efaunt with the damage it does. This way, your accuracy will be more useful compared to its damage output. Listed below are some options to improve your Efaunt Idleon’s accuracy.

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Statues that provide accuracy

efaunt idleon

In the game, you can farm various items to increase the accuracy stat of your efaunt. These items include Walking Sticks, Nuttos, and Wood Mushrooms. You can also boost the accuracy of your efaunt’s stats by leveling up the Alchemy skill. Alchemy is one of the powerhouse mechanics in Idleon, and you can get a consistent boost in this stat by consistently upgrading your cauldrons and vials.

Bosses that provide accuracy

In this guide, we’ll go over the details behind accuracy, from basic mechanics to advanced mechanics. We’ll also discuss monsters’ accuracy requirements and the ways to increase their accuracy. This way, you can maximize your accuracy while still enjoying cost efficiency. So let’s get started! Read on! You’ll be surprised at the results! Hopefully, this guide will help you get the most accuracy out of your characters, too!


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