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Elden Ring Controller Not Working Solution 2023

Elden Ring Controller Not Working?

If your Elden Ring Controller Not Working, you may need to troubleshoot your Bluetooth device. You can do this by visiting the Steam settings and selecting the Controller category. Then, you can choose to Enable Steam Input or Disable Steam Input. If this doesn’t fix the problem, you can try disabling Steam’s settings.

Fixing Elden Ring controller not working

If you’re having trouble with the Elden Ring controller, it’s important to check a few things first. First, make sure your PC supports controller support. If it doesn’t, you can disable the Steam Overlay feature, and then open the properties of your Elden Ring game.

If the problem still persists, you may be stuck in a “sticky” situation. In that case, you can try using a controller. You can also try a different controller, or use a keyboard and mouse. This will work until a permanent fix is released by FromSoftware.

After that, you can enable the steam input for the Elden Ring. Once this is enabled, restart the PC to apply the settings. Now, you should be able to play games with the Elden Ring. To do so, navigate to the Steam Library and choose the Elden Ring.

Troubleshooting Bluetooth devices

Elden Ring Controller Not Working

Occasionally the Elden Ring controller won’t work at all. This can be caused by a number of different reasons. One common reason is an outdated Bluetooth driver. Another possible cause is a corrupt game file. Luckily, there are several easy fixes available.

First of all, check the drivers. Ensure that the drivers are compatible with the version of the game you’re playing. Some drivers are not compatible with the Elden Ring controller. If you’re unsure, check the manufacturer’s website to see if the controller is compatible with your PC. Alternatively, try another version of the game.

The controller is compatible with other games, which makes it an easy choice if you’re having trouble using the PC version. However, some users have reported having problems using the controller in the PC version. While there’s a potential fix coming out, until then, you’ll have to resort to using a keyboard and mouse to play the game.

Another potential cause of the controller not working on PC is the Steam Overlay feature. This feature interferes with the game’s connections, so you should disable it. Try relaunching Elden Ring. If the controller works for other games, try patching the game. This should fix the problem. If not, it might be necessary to reinstall the game. If you’re using the PC version, you might have to reinstall it to solve this issue.

Elden Ring Controller Not Working Steam (Fix)

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Here’s how to fix the controller not working in Elden Ring Steam:

  1. Quit Elden Ring & all running steam processes
  2. Now, start your Steam client again
  3. Click on “View”
  4. Click on now “Big Picture Mode”
  5. Select “Controller Settings”
  6. Allow “Xbox Configuration Support”
  7. Enable it! “Generic Gamepad Configuration Support”
  8. Go back to the normal Steam Client
  9. Click here “Library”
  10. Right click now “Elden Ring”
  11. Select “Properties”
  12. Click here “Controller”Tab
  13. Find “Override for Elden Ring”
  14. Click on “Enable Steam Input”Dropdown
  15. Here is where your controller should be found
  16. Make sure it is “Enabled”
  17. Disable Nvidia & Steam Overlays
  18. Unplug Key
  19. Restart Steam and launch “Elden Ring”

If you still have trouble, follow these steps:

  • Unplug other controllers & unused USB dongles
  • Start “Task Manager”
  • Force Close All Other Controller Software
  • Start Steam and Launch Elden Ring

How to Fix Ps4 & Ps5 Elden Ring Controller Not Working?

Here’s how to fix the Elden Ring Controller Not Working:

  • You will need DS4Windows to be able to play FH5 with a PS4 or PS5 Controller.
  • Visit the Github link ryochan7.github.ioClick on the green Download Now button and download the zip file.
  • Don’t forget to Take a look at the system requirements for the same and if your PC matches it. You can find links to download Microsoft.NET 5.0 on the github site.
  • These files can be downloaded and installed.
  • After the download is finished, Locate it in your folder.
  • Create a new folder on your desktop and paste the file inside it.
  • Extract the zip file within that folder.
  • Click on the links to open the extracted files Application of DS4Windows.
  • Visit the Settings tab in DS4Windows and tick “Hide DS4 Controller”.
  • Now, you can connect your PS4/PS5 controller.
  • Go to Device Manager > Human Interface Devices > Click on the controller option and right-click it > Enable Device.
  • Do this if the PC does not detect your controller right away.
  • After all of these steps, launch Elden Ring with the DS4Windows running.
  • Alt + Tab into the DS4Windows pop-up untick the “Hide DS4 Controller” option.
  • In case your controller gets disconnected, tick the Hide DS4 Controller option untick it again.
  • Sometimes, you may have to even do the entire process yourself. “Enable Device”One more time to have the controller detected.

Disabling Steam settings

If you’re experiencing controller problems in Elden Ring, you may be able to fix the issue by disabling Steam settings. You can do this from Steam’s Big Picture mode, which is highlighted by a white icon. Then, go to your Library and choose the Elden Ring game. In the Manage Game option, you can find the Controller Settings section. Here, you can disable the Steam overlay and enable the controller’s USB connection. If this still doesn’t fix the problem, you can try reinstalling the Elden Ring game, or try patching the game.

If you’re still experiencing FPS issues, you may need to re-enable the Steam overlay. This can cause game performance issues, especially if the game is newly released. This feature allows the game to use less resources. It’s also possible that the Elden Ring’s Steam Overlay is causing performance issues. Disabling the Steam overlay may fix your game’s performance issues, but make sure that you disable it first.

In addition to disabling Steam settings, you should also try disabling the Xbox controller settings. This can fix the problem with controllers in Elden Ring on PC.

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