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Elden Ring Early Bleed Weapon To Use in 2023? Helpful Guide

Early Bleed Weapon Build Guide For Borderlands 2

If you’re just starting out in the Elden Ring, you may be wondering whether or not you should try an Elden Ring Early Bleed Weapon build. Bleed weapons are a popular choice for both PvE and PvP builds, but they can be intimidating to new players. In this guide, we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different weapons, and help you select the right one for your playstyle.


The Hookclaws is a high-damage, long-ranged bleed weapon that feels nice in the hand and deals good damage. It can be obtained by defeating the Bloodhound Knight Darriwil in the area around the Bridge of Sacrifice. Its damage increases with bleed status buildup, so it’s good for early-game bleed damage. It’s possible to get this weapon early, even without a high-level character.

Getting the Hookclaws is incredibly easy, but be careful, because they are extremely rare. If you find one, you’ll want to use it quickly! The Hookclaws will bleed if you die a lot. In addition to the Hookclaws, the Moonveil katana is also a great bleed weapon. Although you need to kill Magma Wyrm to obtain it, diehard fans can also find it by descending to Caelid.

Elden Ring Early Bleed Weapon

Reduvia dagger

The Reduvia dagger is a unique early-bleed weapon in Borderlands 2. It scales well with Dexterity and Arcane, and when used in conjunction with the Blood Blade Skill, can deliver serious damage. This skill allows you to unleash a barrage of bloody projectiles that do tremendous damage for relatively little FP cost. This weapon is the perfect choice for players who like to hit their targets quickly. This weapon can also help certain builds get through tough enemies.

The Reduvia dagger is a strong, fast weapon that works well for backstabbing enemies. It requires 13 Dexterity plus Magic and five Strength to use effectively. It is a good weapon to use early in the game, because it has a high attack speed and can inflict Blood Loss on your targets. You can even upgrade it with Ash of War to make it even better.


The Flamberge is a powerful early bleed weapon in the game. It is a greatsword that scales in dexterity and strength, and its unique skill allows players to get into a low stance and then execute a powerful upward attack. The Flamberge’s buildup of blood loss is 55.

This weapon is one of the early bleed weapons in the game, and can be obtained by defeating the Bloody Finger Nerijus. This weapon’s slashes can stack against enemies with long health bars, and it is a good starting weapon for a bleed build.

The Flamberge is a high-damage weapon in the game, but it is not a great choice for every character. If you are looking for a powerful weapon that’s easy to use on most enemies, you’ll want to choose a more versatile weapon. The Elden Ring is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Earliest Bleed Weapon to Use in Elden Ring

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These are the 2 weapons you could get very early within the sport.

  • Reduvia Dagger
    • The rationale that is first on this record as an alternative of Uchigatana is that it’s accessible early on to different lessons as effectively. We’ll get to that blade in a bit allow us to first discuss this.
    • This blade is greatest suited to be dual-wielded. Whereas its bodily injury won’t be the most important factor going for it, its bleed buildup is its major spotlight. To not point out that it scales with Dexterity so for a warrior this weapon may be thought of a godsend. Handle to get two of them and a few of the early bosses and enemies received’t be an issue for you.
    • Listed here are its stats:
      • Bodily injury: 79
      • Vital injury: 110
      • Bleed buildup: 50
    • It has the next scaling:
      • Energy: E
      • Dexterity: D
      • Arcane: D
    • To wield it you must have:
      • Energy: 5
      • Dexterity: 13
      • Arcane: 13
    • And lastly, it additionally will get a distinctive weapon ability referred to as Reduvia Blood Blade. This ability shoots an arc of blood in entrance of the person to assault the enemy. It makes use of 6 FP and can’t be charged.
    • Location: You will get it after defeating Bloody Finger Nerijus within the space between Agheel Lake and Murkwater Catacombs.
  • Uchigatana
    • The second earliest bleed weapon you could get is Uchigatana. You possibly can choose your beginning class as Samurai to get this weapon by default. Whenever you evaluate it to the Reduvia dagger, it has rather less bleed build-up. Nevertheless it makes up for it with increased bodily injury. Identical to Reduvia, you may as well dual-wield it.
    • Listed here are its stats:
      • Bodily injury: 115
      • Vital injury: 100
      • Bleed buildup: 45
    • It has the next scaling:
      • Energy: D
      • Dexterity: D
    • You possibly can wield it when you may have the next stats:
      • Energy: 11
      • Dexterity: 15
    • This blade will get the weapon ability Unsheathe. It sheathes the blade and makes your participant take a stance. You possibly can then select to do a light-weight assault that prices 10 FP or a heavy assault that prices 15 FP.
    • Location: Yow will discover it at Deathtouched Catacombs at Stormhill in Limgrave.

Morgott’s Cursed Sword

The Morgott’s Cursed Sword has a good combination of damage and range with a high bleed build-up stat. Because it scales off of the Arcane stat, it can produce bleed effects quickly. It also has a special skill called the Cursed-Blood Slice, which leaves a trail of blood that catches fire, hurting nearby enemies and furthering the bleed effect.

The Morgott’s Cursed Sword can be obtained in the Royal Capital of Leyndell by defeating Morgott. To upgrade this weapon, you need to use Somber Smithing Stones, which are obtained by defeating the boss. This item can only be upgraded once.

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