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How To Get Elden Ring Fat Armor in 2023? Helpful Guide

How to Get Fat Armor in Elden Ring

If you’re wondering How To Get Elden Ring Fat Armor, you’ve come to the right place. This guide covers a few ways to avoid getting fat on your character in Elden Ring. This means putting attribute points into Endurance, wearing lighter armor, and unequipping unneeded gear. You must use these methods properly, otherwise you’ll simply end up getting hit more often and not rolling fat.

Health pool

How To Get Elden Ring Fat Armor

If you’re looking for a quick way to get fat armor in Elden Ring, you’ll want to keep a few tips in mind. Firstly, you must remember that the maximum weight of your equipment is determined by your Endurance attribute. You can raise your Endurance by equipping items or by using runes that boost Endurance. This way, you’ll be able to carry heavier armor or weapons.

Next, you must understand that not all sets of armor are the same. There are some that confer stat bonuses and some that are weak to specific types of attacks. It is also essential to understand the weight of your armor, since it will influence how you move and how fast you’re able to run.

Character attributes

The Vagabond character in Elden Ring is one of the main character classes with armored abilities. He can wield a large shield and a longsword. However, his defensive protection comes with a heavy equipment load, and this can slow him down when rolling. Fortunately, the equipment load is easily removed.

The best Elden Ring armor is one that can offer you some breathing room during the toughest battles and boss encounters. While the Elden Ring game is full of combo attacks and status effects, the right type of protection is essential. To maximize your armor attributes, consider switching between different armor sets depending on the situation.

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If you’re wondering how to get fat armor in Elden Ring, there are a few ways to do so. In the first place, you can equip a Vagabond with longsword and big shield. Unfortunately, this armor is heavy and eats away at your rolling speed. You can remove this armor with some effort, but it’s worth noting that you’ll lose a lot of potential defensive protection from having a heavy load.

The best pieces of gear give you a bit of breathing room while fighting tough enemies or dueling a massive boss. In addition, they can help you avoid status effects and combo attacks. Since each piece of equipment has its own attributes, it’s important to choose the right piece for your build and situation.

Equipment load

The Equip Load value is found near the character’s stats. It is made up of two numbers: a weight and a total capacity. When choosing your equipment load, you need to consider the amount of stats you have and think about which pieces of equipment you should be wearing. You need to keep in mind that armor, weapons, talismans, and shields all contribute to your overall equip load.

The weight of your equipment is important because it affects your movement. The higher the Endurance attribute, the more you can wear. In Dark Souls, you can increase your equipment load by raising your Endurance and Vitality.


In Elden Ring, the Raging Wolf set is a free set of armor. This set was previously part of the Elden Ring closed network, but was removed from the release version. If you are looking for another set, you can get one from the D hunter. You can find him almost dead and take his armor without having to fight him.

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Fat armor is rare, so you may need to try different combinations. Choosing a set that works best for your character and gaming style is a good idea. Even if you don’t have an extraordinary set of armor, you can still do amazing things in Elden Ring if you choose the right combination.


If you’re looking to buy a set of fat armor in Elden Ring, a great set to consider is Lionel’s Set. The armor set has good stats and is easy to obtain. It also provides a good balance of defense and poise. It will allow you to swing your greatsword while maintaining good mobility. It is best for a brute force build, and you should consider getting it in the mid to late game.

When choosing your next piece of gear, pay close attention to its weight and defense stats. Weight percentages are important, as they will help determine your dodge roll speed. Also, consider the other equipment you’re wearing, as this will add to your equip load.

Easy methods to Get Lionel Armor in Elden Ring

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  • Head over to the Capital Rampart, the positioning of the Grace, and enter the constructing subsequent to you.
  • Take the elevators and head to the higher flooring as you enter the constructing. Then, head straight and climb the steps to exit.
  • Upon exiting, take a proper and enter the subsequent constructing. You’ll be able to relaxation on the East Capital Rampart, the positioning of the Grace to avoid wasting your location.
  • As you get down the steps, you’ll attain the Leyndell, Royal Capital’s area.
  • We have to head within the northwest route to achieve the Decrease Capital Church, the positioning of Grace.
  • So, take a left from the exit and head straight to take an elevator.
  • In your method, you’ll encounter a number of Oracle Envoys and a large Damaged statue spewing fireplace.
  • Cross via it and get down the steps to take an elevator. This elevator will take you down, once more.
  • Head straight and take a left to get down some stairs, once more.
  • Then, take a left and head in the proper route to get down the elevator, once more. You must head straight and take the proper to cross via a constructing.
  • As you exit the constructing, climb the ladders and you will note a Cathedral with a glowing Website of Grace.
  • You can see the Lionel’s Set and a Deathbed Costume on the mattress subsequent to the Grace.
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The Lionel’s set consists of the following gear:

  • Lionel Armor
  • Lionel’s Helm
  • Lionel Gauntlets
  • Lionel’s Greaves

The Lionel Armor permits gamers elevated protection and resistance in opposition to enemies. It weighs 21.2 and has 63 Immunity, 99 Robustness, 43 Focus, 50 Vitality, and 37 Poise stats.

Deathbed Dress

The Deathbed Dress is an item that is very useful for players who need to heal nearby allies. It is a chest piece that will heal allies nearby for two health every second. It can be found in the Lower Capital Church in Leyndell, the Royal Capital, and is found next to the corpse of a dead person. You will need to travel to this area in order to obtain this item.

Getting Deathbed Dress is fairly simple in Elden Ring, provided you are a female character. Female characters will look great in this dress when matched with a Fat Armor set. The Black Knife and Nox Monk sets also look nice on female characters. The Night Maiden armor set is another great choice for a female character. The Night Maiden armor set can be obtained by defeating Night Maiden enemies in Nokron or Nokstella. Most other Elden Ring armor sets will not look good on female characters.

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