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Elden Ring How To Get Rid Of Health Debuff? Easy Method In 2023

Elden Ring How To Get Rid Of Health Debuff?

Elden Ring How To Get Rid Of Health Debuff? In Elden Ring there is a great way to boost your health and heal your allies. Health debuffs show up under your health bar and are indicated by little icons. Thankfully, you can use the baldachin’s blessing and resting at the site of grace to remove them.


If you’ve noticed that your character is suffering from a health debuff, there are a few things that you can do in Elden Ring How To Get Rid Of Health Debuff. You can use Fia’s item, Baldachin’s Blessing, to alleviate the condition. This item gives your character a small boost in poise. The effect will last around 30 seconds before it wears off and you’ll be back to normal HP.

In exchange for a hug from Fia, you’ll receive the Baldachin’s Blessing, which will restore some health. This item is great for buffing your health and poise before a tough fight. It also removes the red square debuff.

Baldachin’s Blessing

Elden Ring How To Get Rid Of Health Debuff

The Elden Ring has a special item called Baldachin’s Blessing, which can be used to remove health debuffs. This item is important because it removes health debuffs from your character. You can also use it to increase your Poise and get rid of a health debuff after a hug. It is not a required item but is useful when you need that extra edge in an encounter.

This item will also grant you a boost to Poise, which is a base stat that determines how strong you are against attacks. By increasing your Poise, you will be able to block more enemy attacks and prevent them from interrupting your attacks. You can also increase your Poise by wearing more gear.

Roundtable Hold

Many Elden Ring players have wondered how to get rid of the health debuff that appears after hugging Fia. Luckily, there are a number of methods available. Fia is a Deathbed Companion NPC. When you hug her, she will grant you the Baldachin’s Blessing, removing the health debuff for a short time.

The first step is to visit the Roundtable Hold. It is located in the southwest corner of the map. You can travel to this area by selecting ‘Travel’ from the World Map. Once inside, you will need to levitate over the golden medallion icons. These are similar to Sites of Grace, and they will allow you to move freely.

Once inside, talk to Fia. She is an NPC that can be found in Elden Ring’s Roundtable Hold. Once you’re inside, she will grant you the Baldachin’s Blessing. This will raise your poise and make it harder for enemies to break your stance.

Roundtable Hold’s effect on health debuff

If you have the Roundtable Hold equipped, you will receive a health debuff in Elden Ring. The debuff is a five percent reduction in HP. To check its effect on your health, simply look for a red square with an arrow pointing downward. It will appear beneath your health bar.

This effect can be removed by using an item or waiting until it wears off. You can find this item on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series XS. For PlayStation 4, you can get it from Fia. If you’re using an Xbox One, you can get it from a shop that sells the Elden Ring.

The deathbed companion Fia gives you is a helpful companion, as she will help you to fight enemies and a boss. She will also grant you Baldachin’s Blessing, which is a temporary buff. While it costs FP, it increases your poise and makes it more difficult for your enemies to break your stance.

Elden Ring How To Get Rid Of Health Debuff(HP)?

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Right here’s tips on Elden Ring How To Get Rid Of Health Debuff(HP):

  1. So that you get the debuff in Elden Ring after the Fia hug
  2. Fia is the girl within the
  3. Her hug additionally offers you “Baldachin’s Blessing”
  4. Use “Baldachin’s Blessing” to take away the “Debuff”
  5. Baldachin’s Blessing makes use of FP for temp Poise enhance
  6. So use it earlier than combating any boss or mini-bosses
  7. To get extra Baldachin’s Blessing, hug and embrace Fia once more
  8. You possibly can hug the girl anytime, and get 1 Baldachin’s Blessing
  9. However Baldachin’s Blessing doesn’t stack
  10. So you possibly can solely maintain 1 Baldachin’s Blessing at a time
  11. You can even relaxation at any and cross time to take away the “Debuff”

Baldachin’s Blessing’s effect on health debuff

Baldachin’s Blessing is a consumable item that temporarily boosts your poise and removes the health debuff from your character. It also restores your health bar to maximum capacity. Once the effect wears off, you’re back to the normal state.

You may have noticed that after receiving a hug, you’ll be left with a red square and an arrow pointing downwards. This effect has no obvious cause, and you can’t find a cure in the Elden Ring Status screen. The most important way to counter the health debuff is to use this item to increase your Poise, which will allow you to withstand long attacks. While it’s not a necessity, it can give you an extra edge if you’re facing a particularly challenging encounter.

Baldachin’s Blessing has a very small effect on the health debuff, but it still does the trick. If you’re dealing with a health debuff, a Baldachin’s Blessing will help you remove it by 5%. However, this effect isn’t instant. It requires you to use it in the appropriate situation to remove the debuff.

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