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Elden Ring Katana : Top 8 All Locations

Elden Ring Katana – How to Get It in World of Warcraft

If you’ve been wanting to get an Elden Ring Katana, you’ve come to the right place! Here, we’re going to explain how to get it in WoW. The best way to obtain it is by killing NPC Yura, the Bloody Finger Hunter. This NPC is found in Limgrave, under rubble south of Agheel Lake. Complete his questline to get the weapon.

Nagakiba Katana

The Nagakiba Katana from Eldon Ring is a samurai sword with a high Blood Loss rating. It can be infused with Ashes of War and can also be used as a multi-hand weapon. It has the same Slash/Pierce Moveset as Ash of War and is equally effective for both one-handing and two-handed combat. The light attack combo consists of five forward slashes, while the heavy attack combo includes 2 ranged thrust attacks. This sword can also be used to execute a quick slash attack when sprinting or rolling into enemies.

The Nagakiba Katana is crafted from two pieces of Yura’s armor set, which you can equip and use as a secondary weapon in the Elden Ring. Yura can be found near the summon sign, located in the Second Church of Marika in Altus Plateau. It is located north of the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace. Once you have obtained the Nagakiba, you can use it to complete the Elden Ring questline.

Serpentbone Blade

The Serpentbone Blade for Elden Ring is a powerful mid-range katana that scales with Strength and Dexterity. This blade inflicts poison damage, which causes continuous damage over time and can be doubled for a period of time. It can be obtained through the Volcano Manor questline. The blade can be upgraded through various means.

To obtain the Serpentbone Blade for Elden Ring, players must complete the Volcano Manor questline. The first task is to kill the Enemy Tarnished, and after this, they must speak with Tanith. He will then issue orders to begin the NPC Invasions, and in return, will grant them access to the Serpentbone Blade. If you do the same in the next three days, you’ll be rewarded with the Serpentbone Blade.

Moonveil Katana

The Moonveil Katana is an impressive melee weapon in Elden Ring, scaling heavily with INT. Its unique special skill allows you to blend the use of a sword with magical attacks. It is recommended for a sorcery build, though it may not be necessary. Nevertheless, if you want a more versatile weapon, you should consider buying this one.

Obtaining the Moonveil Katana requires a level of 12 strength, 18 dexterity, and 23 intelligence. Its unique weapon art is one of its most attractive features, as it evokes both physical and magical damage. Here is how you can get one:

Elden Ring Katana

Rivers of Blood Katana

The Rivers of Blood Katana is a melee weapon that can be extremely useful when facing challenging bosses in Elden Ring. The skill can be used to swing the blade rapidly and strike nearby enemies, and requires 12 Strength, 20 Arcane, and 18 Dexterity. As a melee weapon, it is best suited for characters with decent Strength and Arcane stats.

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The Rivers of Blood Katana is an extremely powerful weapon in the Elden Ring, with massive damage and bleeding potential. Its visually striking appearance makes it a must-have for any bleed or dexterity player. It is available in the Steam version of the game. Once you have the ring, you’ll be able to get a great deal of extra gear, including a new weapon.

Best Elden Ring Katana >>

Katanas are great for fighting less dangerous opponents, but can also be very helpful in challenging in-game situations. Although there are many Elden Ring weapons available, the joy and charisma of a katana swinging about is not comparable to others.

While some may inflict more damage on their opponents, the thrill of cutting the opponent in half is unmatched. Elden Ring Katana’s battles are art and really amazing to look at, from the perspective of the viewer, and anyone who is pro into the art of a katana is an artist.

#8 Dragonscale Blade Katana >>

Dragonscale Blade

The Dragonscale Blade Katana, starting with 8 is the most powerful. It primarily scales with strength and dexterity. In order to become immortal, the Dragonscale Blade Katana was made of gravel stone scale.

The Dragonscale Blade Katana survived the death of the architects, but they never achieved their purpose. The Dragonscale Blade Katana is also dropped in the best lake rot by an in-game dragonkin soldier. It is a C or D grade and requires 20 to 12 dexterity, strength, and both.

The Dragonscale Blade can’t be enhanced with the Ashes of War but can be actually upgraded by somber smithing in-game stones. The Dragonscale Blade does not necessarily mean it is bad, despite it being number 8.

The Dragonscale Blade is actually only the second katana that begins as C-Grade in Dexterity. Furthermore, The Dragonscale Blade’s weapon skill is Ice Lightning Sword and it actually deals approx 100 critical damage and 110 physical damage.

#7 Nagakiba Katana >>

Nagakiba Katana

Elden Ring Katanas’ actual standards are so high, that a Nagakiba Katana ranks number 7. Due to its availability and impact, the Nagakiba Katana can be a wonderful katana for early game. This Nagakiba Elden Ring is a katana that focuses primarily on strength and dexterity. The blade is long enough to slice through your opponents in no time.

The Nagakiba, which is located by the NPC bloody finger Hunter Yura, is easy to find. It is fair to say that the Elden Ring Nagakiba Katana is the best choice for anyone who is in urgent need of a katana. Nagakiba Katana Grades C and D, and requires 22 and 18, respectively, in dexterity or strength.

According to legend, the Nagakiba katana featuring the Piercing Fang features is the signature weapon of Yura (the hunter of bloody hands). Its 115-pound physical attack is enough to make the Nagakiba Katana a more prominent weapon than the Dragonscale blade.

The best way to make good use of the Nagakiba Katana’s length in Elden Ring game is by keeping it in the character’s right hand and slashing the opponent whenever the best chance comes. The Nagakiba Katana is also easily upgraded with in-game smithing stone.

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#6 Hand of Malenia Katana >>

Hand of Malenia Katana

As the name says, the Hand of Malenia is Malenia’s Katana built in her in-game prosthetic arm. Players have claimed to have seen wings on the Hand of Malenia, a fear so well-known that it is now feared by many.

The Hand Of Malenia tells to not have ever tasted defeat and is resistant to rotting. You can either defeat Malenia the in-game warrior or draw the Hand of Malenia katana from Enia’s memory of rot.

The Hand of Malenia katana can’t be infused with Ashes of War but can be really upgraded by Somber smithing in-game stones. The Hand of Malenia Katana is also primarily geared towards strength and dexterity.

It’s a grade B or E, and requires 48 dexterity and 16 strength. Gamers can use the in-game waterfowl dancing skill when they attempt the Hand of Malenia. The Hand of Malenia katana can be used to defeat your opponents at the front with 269 physical attacks.

#5 Uchigatana Katana >>

Uchigatana Katana

There is no actual such thing as an underwhelming Elden Ring Katana and Uchigatana’s success tells you why. The Uchigatana Katana is the starting equipment for the samurai starter class. It can also be used by the in-game Samurai of Land of Reeds.

Its unique, single-edged curved good design causes blood loss in opponents. This gives us an advantage in the game and makes it easier to win. The Uchigatana Katana is capable of dealing critical and bodily damage of 100 and 110 respectively, and it has the Unsheathe weapon skill.

This Elden Ring Uchigatana Kakatana is designed to be used with strength and dexterity. The long-sharp knife is compatible with Ashes of battle, and can be upgraded using in-game Smithing Stones.

#4 Serpentbone Blade Katana >>

Serpentbone Blade Katana

The Serpentbone Blade Katana’s double-slash weapon skill makes it ideal for dealing a lot of damage to your enemies. Its blade is actually covered with serpent’s in-game venom, the Serpentbone Blade Katana is effective in dealing physical attack of 120.

The Serpentbone Blade Katana can be obtained as a reward to those who complete the 2nd letter quest in the game Volcano Manor. Inspired by a serpent’s bone, the Serpentbone Blade Katana is graded C and E and requires 22 and 11 dexterity and strength.

The Serpentbone blade is not compatible to Ashes of War, but can be upgraded using in-game Smithing Stones.

#3 Moonveil Katana >>

Moonveil Katana

Moonveil is an Elden Ring Early Game Katana. There are many good Katanas and their popularity is likely huge. The Moonveil’s physical attack is 87. It also deals 73 critical damage and magic damage of 100.

It can be found in Gael Tunnel, and dropped by an in-game Magma Wyrm. The Moonveil is primarily a measure of intelligence, strength, dexterity and intelligence and can be graded C, D and E.

Moonveil actually requires 18 intelligence, 12 strength and 12 dexterity. Moonveil can attack so fast that it emits a wave light. The Moonveil is equipped with in-game glintstone, which gives it incredible magical damage.

The Transient Moonlight Skill, which is superior to most in-game weapons skills, can be used to quickly slash enemies. The Moonveil cannot be used with Ashes of War, but it can be easily upgraded using in-game sombersmithing stones.

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#2 Meteoric Ore Blade Katana >>

Meteoric Ore Blade Katana

Undoubtedly, the Meteoric Ore Blade Katana ranks 2nd in Elden Ring. Meteoric Ore Blade Fan will always have different opinions about the ranking. But, this is what the Meteoric Ore Blade Katana actually deserves. While our views might change over time, we will still need The Meteoric Ore Blade Katana in order to make a strong case for the position.

The Meteoric Ore Blade Katana, which combines the weapon skill Gravitas with the magic, physical and critical damage of 72 and 112 and 100, is thought to be so effective that one slash can equal a falling meteor.

The Caelid Way point Ruins in-game contain this vicious Katana. It can be found inside a chest located under ground. Although the Meteoric Ore Blade Katana is easily upgraded with the sombersmithing stone, it cannot infuse any Ashes of War.

This fierce Meteoric Ore Blade Katana grade D, E and D. It requires 18, 14 and 15 for its primary scale, i.e. dexterity. Strength. Intelligence. The Meteoric Ore Blade, which is thought to be forged from meteoricore, may have been used to dispatch in-game life forms born of falling stars.

#1 Rivers of Blood Katana >>

Rivers of Blood Katana

A majority of gamers agree that Rivers of Blood Katana is the best in Elden Ring. This Tier S weapon is cursed for slaying opponents with brutality, leaving no man on the in-game battlefield.

Rivers of Blood Katana, the only Katana that has been introduced yet, scales primarily with Arcane and dexterity and strength. They can be graded D to D, D to E, and require arcane 20, 18 and 12 arcanes, strength, and dexterity.

Rivers of Blood Katana are dropped by NPC Bloody finger Okina. This actually spawns in the Eastern Region of Mountain Peaks of Giants. The Rivers of Blood can be quite malicious, but they also come with good weapon skills (e.g. The Corpse Piler is a hint at its ability to kill anyone and everyone on sight.

The Rivers of Blood also have critical damage of 100, and fire and physical attacks of 89. The red Katana can easily be upgraded using in-game Somber Smithing Stones, but, like other Katanas, cannot be infused with in-game Ashes of War.

Final Words >>

These are the Top Elden Ring Katanas. You can take what you read and put it into practice in your Elden Ring games. While the stats may shift and the best Elden Ring Katanas might change, at the moment the clear champion is still the Rivers of Blood Katana, followed by the in game Meteoric Ore Blade.

This Best Wishes! Elden Ring Katana guide. We welcome your comments and questions about Eldenring Katana.

Hand of Malenia

The Hand of Malenia in Elden Ring is a wicked weapon that you can obtain by defeating Malenia. It requires 16 Strength and 48 Dexterity to use. It has a range of 500 yards and is extremely effective at dealing multiple hits. You can use it on bosses or other enemies that are grouped together. This weapon is the best choice for grinding enemies, and can be obtained by beating the game’s hardest bosses.

The Hand of Malenia is a weapon that offers a variety of unique effects when used in battle. Its Waterfowl Dance weapon skill allows you to unleash a stunning flurry of graceful slashes that can be chained to deal massive damage. This weapon is particularly useful when facing Elden Ring NG+ races as the enemies are generally more challenging. However, be aware that Waterfowl Dance is only available to melee classes, and will not work on tank characters.

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