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25 New & Finest Elden Ring Memes From Reddit

25 Finest Elden Ring Memes

If you love the game Elden Ring memes, you’re not alone. FromSoftware is known for their quality games, and Elden Ring is no exception. The game is filled with creepy enemies, challenging bosses, and interesting lore. It can be quite difficult at times, and its many dangerous locations make for some funny Elden Ring memes.

Elden Ring’s aesthetic

The aesthetic of Elden Ring is quite different from that of its predecessor, Demon’s Souls. While they both feature a dragon and a poisoned swamp, these two games are radically different in other ways. While Elden Ring isn’t as difficult or as beautiful as its predecessor, it does have several similarities.

Elden Ring’s graphical style hints at inspiration from the lord of the Rings, a beloved fantasy franchise. Elden Ring’s aesthetic also reflects its inspiration, with a distinctly high fantasy aesthetic rather than the grim darkness of the Soulsborne games. The game’s lore is also surprisingly riveting.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PS4, and PS5. You can also play it on the PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series XS.

Character builds

Elden Ring Memes

In the Elden Ring, there are two main character builds: beginner and advanced. Beginner builds concentrate on items needed in the beginning of the game and target lower-level enemies. These builds can be upgraded later, and can be further customized with the Rebirth ability. Beginner builds are recommended for players who are just starting the game, while advanced builds are for players who have reached level 50 or higher. Advanced builds incorporate special weapons and can be quite challenging.

One of the most important considerations in determining character builds is to make sure that the attributes of the character remain consistent from early on to late game. Ideally, the attributes should stay consistent for at least twenty to thirty levels.


If you enjoy the open world action of games like Diablo, you will love the new open world combat of Weapons of the Elden Ring. The game also features the Soulsborne element, which adds another layer of fun and variety to the game. Players can invade other players’ forts and roam the Lands between. This game also features some of the best pvp weapons. The Eleonoras Poleblade and Seppuku-imbudded Godskin Peelers are two of the best.

The Moonveil has a high Dexterity stat, and is a good choice for high-level players looking for a high-damage weapon. It scales well with Dexterity and Int, and its unique Ash of War skill makes it especially useful for PvP. Katana enthusiasts can also consider the best Katanas in the Elden Ring.

Nerfing Moonveil

While Moonveil katana is a very popular weapon in the Elden Ring, some players are concerned that it may be nerfed in the future. However, players should not worry too much because they can still counter their opponent’s attacks if they want to.

Although the nerfing of Moonveil in the Elden Ring does reduce the damage done to an enemy’s Poise, it still remains one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Players can build their characters around this item, which is a rarity.

The Moonveil katana is a very powerful weapon that can wipe the floor with even the toughest bosses. Despite its recent nerf, the weapon remains one of the best in the Elden Ring. Players can acquire Moonveil katanas by killing the Magma Wyrm in Gael Tunnel, which drops a total of 7,500 Runes and a Dragon Heart.

Finest Elden Ring Memes from Reddit

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Right here We Go Once more

It took me 5 makes an attempt to truly attain him lol from Eldenring

Consumables Might Improve your Possibilities of Profitable

Noticed this on Twitter. I really feel attacked from Eldenring

Combat or Flight

“I don’t receives a commission sufficient for this shit” from Eldenring

Retains you on the Fringe of your Seat!

Occurs approach too usually from Eldenring

It do Be like that Generally

Discovering these purple objects from Eldenring

Put some Respec on my Title

Me after I reached stage 100 and going again to limgrave. from Eldenring

Elden Ring NG+ is One thing Else

Me on NG+ watching the mimic that I simply summoned performs the sport for me from Eldenring

Each Single Time

Occurred approach too usually.. from Eldenring

Stealth 101

Elden Ring Stealth™ from Eldenring

I’ll Take Every little thing, Thank You

After I spot my misplaced runes when combating Godrick. from Eldenring

You are able to do No matter it Takes to Kill the Boss

My pal and I arguing in circles over Elden ring every single day. (no pun meant) from Eldenring

Abort Mission

I didn’t need to discover that cave anyway from Eldenring

Save and Give up…Quick!

POV: you could have lots of runes and have by chance stumbled right into a boss battle from Eldenring

You Know what’s Coming!

When you’re forcefully dismounted in an open space from Eldenring

Some Messages are Useful, Some are Irritating

Right here is my Elden Meme from Eldenring

Watch out for Canine

Why is it all the time canine? from Eldenring

Who’s a Good Boi?

Keep in mind to take breaks from Elden Ring once in a while to do different stuff like strolling your canine! from Eldenring


My favorite message to this point from Eldenring

“Certainly I Received’t Take Harm”

Particularly on horseback from Eldenring

The Actual Boss Combat

My most embarrassing demise in a FromSoft sport thus far from Eldenring

Utter Chaos!

The Roundtable when i kill a random boss from Eldenring

“One Extra Time”

Rogier higher not be bored with pullin up from Eldenring

Synchronize Towers!

If Ubisoft developed Elden Ring from Eldenring

Should. Leap.

Mine tunnel expertise to this point from Eldenring

Love the Elden Ring Group for This

Alright, which considered one of you is that this? from Eldenring

The Magma Blade

If you’re a melee-oriented player, you’ll want to try using the Magma Blade. The unique curved sword is a powerful weapon that scales with Strength, Dexterity, and Faith. Those with higher Strength and Dexterity will benefit the most from this weapon, which has a high Fire damage effect. Magma Blade is a great weapon for melee-oriented players who want to deal a large amount of Fire damage.

The Magma Blade can be obtained in the Volcano Manor area, located east of the Altus Plateau region. It can be obtained by killing Man-Serpents in the area. Note that the drop rate is very random, so players should plan accordingly.

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