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190+ Elden Ring Names Of Characters Amazing Concepts

Elden Ring Names Of Characters Concepts

Elden Ring names of characters are derived from the author’s initials. Martin denies this is an intentional naming convention, but it would be hard to hide it if he did. The books’ cover even features the author’s name, so why would he hide it? The name convention has a purpose – to make characters relatable to the audience.


Elden Ring Names Of Characters

Despite the fact that he is not as popular as Godwyn or Miqeulla, Morgott is a great character who still wants to keep the family legacy. He is a wise and cunning demigod who watches over Erdtree. Although he may be the worst demigod in the series, he is still one of the best in the Omen Ring.

Morgott is an ominous figure. He has a tendency to lash out at his siblings, calling them traitors. He also says that the players are following in the footsteps of his siblings. In other words, they can become the Elden Lord. It is also interesting that Morgott uses a reference to fire as a metaphor for ambition.


The character Mohg has many unique traits. He heals 25% of his total health, has a trident augmented with Bloodflame, and sprouts wings on his back. He is also one of the strongest melee warriors in the game.

During his exile in the Deep Mines, Mohg made contact with an Outer God of blood, the Formless Mother. This encounter ignited his blood and created a powerful bloodflame magic. The Elden Ring was broken, but Mohg was able to escape confinement and claim the shard of the ring. He then quietly recruited followers from his underground headquarters.

During this phase, Mohg uses his wings. He possesses two notable attacks: a swooping attack and a plunging attack. The swooping attack deals heavy damage and has a delayed explosion. It is a good idea to dodge a swooping attack by strafing to the side. Mohg also adjusts his landing position so that he can catch rolls.


Malenia is a fictional character that can be found in the game Elden Ring. She was a demigod and an Empyrean who fought for control over the Great Runes with her siblings. Despite her physical and emotional limitations, she was a fierce warrior who rose to become an Elden Lord.

Malenia is a melee fighter that can also perform physical attacks. She has a low HP but is extremely mobile and can close gaps. She has high poise damage, and can also perform a series of rapid slashes. She can also delay the next slash for a short period of time. When she’s below 75% HP, Malenia unlocks the Waterfowl Dance attack, which deals a high amount of damage. The attack starts with a massive leap, and then dives toward the target with three spinning AoE slashes. This is an especially deadly attack for a tank build.

Malenia can use her sword to throw a flying sweep-thrust attack. This attack can be interrupted by player attacks, and it can cause a damaging DoT effect. In addition, she can perform a giant flower attack. This attack leaves a scarlet mist.


As a player of Elden Ring, you may be wondering why you might want to name your character Miquella. The character has a rich, complicated history and is the daughter of a powerful deity. While she isn’t actually present in the game, she is mentioned in various storylines and is worshipped as a god. This gives her an intriguing background and makes her a possible formidable boss.

One of the reasons that Elden Ring has such unique character names is that players can use them for different purposes. Firstly, they help the player understand the divine lineage. A character with G name is related to Godfrey, while another character with M name is related to Rennala and Marika.

190+ Elden Ring Character Names Concepts

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Scroll by way of all of those strategies that embody masculine and female names.

Elden Ring Male Character Title Concepts

  1. Ayduin
  2. Pharom
  3. Blonor
  4. Hagduin
  5. Ryul
  6. Morthil
  7. Ivaran
  8. Dyffros
  9. Zeno
  10. Wyninn
  11. Glarald
  12. Vaalyun
  13. Eladrin
  14. Leionin
  15. Satyr
  16. Triton
  17. Xander
  18. Camus
  19. Autar
  20. Seth
  21. Thor
  22. Ragnor
  23. Heinrik
  24. Blade
  25. Klark
  26. Grendel
  27. Aetemis
  28. Axel
  29. Romulus
  30. Zelgius
  31. Seifer
  32. Reyson
  33. Verdan
  34. Wilden
  35. Toross
  36. Ailen
  37. Ailwin
  38. Aywin
  39. Ivasaar
  40. Llewel
  41. Volodar
  42. Almar
  43. Elluin
  44. Beldroth
  45. Vulen
  46. Connak
  47. Feno
  48. Nyvorlas
  49. Luirlan
  50. Vuluin
  51. Alaion
  52. Scalanis
  53. Travaran
  54. Targen
  55. Aubron
  56. Elmar
  57. Galather
  58. Ilphas
  59. Elyon
  60. Folmer
  61. Tanatar
  62. Hagwin
  63. Kharis
  64. Anlyth
  65. Anfalen
  66. Halafarin
  67. Gorred
  68. Jordyn
  69. Elaith
  70. Cyran
  71. Rhistel
  72. Saleh
  73. Vuduin
  74. Vaeril
  75. Tolith
  76. Wulfric
  77. Adalbert
  78. Eadmod
  79. Luminous
  80. Acrid
  81. Infernal
  82. Yric
  83. Godwine
  84. Serene
  85. Aldwyn
  86. Godefrid
  87. Ceolbeald
  88. Wigmund
  89. Aedbald
  90. Cynred
  91. Eanulf
  92. Aelfric
  93. Baldhere
  94. Fordwin
  95. Gudram
  96. Teowulf
  97. Odalric
  98. Arnulf
  99. Godefrid
  100. Wulf

Elden Ring Feminine Title Concepts

Listed here are some extra strategies.

  1. Sylvis
  2. Syvis
  3. Erina
  4. Nephinae
  5. Phinara
  6. Delimira
  7. Ulesse
  8. Minuvae
  9. Amedee
  10. Thessalia
  11. Chalia
  12. Enania
  13. Malarue
  14. Aenwyn
  15. Meira
  16. Omylia
  17. Liluth
  18. Lymseia
  19. Thalia
  20. Rosania
  21. Gwynestri
  22. Arlayna
  23. Teriani
  24. Arryn
  25. Alessia
  26. Seldenna
  27. Qamara
  28. AShera
  29. Imryll
  30. Finnea
  31. Symania
  32. Siphanien
  33. Anerin
  34. Ithronel
  35. Lenna
  36. Thalia
  37. Sylia
  38. Elmyra
  39. Nueleth
  40. Sionia
  41. Llorva
  42. Faylin
  43. Rynna
  44. Ariawyn
  45. Lyra
  46. Ayla
  47. Tephysea
  48. Esiyae
  49. Alasse
  50. Philaurel
  51. Fyra
  52. Nimue
  53. Loreleia
  54. Rosanya
  55. Elphine
  56. Ecaris
  57. Esta
  58. Saphielle
  59. Allania
  60. Vionala
  61. Analise
  62. Zestra
  63. Elicia
  64. Kilyn
  65. Iltyrra
  66. Imra
  67. Valindra
  68. Thaciona
  69. Azariah
  70. Gweyir
  71. Fayeth
  72. Desielle
  73. Allisa
  74. Lyndia
  75. Eliyen
  76. Gaelia
  77. Cellica
  78. Neica
  79. Alanis
  80. Ferraine
  81. Thaciona
  82. Ysilda
  83. Verrona
  84. Elenaril
  85. Taenya
  86. Mythril
  87. Arlyna
  88. Gytha
  89. Hiltrude
  90. Osgyth
  91. Engelise
  92. Osthryd
  93. Baldith
  94. Cyneberg
  95. Edusa


Godrick is a character in the Elden Ring. He is a descendant of Godfrey, and is the ruler of Stormveil Castle. He is also a member of the Golden Lineage and has a dragon’s head grafted onto his arm. His knights wear armor with emblems of the golden lineage, and his soldiers wear armor adorned with the image of Serosh.

Godrick is a strong melee character, with several attacks utilizing storm-calling mechanisms. His Storm Stomp can cause a cyclone around him, causing projectiles to bounce off of it. He can also hurl two gusts of wind at his opponents, which knock them back and deal a fair amount of damage.

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