Elden Ring Patches – The Questline and Locations of the Elden Ring Patches

Elden Ring Patches

In this article, we’ll discuss the Questline and locations of the Elden Ring Patches, as well as methods for defeating them. The questline for this enemy is found in the Murkwater Cave. The patch also includes a handful of bug fixes and improvements. Here’s what you can expect from this update:

Questline of elden ring patches

One of the main features of FromSoftware’s Elden Ring is the recurring NPC character known as Patches. This character generally plays the role of a betrayer or a liar. In addition to acting as a vendor, Patches also has his own questline, which you can read about below. Patches’ questline can be particularly challenging if you want to get more rare items.

The Patches quest line is currently ending, but not before you have earned the three exclusive gestures. After completing the quest line, you can then equip the Bull-Goat Armor set, which is the highest-quality weapon. This item can be combined with a greatshield and spear to poke enemies. While the Bull-Goat Armor set does not progress the game, it is a great addition for the plethora of other weapons in the game.

The questline for the Elden Ring patch is extremely long, and it’s important to plan your route carefully. Depending on where you’re in the main story, you may miss some steps. When following a walkthrough, always read the text that follows the steps. Clicking and scrolling will allow you to learn more about the steps in the questline. Additionally, you can skip steps based on how far you’ve made it.

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Location of elden ring patches in Murkwater Cave

To obtain the Elden Ring, you must first go to Murkwater Cave in Limgrave. Upon opening the chest in the cave, a Bloody Finger Hunter named Yura will invade and ambush you. However, once he reaches a quarter health, Patches will surrender to you. This is fine, as you will soon be forgiven and able to proceed with your quest.

The next step is to locate Patches the Untethered, a recurring NPC in the FromSoftware games. This character is found in Murkwater Cave near the Agheel Lake in Limgrave. To find him, you need to travel north from Agheel Lake, and then go through a gorge. Look for a small fire on the left side of the gorge. This is the entrance to Murkwater Cave. Once inside, you’ll have to defeat Bloody Finger to progress to the next level.

Patches is a recurring NPC in FromSoftware games, usually appearing as a rogue or thief. While Patches isn’t a boss, he is still an important part of the game’s questline. Patches is often the key to completing certain quests in Elden Ring, so make sure to follow the questline to get the items you need.

Elden Ring Patches

Ways to defeat elden ring patches

In order to unlock the Elden Ring, you must first defeat Patches, an optional boss you’ll encounter in Limgrave’s Murkwater Cave. Patches is often seen attacking players while they are looting treasure chests, but you can usually avoid them by using a dodge, counterattack, or light assault. Patches is also prone to getting knocked off balance, so a heavy hit followed by a light assault will be enough to defeat him.

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As the name suggests, Patches is a recurring NPC from previous FromSoftware games. He plays the role of a betrayer or liar. He also acts as a vendor for your character. He will provide you with valuable information, but he will also sabotage your character’s progress. However, there are several ways to defeat Patches in the Elden Ring, including using the secret ending in patch 1.04.

After killing Patches, you can earn Leather Armor. This will unlock a shop in Volcano Manor and a quest in Scenic Isle. You can also kill the Great Horned Tragoth and gain a set of Bull-Goat Armor. This set offers amazing poise stats. If you can’t wait to collect all three of the above, you can try killing Patches with your spear.


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