Elden Ring Patches

Elden Ring Patches – The Questline and Locations of the Elden Ring Patches

This article will discuss the Questline, locations and methods of defeating the Elden Ring Patches. You can find the questline for this enemy in Murkwater Cave. This patch also contains a number of bug fixes, improvements, and other enhancements. This is what you can expect in this update:

Questline elden ring patches

FromSoftware’s Elden Ring features a recurring NPC named Patches. This character plays the role of either a betrayer, or a liar. Patches, in addition to his role as a vendor and questline, can be found below. You may find Patches’ questline difficult if you want more rare items.

While the quest line Patches is ending now, you can still earn the three exclusive gestures. Once you’ve completed the quest, you can equip the Bull-Goat armor set. This is the best-quality weapon. You can combine this item with a greatshield, spear or other weapon to poke enemies. The Bull-Goat Armor Set does not make the game more difficult, but it’s a great addition to the many other weapons available.

The questline to find the Elden Ring patch can be very long so it is important to plan your route. Some steps may not be obvious depending on where your character is in the main story. Always read the text in the walkthrough before you start following it. You can scroll and click to find out more about the steps within the questline. You can also skip steps depending on how far you have gotten.

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Murkwater Cave, location of elden-ring patches

You must first visit Murkwater Cave, Limgrave to obtain the Elden Ring. Upon opening the cave chest, a Bloody Finger Hunter named Yura is going to attack you. Patches will be able to surrender once he reaches quarter health. This is fine as you will soon forgive him and be able to continue your quest.

The next step is to find Patches, the Untethered (a recurring NPC from the FromSoftware games). This character can be found in Murkwater Cave, near Limgrave’s Agheel Lake. You will need to travel north towards Agheel lake and then through a gorge in order to find him. On the left side, look for a small flame. This is Murkwater Cave’s entrance. You will have to defeat Bloody Finger in order to advance to the next level.

FromSoftware games have Patches as a regular NPC. He is usually a rogue, or thief. Patches may not be a boss but he is an integral part of the game’s questline. You will often need Patches to complete certain quests in Elden Ring. Follow the questline to find the right items.

Elden Ring Patches

How to defeat the elden rings patches

You must defeat Patches to unlock the Elden Ring. This optional boss can be found in Limgrave’s Murkwater Cave. While players are often looting treasure chests for their gold, Patches can be seen attacking them. However, you can usually dodge, counterattack or light attack to avoid him. Patches can also be knocked off balance so a heavy hit, followed by a light attack will suffice to defeat him.

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Patches, like the name suggests is a recurring NPC that was in previous FromSoftware games. He is a betrayer and liar. He acts as a vendor to your character. Although he will give you valuable information, he will also try to impede your character’s progress. However, there are multiple ways to defeat Patches of the Elden Ring. This includes using the secret ending found in patch 1.04.

Leather Armor can be obtained by killing Patches. This will allow you to open a Volcano Shop and complete a quest at Scenic Isle. You can also kill the Great Horned Tragoth in order to obtain a set Bull-Goat Armor. This set boasts incredible poise stats. You can kill Patches with your spear if you aren’t eager to get all three.

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