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Best Elden Ring Prisoner Class Information 2023

Elden Ring Prisoner Class Information

As a Prisoner, you can wear any type of armor. Light armor allows you to roll faster and gives you a slight boost in frames of invincibility. However, wearing light armor costs more than using heavy armor. Heavy armor offers massive damage reduction, but forces you to roll slowly. A good compromise between light and heavy armor is to wear medium armor.

Character creation

When you create your character in Elden Ring, you can choose from a number of different classes. Choosing the correct class will determine the stats and equipment you begin with, and it will also guide you in choosing the best build for your character. The Prisoner class is suited for hybrid swords-and-sorcery combat, and its stats lean toward Dexterity and Intelligence. However, you can easily change these to any other stat you choose as you progress.

The Prisoner class is one of the new classes in the game, and it’s especially exciting for returning Souls players. Although the class is similar to the Confessor class, it’s still an agile sorcerer, with plenty of room for both melee and magic. Moreover, the Prisoner class offers an increased range of attacks and defense, allowing you to take down your enemies with ease.

Starting Elden Ring Prisoner class

Elden Ring Prisoner Class Information

Before starting a new Elden Ring game, you must decide what class you want to start out as. The class you start out as will affect the type of character you can build and also the stats and gear distribution. This will also determine what weapons and armor you can use. The best thing to do is choose a class that suits your play style.

Starting classes vary in power and level, but there are some common traits that all classes have. For example, the Prisoner has a very high Intelligence and Dexterity and is equipped with an estoc sword. This sword has a great piercing effect and can even be used for an impaling thrust. This class also has two spells that can be very useful in the early game. One of them is the Beast Claw, which sends a shockwave along the ground.


As one of the starting classes in Elden Ring, the Prisoner has high Intelligence, Dexterity, and Strength. It also has a Nightmarish Iron Mask and worn out attire. In this Elden Ring class guide, we’ll discuss how to maximize your Prisoner’s stats to maximize its potential.

The Prisoner is a hybrid class that mixes dexterity and mage. It encourages hit and run playstyles that mix melee with magic. In addition to being able to use a variety of armament, the Prisoner can dabble in a variety of sorcery.

The class that suits you best depends on your playstyle. Certain starting classes favour certain play styles. Their stats and equipment distribution will make them better for certain playstyles. However, if you don’t like one of the starting classes, you can always switch to a different one later on by gaining experience points.


When playing Elden Ring, choosing the best equipment is essential to your success. It will determine the spec and the type of play you prefer. There are a variety of weapons and armor you can equip to improve your character, so it is important to choose the right one for your style of play.

The best equipment for the Elden Ring Prisoner class depends on the type of playstyle you are aiming for. You can choose between lightweight and heavy tanky armour suits, as well as spellcaster options. The following list of Elden Ring equipment covers the early game, as well as the more advanced gear needed for advanced players. In particular, it will show you how to equip a weapon that is good for both melee and ranged combat.

If you’re not sure which equipment is best for your Prisoner class, you should first look at the equipment that other classes have. You can choose between light armor, which lets you roll more quickly, and heavy armor, which has massive damage reduction but forces you to roll slowly. You can also use medium armor, which strikes a balance between heavy and light armor.

Elden Ring Prisoner Class Construct Information – Spellblade Character

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Spells for Spellblade Elden Ring Prisoner class

You will need to first learn some sorceries to build the Spellblade in the Elden Ring Prisoner class. You can take action by visiting Sorceress Sellen in the Waypoint Ruins.

We advocate you decide the Glinstone Pebble, Scholar’s Armaments, and Carian Slicer spells for the early levels of this construct. You will only have two spell slots at the beginning, so we recommend you give one slot to the Glinstone Pebble. You may select between Scholar’s Armaments and Carian Slicer for the following slot. To get that essential third spell slot, you may go to Oridy’s Rise and full the duties there to get a Reminiscence Stone.


Shifting on to gear for the Spellblade Prisoner class construct in Elden Ring, we advocate you change the employees with the Demi-Human Queen’s Employees. To achieve better outcomes, keep upgrading these employees as you play the game.

Participating as a Spellblade

While you’re using the Spellblade as a Prisoner class construct, it is possible to keep your S inventory weapons in your right hand. It’s possible to combine your S inventory weapon and a Dex weapon. You can do wonders with a weapon with great ability and impinging thrust!

You should use the Scholar’s Armaments to buff your shields. This buff usually lasts for a few seconds, allowing you to do well in battle.

Spellblade Attributes

As much as possible, we recommend that you increase your intelligence and vigor within the first levels of this construct. This may help you to increase your dexterity. This could increase the effectiveness of your weapons.

When upgrading weapons, it is important to consider the possibility of having your employees replace your melee weapon. This will help improve injury to your Slicer, Carry, and Pebble. Your melee weapon may become yours if your employees are performing well.


The Prisoner class in Warcraft III offers a number of weapons to customize and enhance your character’s stats. These weapons can be used to deal with enemies, or they can be used to cast powerful spells. Choose your weapons based on your play style. For example, if you prefer to engage in close combat, you might want to use the Carian Greatsword. Alternatively, if you want to engage in ranged combat, you could use the Rock Sling. There are many options to consider for your Prisoner build, and we will discuss a few of them here.

Starting with an iron mask and clothing, the Prisoner has the ability to wear a rift shield and an estoc sword. Both weapons scale with Strength and Dexterity, and the estoc sword is ideal for impaling thrusts and piercing damage. A Prisoner can also use the Glintstone Staff to strike enemies within range and cast sorceries.

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