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Elden Ring Revive Dead NPC Update!September 2023

Elden Ring and Celestial Dew in Skyrim

The Elden Ring is an item that players can use to fight and pardon NPCs who have wronged them. While not every NPC will be willing to forgive you or revive you, many of them will. This ability may vary from character to character. To learn more about the Elden Ring, read the article below. The following article also discusses how to find the Celestial Dew in the Church of Vows.

Celestial Dew

The Celestial Dew NPC is a consumable item that grants various effects on your character. Its effects include healing, dispelling negative status effects, applying temporary buffs, and dealing damage. You can find it in Caria Manor, but only in the sub-area Three Sisters. However, you may not need it to perform certain tasks, such as questing.

It is a magical water that can be used in potions and spells. Consuming Celestial Dews on the battlefield will also harm enemies. These water drops from fallen corpses, so you need to find them quickly and preferably in the Lands Between. It is also possible to find Celestial Dew NPCs in Nokstella, the Underworld.

You can obtain Celestial Dew through exploration or purchase it from merchants in Elden Ring. You can purchase it from a Nomadic Merchant in Ainsel River for 7,500 runes, or from a Carian Servant in Caria Manor for 5,000 runes. Another location where you can find Celestial Dew is in the ruins of Uhl Palace. You can also find it on a corpse, near the bottom of Nokron.

Lady Rennala statue

The Church of Vows is a NPC found in Skyrim. In order to revive a dead NPC, you must atone for your sins. To do this, you need to visit the Lady Rennala statue and select the ‘Atone’ option. However, you can’t atone for Traveling NPCs or Isolated Merchants.

The Lady Rennala statue is in the Grand Library Site of Grace, which you can find by reloading the game. This will give you summon signs. Then, you can choose between the Witch-Hunter Jerren or the Sorceress Sellen. After defeating them, you will receive the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone and the Eccentric armour set.

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You can also get a rare quest from Lady Rennala. Obtaining the item from the chest will reward you with the Elden Ring. You can use this item to gain an exclusive achievement in the game. You can also use the ring to summon spirit ashes. The item you obtain is also helpful in completing the questline. However, beware of Basilisks as they can be dangerous. If you kill the Blaidd, Ranni will thank you for your good work.

Elden Ring Revive Dead NPC

Requesting absolution

You can request absolution for an NPC by using the Elden Ring. Doing this will help resurrect dead NPCs, and make angry ones friendly or neutral. However, not all NPCs respond to absolution requests, and some will remain dead even if you request it many times. Luckily, this method is relatively effective in most cases and works with most NPCs who have been affected by the storyline.

To request absolution for a dead NPC, you must visit the Church of Vows in Skyrim. Using this quest will require you to atone for your sins. To do so, approach the Lady Rennala statue and choose ‘Atone’ from the dropdown menu. If you do not require absolution, she will prompt you with a message. Otherwise, use the Celestial Dew to atone for your sins.

Are you looking for Elden Ring Revive Dead NPC then you have found the right spot. This guide will show you how to revive NPCs in Elden Ring.

There are many essential Elden Ring characters that you can use in-game. Although some characters, such as Alexander Pot-warrior Pot, have received good rewards, others like Varre, White-faced may be viewed with suspicion because they are maidenless.

You can attack or kill NPCs while you are playing the game. However, this will close your game questline possibilities.

Is it possible to revive a dead NPC? Absolutely! You can make amends to yourself and that’s possible! So, without wasting time now let’s start our guide on how to revive the NPCs in Elden Ring game.

Elden Ring Revive Dead NPC >>

Elden Ring Revive Dead NPC

To bring NPCs back into in-game life you’ll need to ask forgiveness or atonement.

This can be done by simply asking for atonement at the Church of Vows. We have listed the steps required to revive an NPC within Elden Ring.

  • Start by heading to the Church of Vows, which is located at Liuria of Lakes.
  • There are two routes to the Church of Vows. You can use a Raya Lucaria Academy Waygate to quickly teleport to the Church of Vows.
  • You can also ride horseback to explore the route to the Church.
  • Then head over to the Artist’s Shack found in the northeastern of the Liurnia of Lakes.
  • Continue onwards and you will reach the plateau in the northwestern corner.
  • A Church of Vows, a place of Grace, will be found just outside the Church. There is a chance to save your Elden Ring.
  • You will be able to see the statue once you have entered. To receive atonement for in-game sins, use a Celestial Dew.
  • All of your major crimes against NPCs will be completely absolved after you use an in-game Celestial Dew.
  • NPCs will be angered if they are absolved.
  • You will be able to interact again with the bizarre NPCs.
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Absolution Essential Items >>

The actual requirements are tedious, but it is worth it if you want to revive an appease or NPC other NPCs that you’ve angered. To obtain the Celestial Dew, you must first anger or kill an NPC in order to ask for Absolution. If you try to obtain Absolution, you’ll get a message saying that you don’t need it.

If you are a blood-thirsty player who has committed in-game war crimes in any way you can, you will also have the best option to Atone For Sins. This will allow you to atone for all the sins you have done during your in-game run.

If it is related to the storyline progression, it will turn NPCs who were mad at you into friends. If that happens, you’re out of in-game luck.

Some NPCs may also be resurrected. There is still some mystery as to the identity of which NPC will return to life. Well, nobody’s actually figured out how that actually works and what NPCs are exempt from being revived or not.

NPCs and shopkeepers that are important to the game will most likely be revived. However, we do not know what happens to the rest. However, it is almost possible to revive NPCs within Elden Ring.

About Celestial Dew in Elden Ring >>

Celestial Dew can be found in a variety of locations throughout the Lands Between. It is a rare and very unique item. To make Elden Ring work, you’ll need to locate a Celestial Deviw.

It doesn’t matter how many dead or hostile NPCs there are in the game, one Celestial Dew will totally fix all of them.

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Where can I find Celestial Dews within Elden Ring?

We have provided a guide and all the locations to help you find celestial stars in your elden ring.

  • Celestial Dews can be found in multiple locations in the game.
  • You can use it to get rid of certain status effects and HP, as well as for absolution.
  • A celestial dew can be obtained at the underground Uhl Palace Ruins on a ledge next to a corpse.
  • The other locations you can find Celestial Dew are Nokron, Night’s Sacred Ground, and Nokstella, the Eternal City.
  • You can also purchase them at the Nomadic Merchant and the Pidia, as well as the Carian Servant.
  • For 75k Runes, you can get it from the Nomadic merchant at the Ainsel River.
  • You can get it at Carian Manor for only 5K Runes if you really want it.

Video Guide of Elden Ring Revive Dead NPC >>

This is the Born 2 Game Youtuber’s video guide for Elden Ring Revive dead NPC

Final Words >>

This guide will show you how to get Celestial Dew in Elden Ring. Celestial Dew is not available in Elden Ring. It is only possible to absolve, revive and reunite your in-game friends.

This Elden Ring Revive Dead NPC guides should be of interest to you. Ask any questions you may have about this. Elden RingRevive Dead NPC posts so that you can easily ask questions from the comments sections.

Finding Celestial Dew in Church of Vows

Located in Eastern Liurnia, Celestial Dew is an item needed to complete the Absolution quest in the Church of Vows. This nectar is useful for reviving dead NPCs, fixing questlines, and overcoming hostile NPCs. Although it’s rare, you can collect up to 10 Celestial Dew per playthrough. Besides healing you, Celestial Dew also works as a potent remedy for other ailments.

Celestial Dew is a type of Key Item in the Elden Ring. This item has a lore description and effect. When used properly, it allows you to perform Absolution at the Church of Vows. This item is located inside the Southern Gate, south of the Main Academy Gate Site of Grace. Once inside, use it to absolve angry NPCs. It also negates aggro, and can be stored in your inventory up to 600.

While exploring the Church of Vows, don’t forget to collect other items. There are plenty of treasures to find. In addition to Celestial Dew, you can also find the Meat Peddler’s Bell Bearing and the Twin Maiden Husk. Afterward, you can trade them for a Golden Tailoring Tool and a Gold Sewing Needle, which you can use for crafting.

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