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How To Get Elden Ring Eleonora Poleblade & Use it in 2023? Helpful Guide

Eleonora’s Poleblade in Starcraft

How To Get Elden Ring Eleonora Poleblade & Use it in 2022? Eleonora’s Poleblade is one of the weapons that you can get in Elden Ring. To get it, you need to solve the Converted Fringe Tower puzzle. To do this, you must sheathe your other weapons. Once you have all of your weapons sheathed, you can use the weapon.


While the Eleonora Twinblade may not be as strong as other Twinblades, it’s still a powerful weapon for Sith Lords. It combines a broad swing attack with slashing damage to deliver a frightening blow to your opponents. This weapon is great for taking down tightly-grouped enemies or delivering a barrage of hits to one beefy foe. While its attack range is short, it has impressive speed and stagger.

In addition to the Eleonora Twinblade, there are other weapons you can equip for Eleonora. In Dark Souls 2, you can equip a number of different weapons in your inventory. Twinblades were among the most versatile weapons available in the game, with unique animations and attacks. These unique features gave players a huge variety of options when it comes to their builds.

Besides the Eleonora Twinblade, you can also equip an Elden Ring Eleonora Poleblade. This weapon is equipped with both Dexterity and Arcane, making it a powerful weapon in a battle. This weapon also deals massive damage and is best paired with a Godskin Peeler.

S-tier weapon

How To Get Elden Ring Eleonora Poleblade & Use it in 2022?

Elden Ring has a wide variety of weapons available to players. While some are better than others, each weapon in the game has its own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Some of these weapons can even be considered S-tier weapons with the proper build. There are many different factors to consider when determining which weapons are best, including damage output, versatility, and ease of use.

The Eleonora Poleblade is one of the best-looking weapons in Elden Ring. Though it has the lowest physical damage output among Twinblades, it can be extremely effective against certain opponents. It is capable of inflicting the bleed status effect in just a few hits. One drawback of this weapon is that it cannot be equipped with Ashes of War.

If you’re looking for a pure strength staff in the Elden Ring, consider the Prince of Death’s Staff. This staff scales with Faith and Intelligence, and it’s easy to obtain. It’s also very useful for boosting Dark Sorceries.

Unique weapon in Elden Ring

Eleonora’s Poleblade is an extremely powerful weapon, and it requires a lot of movement to use effectively. However, it can be very effective when used correctly. It can take out large chunks of health from most enemies. It is tied to a questline and can be found in the Elden Ring.

Eleonora’s Poleblade is one of the most popular weapons in the game. It is an awesome weapon, and it has a unique skill called Bloodblade Dance, which involves leaping at a foe and making a tornado-like attack, then ending with an evasive maneuver. This weapon can be quite dangerous, and it is recommended to be used with Godskin Peeler for maximum damage.

The Eleonora poleblade is one of the best early-game weapons in the game. It works best with characters that can use light attacks and magic. Because it inflicts poison damage, it is ideal for killing enemies faster. The weapon is also found in the Vyn – North Shroud.

Find out how to Get Eleonora’s Poleblade in Elden Ring

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Observe these steps to get to her:

  • You will see Eleonora on the Second Church of Marika. It’s positioned on the Altus Plateau as you head north by means of the Altus Freeway Junction, the location of Grace.
  • You’ll want to head proper and switch left to see the tower. As you attain the Church, you’ll encounter Eleonora as an invading NPC.
  • She’s going to use a couple of dragon incantations and her Poleblade in the course of the struggle.
  • Whereas she will be able to inflict a blood loss standing impact, her well being might be low. So, it will likely be a chunk of cake to defeat her.

Find out how to Use Eleonora’s Poleblade

  • It has a default weapon talent of the Bloodblade Dance.
  • As talked about earlier, it inflicts the blood loss standing impact, fireplace harm, and bodily harm.
  • It consumes 12 Energy, 21 Dexterity, and 19 Arcane attributes.

Dropped from invading NPC

The Eleonora Poleblade is a twin-bladed weapon that deals high amounts of bleeding damage. This weapon can be found in the Elden Ring and is tied to Yura’s questline. It is a great weapon to use against Malenia and Fire Giants.

This weapon is best used in PvP situations and is an excellent choice if you have Eleonora in your party. It is a fast weapon, able to mete out attacks fast, and is very reliable. The Blade can also be upgraded using Somber Smithing Stones. You can obtain these stones using various rune farming methods.

You can also get the Eleonora Poleblade from an invading NPC by completing her questline. You will find her north of Agheel Lake, near the Murkwater Cave, and at the Academy of Raya Lucaria’s Main Gate.

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