Did Elon Musk Buy Twitter? Here’s What You Need to Know

elon musk twitter

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has made it a point to publicly plead with Twitter to solve the spam problem. Musk also supports the long-standing hope for an edit function, allowing users to correct basic mistakes like incorrect links. Musk has over 80 million followers and has used his Twitter account to make a number of public appeals. He’s a popular figure on the site, with over a million followers, but there are still many problems that plague the platform.

84 million followers

Elon Musk has a distinctive online persona and nearly 84 million followers on Twitter. He has been called a “Twitter antagonist” and has been photographed smoking marijuana in interviews. Some of his tweets are also rather random and have been called “s-posters.”

A recent study of his Twitter account showed that he follows celebrities and members of the AI and cryptocurrency landscape. He also follows comedian Joe Rogan. Interestingly, there are over 12,500 tweets about Elon Musk that Al Jazeera analysed. Musk founded TESLA, an electric car company, in 2003, and is also CEO of SpaceX. He tweets about Tesla and its rockets, including updates on the Model 3’s launch. Elon Musk hopes to get to Mars within 10 years.

Despite the negative news surrounding his tweets, Musk’s Twitter activity has been largely positive. Since 2009, Musk has been very active on the social media network. He has never shied away from sharing his thoughts and feelings about it. One tweet, from May 2017, said “I love Twitter,” and that his tweet was widely shared on the internet. This led to a wave of controversy, as Musk had expressed his desire to buy Twitter.

Elon Musk has become the world’s richest man by purchasing Twitter for $44 billion. Since the tweets he’s posted are related to his company, Tesla, he has a massive following. He uses Twitter to share news about Tesla, pithy commentary and memes. It’s no wonder that he has 84 million followers on Twitter. If this makes him a Twitter “free speech absolutist,” he can easily get rid of the rules that govern free speech.

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Tesla’s share price has dropped 10 per cent over the past two days, with rivals hurling their toys out the pram. But Musk insists the move is all about free speech. Elon Musk is using the stock of Tesla as collateral for a loan, and Henrik Fisker’s Twitter account returned an error message. The tweet, however, did not mention the lawsuit. Besides, he posted a message encouraging Canadian women’s hockey team.

elon musk twitter

$43 billion price tag

The news that Elon Musk has been considering buying Twitter has sparked a flurry of speculation about his intentions. The tech billionaire, who founded SpaceX, recently tweeted about a plan to solve famine on Twitter. That plan, which would cost $6.6 billion, drew the ire of the Saudi Arabian prince, who owns 5% of the company. But the price tag isn’t the only problem. Other shareholders are not happy with Musk’s plan.

The price is far too high, but Musk may be able to borrow the money from other investors to complete the deal. In December, he pledged some of his SpaceX shares for a $42.5 billion loan. And, of course, if he wants to buy all of Twitter, he could borrow $12 billion from the same investors. However, banks are cautious about lending against privately held positions and are skeptical about such transactions.

A takeover of Twitter is unlikely to be drawn out, even if Elon Musk succeeds. The social media giant is currently valued at $170 billion. A $43 billion all-cash offer would represent one-sixth of his fortune. This would make Musk the world’s richest person, and his offer represents a 54% premium over Twitter’s Jan. 28 closing price. If Twitter accepts Musk’s offer, it’ll be the largest IPO in history.

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In addition to tweeting about his intentions, the entrepreneur has been playing up his devotion to Tesla and SpaceX, and has claimed to sleep on the floor of a Tesla factory. He has even appealed to fellow Twitter users regarding his future moves. He’s jokingly suggested Twitter is dying. Musk has also reorganized his financial affairs, selling multiple mansions in California and pledging to own no home by 2020.

Twitter executives met late Sunday to review Musk’s offer. Negotiations lasted into Monday morning. Although the deal is nearing completion, it’s still not official as there are many nuances. Musk has been referring to a “go-shop” agreement, which would involve making a direct appeal to Twitter’s shareholders, bypassing the company’s board. It’s possible that the Twitter board will reject this deal.

obstinate manager

If you’ve worked for a major company such as Tesla, you probably have seen Elon Musk’s behavior. Tesla employees have said he’s obnoxious and unpredictable. He’s also known to lash out at lower-level staff and executives and storm out of meetings. This behavior has earned Musk the reputation of being an obstinate manager. But is Musk really as bad as he’s made out to be? Here’s what you need to know.

If you’re a Tesla employee, you’ve probably heard the complaints about the micromanagement that he exercises with his employees. He’s not gushingly nice, but he does have a solid moral core. And if you think he’s rude or naive, wait until you’ve worked for him long enough to understand how he views the world. If he can’t fix something, he’s probably an obstinate manager.

plans to develop revenue-generating features

Tweets have always been valuable, but Elon Musk wants Twitter to be more like itself. He plans to develop features that will allow banks to monetize tweets and make Twitter a more profitable business. While Elon Musk’s plans to develop features that will allow banks to sell tweets to advertisers have been widely criticized, some have praised the billionaire’s vision. According to a recent pitch deck, Musk plans to generate $1.3 billion in revenue through Twitter. Twitter already has a “tip” feature that lets users reward creators of content with cryptocurrency.

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The New York Times reports that Musk plans to charge commercial users for Twitter services, but is not saying when he plans to do this. Musk has reportedly discussed a subscription service for Twitter, which he hopes will have 159 million subscribers by 2028. Twitter Blue currently offers exclusive features like dedicated reader mode, ad-free articles, a bookmarking tool, and more. If Musk’s plan does work, Twitter could also offer a business tier for businesses. Media organizations rely heavily on Twitter for engagement, and Musk is hoping to generate revenue from Twitter subscriptions.

In a recent tweet, Musk announced that he plans to cut the salaries of the board members of Twitter. This could save the company $3 million per year. Musk plans to increase Twitter’s free cash flow, a measure of the company’s ability to service debt, to $630 million in 2025 and $9.4 billion by 2028. However, these projections would come as a surprise. It’s unclear when the Twitter buyout will close, but if Musk’s plan goes through, the deal is likely to be completed.

In addition to increasing the number of Twitter users, Musk also wants to make Twitter more popular by creating a free, ad-free tier called Twitter Blue. The premium service allows users to customize their Twitter experience, and costs $3 per month. Musk hopes to have 69 million subscribers with Twitter Blue by 2025, while reaching 159 million by 2028. He also plans to develop a mysterious X that allows users to pay for.


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