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Engraving Tier List Lost Ark For PvP, PvE, & DPS 2023

Lost Ark Engraving Tier List

Engraving Tier List Lost Ark, It is important for the players to choose the right engraving tier for their character if they wish to customize their character. Engravings can be useful in the Lost Ark game, but they need to be chosen wisely. This is because the accessories you get in the game may be useless after a short period of time. Also, you need to be careful when building engravings as you will need to collect the correct points for them. Many of the engravings are worthless at low levels because of the downside effect, but some engravings can be used even at level one.


If you are looking to buy the Grudge engraving in the Lost Ark, you need to know that it costs a lot. Unlike other engravings, this one will only provide 3% damage increase, but it will also deal -20% damage to bosses. This engraving is very strong and expensive, so if you are a beginner, you should avoid it. Instead, go for engravings that have less damaging effects, such as the Cursed Doll.

Engraving Tier List Lost Ark

If you are planning on playing the Deathblade class, you have a couple of engraving options. First, you can choose between Remaining Energy or Surge. The former will increase your damage per Surge level, while the latter will provide a consistent damage increase. However, you should also be aware of conditionals and other requirements before buying this engraving.

You can buy up to six engravings in the Lost Ark, but most of the class specific engravings take up one slot. Grudge takes up one of these slots. You can only use three of the engravings if you have the Grudge tier, and four if it’s mandatory. Moreover, Grudge engraving buffs damage and nerfs defense. The only drawback of this engraving is that it’s quite expensive, but it will eventually become irrelevant.

Cursed Doll

Cursed Dolls are among the most powerful Lost Ark Engravings for Berserkers. They increase attack power and reduce healing. They work with All Classes and offer various bonuses and downsides. They are also available as Class-specific Engravings, which change the way your character plays. They can be obtained by collecting various items and from the Engraving Recipe Book.

Cursed Dolls are useful in the PVE content of Lost Ark, but they require a high level to use them properly. This means that if you are a casual player, you will have to struggle to level them up. In addition, you will not be able to progress very far in PVE content if you don’t have enough time. As such, if you plan to keep up with the game, avoid spending too much on engravings.

Engravings in Lost Ark have three tiers, where each tier varies according to rarity of the accessories. To activate each tier, you need to get five, ten, or fifteen points. Each engraving gives a positive buff to your character and can help you achieve higher stats. The downsides, however, can make a good engraving useless at a low level. As such, players should consider the tier list carefully before deciding to invest in one.

Heavy Armor

Heavy Armor in the Lost Ark has a few different engraving tiers. These tiers are useful to different classes for different reasons. Some of them are situational, while others have a high chance of dealing damage. For example, the engraving Propulsion is good for tank classes, but not for classes that rely on the dodge move.

Engravings can also make a difference when playing support classes. Supports can use engravings that increase their life, heal their own health, or cast a healing potion. While this is not a necessity, it’s worth mentioning. These engravings are very powerful, but they cost an arm and a leg.

The downsides of B Tier engravings are that they are not generally good for PVP and require special conditions to be effective. While these are not the best choice for PVP players, they’re still great for PVE. Engravings such as Cursed Doll increase attack power by 16% but reduce healing by 25%. Other B Tier engravings like Super Charge and Sharp Blunt increase critical damage by 50% and increase critical damage by 20%, but have a low chance of reducing hit damage by 20%.

Lost Ark Engravings Tier list For Best PvE, DPS, and PvP

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Before you go to this list, I have only suggested the top Engravings. Some Engravings might be found in a different Tier depending on your character’s class and how you like to play this game. You can use any Engravings that you find useful, regardless of whether they are listed in this Tier list. Let’s now check out this list.

Engravings for ClassesS-Tier
Master of StrikesS-Tier
MP RegenS-Tier
Raid CaptainS-Tier
Shield PiercingS-Tier
Broken BoneA-Tier
Champion’s TenacityA-Tier
Evasion in a CrisisA-Tier
Heavy Armor EquipmentA-Tier
Magick StreamA-Tier
Master BrawlerA-Tier
Spirit AbsorptionA-Tier
Super ChargeA-Tier
Cursed dollB-Tier
Enhanced ShieldB-Tier
Keen Blunt WeaponB-Tier
Master of AmbushB-Tier
Mass GainB-Tier
Precision DaggerB-Tier
Stabilized StatusB-Tier
Emergency RescueC-Tier
Crushing FistC-Tier
Explosive ExpertC-Tier
Rapid SpeedC-Tier
Max MP IncreasedC-Tier
Master of EscapeC-Tier
Critical Point StrikeC-Tier
Divine ProtectionD-Tier
Drops Of EtherD-Tier
Ether EnhancementD-Tier
Lightning FuryD-Tier
Preemptive StrikeD-Tier
Strong WillD-Tier

Ether Predator

Ether Predator engravings are very popular among the PvP community. They offer hefty damage increases and insane survivability, but the ultimate amount of damage is hard to gauge. For example, 15% attack speed gives a significant amount of damage to skills without positional ability. A ten percent attack speed bonus gives an additional 12% damage over ten seconds. If you have a high enough budget, this engraving can be a solid choice.

These engravings are very useful for specific classes. The good news is that you can have them on multiple characters! This means that if you want to change the way your class plays, you can use them on multiple characters. These engravings are often situational and based on your class’s attacks and stats. However, if you’re looking for an engraving with a high crit chance, these can be worth the investment.

The Lost Ark Engraving system comes with three tiers. Each level will give you a different buff. Some engravings can increase your Attack Power while others increase your lethality. They are not necessary for every class, but some can help you out during PvE.

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