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Fix Error Code VAL 61 in Valorant: Troubleshooting Tips

What the Hell is Error Code Val 61?

G’day hommies! Today, I want to talk about an error code that’s been bugging a lot of cheaters in the game, Valorant- Error Code Val 61. This error code has become quite a headache for a lot of peeps trying to cheat their way to the top. If you’re facing this issue, don’t worry, you’re not alone. This blog post is here to help you out with solving Error Code Val 61.

What is Error Code Val 61?

In simple words, Error Code Val 61 is an issue in Valorant that can occur when there’s a problem with the Riot account or servers. This error code can also appear due to some network-related problems like poor internet connection or firewall restrictions. Cheaters, who try to bypass the game’s security and use cheats, often get hit by this error code. So, if you’re cheating and facing this error, you’re kinda asking for it, eh?

If you’ve been trying to cheat and are facing this error code, then you’re probably wondering how to fix it. Well, hang tight hommie, because I’m gonna tell you everything you need to know to fix Error Code Val 61.

How to Fix Error Code Val 61

Before I dive into the solution, let me quickly go over a couple subkeywords for this error code – code erreur val 61, codigo error val 61, val 62 error code, valorant error val 61, and val error code 1. Make sure to remember these, cause they may come in handy.

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Okay, so first things first, check your internet connection. If you’re playing from a server with poor internet or are using a VPN, it may be the cause of the issue. Try connecting to a different server or turning off the VPN. This will usually solve the problem.

In case the issue still persists, check your firewall and antivirus settings. If they’re too strict, they may be blocking Riot’s servers. Turn them off for a while and try to reconnect to the game. If this works, then you’ll have to reconfigure your security settings.

Last but not least, the most common solution to any error related to Valorant is to restart the game and your system. This works for 90% of the problems players face in the game. So try this one out first.


In conclusion, Error Code Val 61 is a common issue faced by Valorant players, especially cheaters who use cheats. However, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to fix it. Just follow the solutions mentioned in this blog and you’ll be good to go. I hope this post helped you overcome this pesky error code. Happy cheating (just kidding, don’t cheat)!

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