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How To Fix Error Google Auth No Token Among Us in 2022? Solution

How to Fix Among Us Google Auth No Token Error

If you’re having Error Google Auth No Token Among Us playing Among Us, you’re not alone. The game’s popularity has caused a number of problems with signing in. To get around this problem, use a guest account. You can do this on Android or Google Play. This will prevent you from having to sign in twice. If you’ve tried this method and still receive the error message, try restarting the game.

Among Us Auth No Token error caused by internal bug

Many Among Us players are reporting that the game is experiencing an authentication issue. This problem is due to a bug in the game’s database or server. Fortunately, the developer, InnerSloth, is aware of the problem and is working to fix it. Until then, players can try to sign in by using a guest account. If this doesn’t work, restart the game and retry the sign-in process.

Alternative solutions

Error Google Auth No Token Among Us

If you’ve been having trouble signing into the Google Play Store, you know that the message “Error Google Auth No Token” can make things difficult. Despite the obvious inconvenience, there are a few steps you can take to get around the issue. These steps are simple, but will require you to know a few basics about Android and the Google Play Store.

First, try signing in with a guest account. This trick will work for both Android and Google Play players. Many players are having trouble signing in after the recent Among Us update. The biggest change, though, is the all-new Airship, which has piqued the interest of many gamers. However, the “Google Auth No Token” error gets in the way of their plans.

Another workaround is to create an account via Google Play. The company is aware of the problem and is working on a fix. However, this workaround will lock players into Quick Chat. Although this workaround does not fix the problem, it does enable them to play Among Us.

Error Google Auth No Token Among Us : How To Sign In Among Us

It is easy to resolve the Among Us Google Auth No Token error. However, if you don’t know how to resolve it then follow these simple steps.

To resolve the Among Us Google Auth No Token error, simply restart the game using a quest account and not a Google Play account. Despite using this trick, if the error remains, make sure to re-install Among Us and log in using a guest account (via the “Free Play” option).

After going to the ‘Free Play’ tab, you will have to select the “Airship” or any desired map that you want to enjoy in Among Us.

People are unable sign in to Among Us or have Google Auth No Token issues. This is because accounts aren’t working on Google Play. The developer quoted as saying to Gosunoob, “We’ve been chasing Google in addition to working on this but no joy so far (high priority, but unsure how much is in our hands here.) Still waiting on Google.”

Fixing Google Auth No Token error

The latest update to Among Us has left a lot of people without the ability to login. This update introduced a ton of new features, but the biggest change was an all-new Airship, which many players are eager to experience. But the “Google Auth No Token” error stands in the way. Luckily, there are a couple of ways to fix this error.

First of all, the game’s developers are aware of the error and are working on a solution. They’ve even published a live list of errors, marking “Among Us Error GoogleAuthNoToken” as “fixed”. If you’re experiencing this error on your device, you’ll need to update the game to get the latest version.

Another way to fix the error is to restart your game. Alternatively, you can try playing as a guest. Moreover, restarting your game can fix a bug in which you get stuck after a meeting. Another way is to go to the Settings menu and close and re-open the game.

In addition to the authentication error, a game could also have a sudden increase in the number of users. This could cause the game to display a sign-in prompt. In such a case, you should disable the game’s automatic login feature.

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