Escape From Tarkov Gunsmith Part 14 (2022)

This is Escape From Tarkov Gunsmith Part 14 Guide Mechanic Tasks and Task Tutorial for EFT players.

Escape From Tarkov Gunsmith Part 14

The third-person action-RPG game Escape From Tarkov was released in July 2017 for Windows PC users. This game is widely popular for its unique gameplay and the innovative Gun Mechanic Quest, which is split into 16 parts. In each of these parts, you must modify your gun to improve its performance and collect new items. For the final quest, you need to complete several quests and find several key items, like ammo, grenades, and more.

Tarkov Gunsmith Part 14 How to Mod a Colt Rifle Or M1A Carbine

tarkov gunsmith part 14

You’ve reached the level 27 cap in the Gunsmith quest, and the quest is all about modding a Colt rifle or M1A carbine. After removing the stock, pistol grip, muzzle brake and magazines, you’re ready to replace them. After you’ve finished modding the parts, you’ll receive 100k rubles for completing the quest. The final step is to install a magazine in your rifle and check that it fires.f

Gunsmith Part 14 Level-Up Quest

gunsmith part 14

As you complete the quest “Rebuild the M1A carbine into a Colt rifle”, you will reach Gunsmith part 14. To complete this quest, you will need to remove the pistol grip, muzzle brake, and stock from the weapon and replace them with black parts. Once you’ve completed the Gunsmith part 13 quest, you will receive 100k rubles in reward. This level-up quest is also known as the “Blacksmith’s Challenge.”



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