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Escape from Tarkov Refund Guide: Policies, Options, and Tips

Can You Get an Escape from Tarkov Refund?

Hommies, what’s the dizzle?

So, you’ve been playing Escape from Tarkov for a while now and things aren’t going as well as you hoped. Maybe you’re just not a fan of the gameplay or you’ve encountered some bugs that are making it unbearable. Whatever the reason, you’re thinking about getting a refund for Escape from Tarkov. But is that even possible?

Escape from Tarkov Refund Policy

Before we even talk about refunds, let’s check out the Escape from Tarkov refund policy. According to the official website, if you buy the game directly from their website, you have 14 days to request a refund, but only if you haven’t played more than two hours of the game. Additionally, if you’ve purchased any in-game items, you can’t get a refund for those.

Escape from Tarkov Refund Reddit & PayPal

If you bought Escape from Tarkov from a third-party retailer, you’ll need to check their refund policy. Some retailers have different policies and may be more generous with their refunds. Moreover, you can even request refunds through PayPal.

Escape from Tarkov Refund 2021 & 2022

Now the real question, can you get a refund for Escape from Tarkov in 2021 or 2022? Yes, you can! If you purchased the game, recently and have played less than two hours, you can still request a refund. Remember, always check the refund policy before you purchase any game online just like Escape from Tarkov.

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But why to get a refund hommies?

I know what you’re thinking – Why would I want to refund such a fantastic game? Well, the reality is that Escape from Tarkov isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay! Sometimes a game doesn’t meet our expectations or we run into issues, and getting a refund can be the best solution. That being said, if you’re enjoying the game and just having a bit of trouble, make sure you check out some online guides or forums to help you out. Cheaters are everywhere, and so does the solution to these kinds of problems.


In conclusion, getting a refund for Escape from Tarkov is possible. Just make sure you’re familiar with the refund policy and have played less than two hours before requesting a refund. And, of course, make sure you’re only refunding the game if it’s not meeting your expectations or you’re running into significant problems. Always keep your guard up when playing online games, especially when the stakes are as high as in Escape from Tarkov. Until next time, keep it real hommies!