Escape From Tarkov W203 Key Guide

Escape From Tarkov W203 Key Guide

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GEscape From Tarkov W203 Key Guide is easy if you’ve ever watched the movie. It’s the same key that’s used to unlock the dorm room on Customs. You’ll find it in the red mug inside Dorm 214. The key opens the second floor of a three-story dormitory. It’s called the W203 Key because the tag on it says “203”.

W203 Key Tarkov

The W203 Key Tarkov is located in the west wing of the Health Resort, or the “W203 San” for short. The key is located on a chair under the Jackets. It is located near the wrecked tunnel and yellow bus outside the fence. This guide will show you where to find each key. It is also useful to locate the medicine lockers, which are near the wrecked tunnel and yellow bus.

West 203 Key

A key that unlocks a locked door is essential in Tarkov West. It is also possible to use this key for offline game mode where you can find all the locations and unlock doors. When playing the game in offline mode, you won’t keep any loot that you find, but you can use it to unlock high-value items like documents. Here are some ways to get a key to Tarkov West:

The violet keycard unlocks room 308 at Shoreline’s Health Resort. The room’s shared balcony makes it harder to use. However, you can earn cash, a Medcase, a weapon rack, and even the chance to spawn random weapons. Find the keycard in the middle of the map, north of the lumber camp. It spawns on a table, where you can use it to open room R23 in the lab’s second floor.

Tarkov W203

The dome room is another key that you can use. It is the most consistent option in the game, and you can use it as an additional storage room to stock your equipment. The value of this key is in its folder of intelligence, and it has regular spawns of military technology. The dome room has several items to store, including a computer, weapon boxes, and safes. These items have a high value, but they should not be rushed.

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