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Demon Shade in Evelynn League

Evelynn Liga: Demon Shade

Evelynn League was an emerging stealth-game that would be difficult to design. Evelynn wasn’t transparent for 75% of the time, making it difficult to bring to market. Lonewingy’s creepy designs made her too creepy. She also added a spider leg to the designs and cracked porcelain skin. Players can now see three eyes — a feature Evelynn didn’t have.

Demon Shade

Evelynn League has a versatile talent called the Demon Shade. This passive makes Evelynn more agile and does more damage. This passive also increases movement speed. After a long cooldown the Demon Shade is expelled from the target’s health. It does massive damage and is extremely effective against champions of low health. It can be very helpful in difficult situations or when you need to accomplish an objective.

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Eve, a level 6 champion, gains camouflage. To move forward, she uses a dash attack. This ability allows her to surprise her enemies by sneaking up upon them. It is also advantageous to have the passive ability of lowering magic resistances. Eve’s range is so impressive that she can switch quickly from hunter to prey. If her enemies are not too far away, Eve can sneak up on them to finish them off.

Demon Shade’s Impact on Enemies

Demon Shade grants Evelynn temporarily energy. It lasts just four seconds and can restore 15-25 health to enemies who have a lower than 259/590. Although Evelynn can camouflage themselves with this aura, it only lasts a few seconds. Evelyn League foes do not have the Demon Shade effect. The Demon Shade effect will expire when you are taken into the towers, champions, and other places that have them.

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Whiplash grants Evelynn an ability that can be used to enhance her physical abilities. If used correctly, it can deal magic damage equal to 40% of Evelynn’s maximum health. It gives Evelynn a quick burst in movement speed. Evelynn also gets Whiplash power, which deals bonus damage to enemies and further harm to those with low health. This ability boosts Whiplash. It can be used by Evelynn to draw her towards targets and deal bonus harm.

Demon Shade’s Effect on Champions

Demon Shade can be used as an in-game passive ability. Evelynn has the ability to enter a form in which she is surrounded by magic at level 6. This passive gives Evelynn the ability to do more damage, and also grants her bonus health regen. This passive gives Eve the ability do more damage, and produces special effects. Demon Shade, Eve’s passive, is very useful because it allows her to activate her bonuses whenever she requires them.

Whiplash can deal magical damage to your target and have on-hit effects. This can give you a speed boost for up to 2 second. When Demon Shade enters, Evelynn upgrades Whiplash into Empowered Whiplash. This spell inflicts damage on the target and all enemies nearby. This ability allows Evelynn the ability to be teleported faraway. Evelynn is a formidable champion at tower-diving.

Demon Shade’s Effect on Monsters

Whiplash is activated when you enter the Demon Shade. This spell gives Evelynn the ability to apply warp and magic damage to the targeted area. The Demon Shade decreases the target’s health by 25% and deals magic damage equaling 4% of their max HP. The Demon Shade temporarily slows down the target for 2 seconds. This ability can be used to escape or secure goals.

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Evelynn uses her whiplash during combat to incapacitate and use on-hit effect. Her Whiplash can cause magic damage equal to 33% to their maximum health and the maximum health of any nearby friends. Evelynn in the Demon Shade can move faster. Low-health enemies can take bonus damage from her demonic energy.

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