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ExoticFN Fortnite ESP, Aimbot Hack Updated FREE Undetected 2021

Fortnite Hack Description:

Best Fortnite Hack Download ExoticFN

Features of the hacks:

  • Fortnite ESP/Wall Hack
  • Fortnite Aimbot
  • Exploits
  • Fast Reload Hack
  • Others

Changelogs –

  • Slient Aim fixed (not targeting non visible anymore)
  • New Menu style
  • New injector
  • more fixes

Working of Fortnite Hack:

Important things to take care of before using the hacks –

  1. In Bios, Disable “secure boot”.
  2. Using Regedit, permanently shut down Windows Defender or download Defender control from here
  3. Turn on Discord overlay for the game.
  4. Disable Vanguard for Valorant and other Anti cheats.
  5. Install Latest visual c++ redists Latest version.
  6. Make sure Direct x Updated to the Latest
  7. Must use updated GPU drivers
  8. Use Anti Auto kick tool to avoid auto kick in between the game
  9. Check our Other Fortnite cheats

How to run the Fortnite Hack:

  1. Run the Fortnite and make it Windowed Fullscreen mode
  2. This hack must be run with Discord overlay, Discord running with the overlay enabled!
  3. Make secure boot off (Google how to do it)
  4. Install Visual c++ redistrubutables
  5. Run the cheat
  6. Enjoy

Keybinding –

Show / Hide Menu = INSERT

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