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New Far Cry 5 Cheats & Codes For PC & Xbox

Far Cry 5 Cheats

Far Cry 5 Cheats are fun, first-person shooter adventure game that was released in 2018. The game is set in a forest full of dangerous animals and other players. It has several different weapons and features interactive characters, different chapters of the story, and a multiplayer mode. However, it can get a bit repetitive. Far Cry 5 cheats can help you to get ahead of the game by boosting your character’s stats.

No Clip Mode

The No Clip Mode in Far cry 5 is a game mode that allows you to bypass impassable mesh and solid objects. The cheat is activated by enabling Developer Mode in the game. To do so, press the F4 button on your controller. This mode also allows you to change the weapon’s ammunition per clip and weapon offsets.

In Far cry 5, you can turn off the No Clip Mode by enabling the console commands. These cheats work on both PC and Xbox One. You can use these commands to activate the cheat. Then, you can start playing with god mode and unlimited ammo. This game is an open world shooter that is a lot of fun, and it is a great way to get the upper hand over your opponents.

Skip to a certain time of the day

Far Cry 5 Cheats

A lot of people who have played Far Cry 5 have wondered how to skip to a specific time of day. You can do this by going to the General Shop, which is located in the Baron Lumber Mill. Just make sure that you look up and you will be able to find it.

Earlier versions of Far Cry allowed you to sleep, but Ubisoft removed this feature, and made some missions nighttime only. Because of this, starting a quest in the evening will not advance the time. It will not let you start the quest until the sun goes down.

Max out resistance points in Jacob’s region

Despite the fact that Far Cry 5 does not have a New game plus mode, there are a number of ways to max out resistance points in Jacob’s region. First of all, you can destroy bright red structures with explosives. When you do this, you will get more resistance points. This can be helpful in clearing a region and saving your game for future playthroughs.

Secondly, if you have a grappling hook, you can use it to grapple with enemies. The M249 LMG is a very good all-around weapon. It has more ammo than a rocket launcher and is much faster. Furthermore, it will unlock the Heavy Weapons Mastery and Vehicle Buster perks.

M249 LMG is the best all-around weapon in Jacob’s region

The M249 LMG is a versatile weapon with a high rate of fire. It can take out almost anything within a large radius. It’s also a great choice for long-range combat. The ‘X’ Button cycles through select-fire settings.

While it’s certainly the most powerful weapon in the game, it’s also one of the most inaccurate. This is because it’s designed to be aimed at targets behind bulletproof vehicles. Using it on foot will lead to catastrophic results, so be careful!

Collectable types in Jacob’s region

Collectable types in Jacob’s region are found in various locations. They are required to complete the game. For example, the bear that you find in a cave is found in the southwestern area of the region. You must complete the ‘Gearing Up’ mission to get this item. Afterward, you need to go back to Jacob’s region to find the ‘Turn the Tables’ side quest.

Collectible types in Jacob’s region include the following:

Far Cry 5 Cheats for PC

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Far Cry 5 cheats can be activated by opening the game in Developer Mode. This unlocks all levels. Here’s how to do this:

  • Right-click on the game’s shortcut icon.
  • To edit or to enter the properties, click on Properties -DEVMODECommand line used as a parameter prior to the ending.
  • Click here OK.
  • To activate the cheats, use one of the keys below.
KeyIt works
Reduce your speed
=Increase your speed
BackspaceStart with mode
F1You can switch from the first to third person view
F10Load game with current position
F11Find out more about the screen
F2Skip to next checkpoint
F3Move to the spawning point
F4Clipping – enable/disable
F5Go back to default speed
F9Save the game to the current location
OGet +999 ammo
PAll weapons are unlockable

Far Cry 5 Console Commands PC

Make sure to try out these cheats & codes once you have finished the game, cause this will inversely affect your game’s balancing. With that said, here are Far Cry 5 cheats code & console commands for PC:

To open the console window press ~. Enter one of these codes to activate the cheat function.

EffectConsole Command
Rapid Loadload_game
All Weaponsgive_all_weapons=1
Arcive  Level (load)Map archive
Boat  Level (load)Map of boat
Bunker  Level (load)Map bunker
Carrier  Level (load)Carrier map
Catacombs  Level (load)Map catacombs
Control  Level (load)Map control
Cooler  Level (load)Map cooler
Dam  Level (load)map dam
Factory  Level (load)Map factory
Fort  Level (load)Map fort
Pier  Level (load)map pier
Rebellion  Level (load)Map rebellion
Regulator  Level (load)Map regulator
Research  Level (load)Map research
River  Level (load)River map
Steam  Level (load)Map steam
Swap  Level (load)Map swamp
Training  Level (load)Training in mapping
Treehouse  Level (load)Map treehouse
Volcano  Level (load)map volcano

Far Cry 5 Xbox Cheats

Far Cry 5 cheats code are currently unavailable on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. So you will only be able to use the above cheat codes & console commands in the PC version of the game.

Unlocking the secret ending

If you want to unlock the secret ending in Far cry 5, there are some things that you need to do. First of all, you must be able to reach the chapel. After that, you must wait for Joseph Seed to stick out his hand. He will then say, “Sometimes it’s best to leave well enough alone.” After he does, two characters will exit the building.

If you’re looking for a great way to end your game, unlocking the secret ending in Far Cry 5 will be a great choice. You can unlock this ending in as little as fifteen minutes. However, you must be careful to not get caught in the process.

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