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FFXIV Player Count – How Many Folks Play FFXIV in 2023? Helpful Information

FFXIV Player Count – How Many Folks Play FFXIV?

If you’re wondering FFXIV Player Count then this is the right place. FFXIV is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, and the number of registered players has reached 22 million. This figure has doubled since the Stormblood expansion was released last year. We looked at subscriber numbers and online sentiment to determine how many folks are playing the game today.

FFXIV player count has now hit 22 million registered users

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV has hit a record player count: over 22 million registered users. The new numbers are confirmed in a recent financial report, and include both full-game owners and free trial users. While the game was hit with weak sales of its Shadowbringers expansion, Square Enix still managed to turn a profit.

Final Fantasy XIV is an intensely story-driven MMO. It is not a p2w game, although players can buy boosts to level faster and skip MSQs. Aside from cosmetics, there isn’t much else on the FFXIV market, which is limited to ways to level a Retainer faster and skip quests.

FFXIV’s player count has increased exponentially since the Stormblood expansion launched in 2017. At the time, it had just 10 million players. The upcoming Endwalker expansion was highly anticipated, and the developer has responded by opening more servers in all data centers, including one in Oceania. This move should draw in new players who were previously stuck in servers with low population.

Despite its high player count, the game still hasn’t seen a big boost in sales. The game’s recent free trial has also been a contributor to this continued growth. Currently, the game offers over 100 hours of content for players to experience.

FFXIV player count has doubled since the release of the Stormblood expansion in 2017

FFXIV Player Count

Final Fantasy XIV has reached a new milestone: it has surpassed 10 million concurrent players worldwide and 10 million subscribers. This makes it one of the most popular subscription-based MMOs of all time. Moreover, the game has a very robust community. In fact, it has been able to double its player count in just two years.

FFXIV has received numerous updates and expansions. The most recent one, Stormblood, adds two new playable jobs, a boost in level cap, and a fascinating storyline. In addition, content patches have been released since the launch of the expansion.

How Many Folks Play FFXIV Worldwide?

Listed below are just a few statistics that gives you an concept of the FFXIV participant depend.

  • On the time of writing, the present gamers on Steam for Ultimate Fantasy XIV On-line had been 48,410 with a peak of 80,581 within the day.
  • As per exterior web sites comparable to mmo-population, the variety of subscribers the sport has is round 35.8 million and the day by day gamers in all are round 3.4 million. However notice that this quantity isn’t exact because it additionally consists of the depend of inactive accounts.
  • As per, the variety of gamers has grown considerably within the final 30 days, largely because of the launch of the brand new growth. However even earlier than, there was extra of a acquire than lack of gamers for FFXIV which is a formidable feat. Furthermore, Director Naoki Yoshida additionally revealed that Ultimate Fantasy 14 is Sq. Enix’s most worthwhile Ultimate Fantasy sport within the sequence.

FFXIV player count based on subscriber numbers and online sentiment

Currently, FFXIV is still behind other popular MMOs, such as World of Warcraft. The game has been around for nine years and consistently outperformed its competitors, but in recent months it has declined in subscription numbers. The number of paying players has dropped to 6.5 million, the lowest figure since 2007. Blizzard has tried to counteract this by adding an in-game currency, WoW Tokens. Players who want to play the game can exchange their in-game currency for game time in exchange for real money.

Final Fantasy XIV is a subscription-based MMORPG, which is a rarity in the market. Many other MMORPGs are either free or have an optional subscription model. Others, such as Star Wars: The Old Republic, use a monthly fee for access to the game’s content.

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