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FGO Tier List : Fate Grand Order Servant! September 2022

Fate/Grand Order Tier List

If you are looking for the FGO Tier List, you have come to the right place! In this article, I will discuss the different Tiers in the game, and their corresponding Servants. I will also explain which Servants are in Tier-B, Tier-C, and so on. Keep in mind that your servants will start out as servants, and this can help you get on your way to the higher tiers.

Servants in Tier-B

While the top tier servants are often more powerful than their lower tier counterparts, Servants in Tier-B will generally be the best choice for new players. These characters were once the meta’s strongest but have since fallen out of favor due to a few small tweaks. While they still make good all-around characters, they don’t stand up to the high-tier servants. Some good B tier servants to consider are Martha and Euryale. Both excel in AoE damage and skill boosts, while Euryale is better at charm locking male bosses.

Servants in FGO Tier-B are less powerful versions of their higher-tier counterparts, with relatively little difference in functionality. These Servants are great for forming decent compositions and provide a good amount of utility, but they’re slowly being pushed out of the meta. These units aren’t as versatile as their higher-tier counterparts, and they require a lot of investment to reach their full potential.

Servants in Tier-C

Servants in FGO Tier-C can be useful for gathering items and leveling other servants, but they are not good enough to fight. While they may not do much damage, they are still valuable for supporting your main character. It is best to aim for better than five stars for a good servant. There are two types of Servants in this tier: B Servants and C Servants.

Using the FGO tier list is very helpful when determining the best Servants for your party. It will show you which servants are more powerful than others, and which ones aren’t. Each tier has its own strengths and weaknesses, so find a list that is appropriate for your play style. Then, hope it is accurate. Here’s a look at the best FGO servants:

Servants in Tier-E

There are two tiers of Servants in Fate/Grand Order. The A tier servants are strong against every type of enemy, but are not suited for the middle tiers. The B tier servants are a bit weaker than their A tier counterparts, but can still form a decent composition and are still good in some niches. B tier Servants, however, require a lot of support, so their damage potential is low and they often need a lot of support. In addition, D tier Servants are not worth the investment, and should be avoided.

There are several A tier Servants you can level up, if you don’t have many characters. The A tier consists of characters from the 5, 4, 3 and 2 Star Servant Classes. These Servants are suitable for budget-conscious players, as their power levels are generally above average. However, the B tier characters are just okay, and aren’t ideal for the average Master.

List of Tiers in Fate Grand Order Servant Order 2022

Servants generally fall into one of two categories: rarity or classes. The rarities can range from one star to five stars. The repeated summons that players use to increase their team’s strength are more likely to draw in high-ranking servants, which is why they are rarer.


We hope that you enjoy the FGO Tier List Guide. We have ranked FGO characters tierwise. This will make it easier for you to pick the right character for you and increase your chances at winning.

The FGO Tier List is based on opinion and will be modified in the near future if there are any suggestions. FGOThe Tier List will then allow you to share your feedback via comments.

Servants in Tier-S +

Servants in FGO can be classified as either solid or weak, and are ranked in a tier list based on their attack power, hit and crit chance, health points, equipment options, and Noble Phantasm effects. You can also find a list of all the Servants in the game by rarity, from S to E. Using a tier list will help you decide which Servants to play and which to avoid.

The top Tiers are very strong, but they’re also pretty weak. If you’re looking to win games, Tier-S + servants are the way to go. Amid the weakest, mid-tier Servants, you should focus on the stronger ones and save your lower tier servants for experimenting with compositions. D and E Servants are weak and will drag down your team.

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