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In Final Gear, you can find a Final Gear Tier List for the most valuable characters. Those that are at the top of this list will be the best R rarity pilots in the game. The tier list will include all SSR characters in the game, including several meta SRs. While it assumes the pilots are using their signature mechs, the abilities of those that aren’t using their signature mechs are still reflected in the ranked pilots.

The Final Gear tier list categorizes characters into five tiers. The SR & SR tiers are the highest, while the R & N grades are the lowest. This makes them the easiest to find, but they don’t have the best power. Lastly, there is the Grade N letter, which is incredibly common and has very little potential. As you can see, there’s a tier for everything.

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Final Gear Tier List

A final gear tier list is based on the game’s global version, and excludes Japanese and Chinese versions. These lists are largely opinion-based and are based on data from the international version of Final Gear. A higher rarity means a better character, but don’t be fooled by a ‘lower’ tier – the R rarity is inferior to the SR rarity.

Final Gear Novice Recruit Tier List

A Final Gear recruit tier list is a comprehensive resource for new players in the game. This guide focuses on the R rarity characters, but it also contains tips for obtaining them in a more affordable way. You can summon these characters for a base rate of 47.5%, which does not include any custom mechs. Using a tier list is a great way to maximize the potential of your character, and it’s a great way to improve your leveling and playstyle.final gear novice recruit tier list

A Final Gear tier list is divided into five different levels. The first tier is SSR, then SR, then R, and then N. The R-grade characters are more likely to drop items, but they are not very powerful. Grade N characters are easy to find, but they have limited potential. If you want to build an elite squad of pilots, you can look at the higher tier lists.

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The Special Novice Recruit banner is very important, as it can be pulled at any time. When it’s in the banner, you can pick two SR pilots and a N or R. If you can get any of these three pilots, you’ll have a solid team. If you’re new to the game, however, you can always try out the SR Recruits. The R Solveig and SSR Snowy are also excellent choices.

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