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Easy Way To Get Fingerslayer Blade & Location in Elden Ring 2023?

How to Get Fingerslayer Blade in Elden Ring

If you’re looking to get the Fingerslayer Blade in Elden Ring, there are some tips and tricks you should know. It’s not hard to get one, but it may require some hard work. There are a few items you’ll need to find in order to get it, including the Discarded Palace Key, Sacred Relic Sword, and Dark Moon Greatsword.

Discarded Palace Key

 Fingerslayer Blade

A Discarded Palace Key is an item in the Elden Ring that opens a treasure chest that has been passed down from the Carian Princesses. It can be found in various locations and given by relevant NPCs. Once you have one, you will be able to advance the game’s story.

The Discarded Palace Key will be given to you if you talk to Ranni’s miniaturized form. Talk to him several times and he will respond. If you do not get a response from him, he’s probably bored and won’t answer your questions. You can go to the red-foggy location to talk to Ranni, and you’ll be rewarded with a Discarded Palace Key.

Once you get the Discarded Palace Key, use it to open a treasure chest in the Grand Library of Raya Lucaria. Inside, you will find the Dark Moon Ring.

Sacred Relic Sword

The Sacred Relic Sword is an Armament in Elden Ring, a game of Skyrim. The sword is acquired after you defeat the Elden Beast, a boss in the Elden Ring. If you kill him, you will receive an Elden Remembrance which can be exchanged for the Sacred Relic Sword. This weapon can be used in New Game+ runs and in other save files. It is a powerful weapon that can help you acquire levels and money very quickly.

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The Sacred Relic Sword has a unique weapon skill that allows you to devastate anything in its path. When used properly, this ability is effective against enemies with low HP. Its damage also scales with Dexterity, so it is beneficial to level up this attribute.

Dark Moon Greatsword

The Dark Moon Greatsword and Fingerslayer blade are rare weapons that can be obtained in Elden Ring. In order to find these items, players need to travel to the Carian Study Hall, which is located on the eastern side of Liunia of the Lakes. There is an alter in this hall with a moon model on it, which will automatically use the Inverted Carian Statue. This will turn the entire hall upside-down. Once you’ve completed this area, you’ll be able to reach an elevator, which will drop you to the next area.

The Dark Moon Greatsword and Fingerslayer blade in Elden Ring are both obtained through questlines. If you want to obtain them early in the game, you can go on a questline with Ranni. Once you’ve finished this questline, you’ll get a few bonus items from the questline. You’ll also be able to find the secret ending in Elden Ring by completing the questline.

Cursemark of Death

The Cursemark of Death is a vital item in Elden Ring, as it will allow you to unlock different endings. You can use this item to trigger one of the six different game endings. In addition, it will spawn the Lichdragon Fortissax, which is crucial for the main questline of the game.

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The Cursemark of Death is a type of death mark that you can equip on your characters. It can also be a type of curse, so make sure to check out the descriptions for more information. In the game, you can also find out if your character has the Cursemark of Death by using a rune. Afterward, you can use a Rune from the Death-Prince to repair the Elden Ring and restore the principle of death.

The Cursemark of Death is a type of death mark that is found in the Divine Tower of Liurnia. The player must defeat the Godskin in this tower before gaining the Cursemark of Death. This item will give you the Cursemark of Death, a powerful weapon that can destroy enemies.

Find out how to Get Fingerslayer Blade in Elden Ring

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The situation of Fingerslayer Blade in Elden Ring is at Nokron Everlasting Metropolis. The closest website of grace to it’s Night time’s Sacred Floor.

  1. Quick journey to Night time’s Sacred Floor.
  2. Subsequent, go northeast in the direction of the large constructing. There are a number of mimic tears on the way in which, you may battle or ignore them.
  3. Enter the constructing and open the primary chest in entrance of you.
  4. You’ll find the Fingerslayer blade and Nice Ghost Glovewort right here.

In case you don’t have the Night time’s Sacred Floor website unlocked observe the beneath steps.

  1. Quick Journey to Ancestral Woods website of grace.
  2. Leap on the roof-like balcony in entrance of you.
  3. Subsequent, leap on the ledge on the alternative constructing.
  4. Observe the ledge then leap on the Balcony of the subsequent constructing in your proper. You need to be at Night time’s Sacred Floor.
  5. Maintain heading southwest.
  6. You need to see two statues on these stairs.
  7. Leap on the dome-like tower in entrance, then leap on the opposite facet. You may battle or run previous the Silver Tear enemy.
  8. Go south from right here then maintain going straight in the direction of the east.
  9. You need to attain a room with many white candles.
  10. Go down the steps and exit the church.
  11. Exterior the church, you will discover the Night time’s Sacred Floor website of grace.
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Find out how to Use the Fingerslayer Blade

You need to use the Fingerslayer Blade by giving it to Ranni. This may enable you to progress in her questline and she gives you the Carian Inverted Statue as a reward for it.

Getting the Fingerslayer Blade

One of the key items in Elden Ring is the Fingerslayer Blade. This blade is not actually a weapon, but it serves another purpose. You will be able to get it from Nokron Eternal City. This questline will show you where to find the Fingerslayer blade.

The Fingerslayer Blade can be obtained from several locations in the game. It is located below a giant finger reader. It’s also obtainable by completing the Divine Tower of Liurnia. Once you’ve obtained this item, you can access Night’s Sacred Ground and the Carian Study Hall.

The Fingerslayer Blade is an item that is required to further Ranni the Witch’s quest. To get it, you must go north-east of the main road. Once you reach the site, loot the corpses and speak to Ranni. Ranni will thank you for your efforts and give you the Carian Inverted Statue, which is crucial for unlocking one of the game’s endings.

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